Conflict Resolution: Knowing Your Image Resolution

Many of the questions that we see in support are related to image resolution and how this translates to the printed product.   There are a number of things related to resolution that are camera dependent (Megapixels, CCD size, RAW or jpeg).  All of these different variables and numbers  can get confusing.  For real world printing applications, most of these don’t apply.  It is actually pretty simple and easy to understand.

Resolution is best understood by looking at an image.  This image will be a certain number of pixels wide by a certain number of pixels high.  Let’s say that our image is 600×400.  This number by itself doesn’t mean much in relation to printing, until we combine this number with a printed size.  The ideal size (for DigiLabs and most printing applications) is 300dpi (Dots per Inch).  If we take our image at 600×400 and want to have it be 300dpi it means that the maximum size we can print that at is 2inches by 1 1/3rd inches.  How we get to this number is dividing our resolution numbers by our DPI (600/300=2 |400/300=1.333).  I know this is a lot of numbers and if you’re math-a-phobic, just know that calculators are your friends and that this is just a matter of simple division.

That really covers the basics of image resolution…but wait…there’s more… If you are math-a-phobic or simply don’t want to pull out the calculator, our software makes this even easier.  Bring an image into the DigiLabs Pro – My Photo Creations software and it will warn you when you get below a certain threshold.  You can also see the DPI by looking in the bottom bar when that image is selected.  Just make sure it is in the 300DPI range (a little higher or lower is okay: 250-350DPI).  In the end, you will have a fantastic product and your clients will think you are a math whiz.  Okay, maybe not the last part, but they will think you are photography genius (let’s face it, you are)!

For more detailed information, including pictures, please check out the following links:

For questions, remember we are here to help with LIVE support, so pick up that phone and give us a call or send us an e-mail to  We are here for you and happy to help.

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