Pinterest Marketing: What’s in It for Professional Photographers

Social media sites have become a crucial marketing tool for many professional photographers. Letting brides-to-be know that you offer high-quality, personalized services is key to winning new clients. Many wedding photographers are now turning to Pinterest, an incredibly popular online pin board. Users create their own unique boards and pins photos, articles and other content from around the web.

Pinterest’s Power to Reach Wedding Planners

Recent statistics indicate that 68.2 percent of all users on Pinterest are female. Users tend to spend about 89 minutes per week on Pinterest, which is much more time than is spent on Twitter or Google+. Experts estimate that women spend more time pinning on Pinterest than they do hanging out on Facebook. Almost 30 percent of all users are between the ages of 25 and 34.

Pinterest holds special promise for photographers. When the site was launched in 2010, one in five couples used the boards for wedding planning. Today, one in three couples getting married in the U.S. will use Pinterest to gather wedding ideas, look for dresses and scout for photographers. A whopping 4.3 percent of all pins on the site are wedding related. Two of the site’s 10 most popular boards are all about weddings.

Wedding Photography Pin Board

Market researchers note that Pinterest is now more popular for wedding planning tasks than Facebook, Twitter and traditional wedding forums. The site features a wide assortment of wedding boards that users can follow. Items of particular interest can be re-pinned by users an infinite number of times. Some of the top wedding boards on Pinterest include:

  • DIY Your Wedding: 2,434,578 followers
  • Wedding Gifts: 2,434,831 followers
  • Celebrate: 2,073,688 followers
  • Wedding Inspiration: 1,668,527 followers
  • Weddings: 1,655,294 followers
  • Wedding Mash Up: 1,252,572 followers
  • My Sister’s Wedding — Inspiration: 1,206,886 followers

Brides-to-be find that Pinterest is an invaluable tool that allows them to hunt for and keep track of great wedding ideas. Women are able to visually organize every facet of their wedding on Pinterest. Brides to be also devote their attention to using Pinterest as an overall reference for dresses, shoes, photographers, bakeries, rings and gifts. These impressive image galleries allow brides to choose the services and products that are best for their weddings.

Using Pinterest as a Wedding Photographer
Wedding photographers who are willing to invest a little time in Pinterest stand to gain big returns in terms of overall exposure. After all, Pinterest is a platform that works for you while you’re busy shooting photos. If you’re new to Pinterest, focus on curating a strong set of boards that will appeal to brides-to-be. Be sure to use tags so that your images can easily be found in a search of the site.

With Pinterest, you can:

  • Advertise and promote your business around the clock.
  • Gain exposure with a diverse client base that cannot be reached any other way.
  • Let your work speak for itself and attract new clients who like your aesthetic style.
  • Build name recognition for yourself and your studio.
  • Imprint your studio name and URL as a watermark in your photos so that you can track your work even if the site URL is lost during pinning.

Before creating your own boards, browse the most popular boards on Pinterest to get an idea of the types of photos and content that users love to pin and re-pin. The richer your content, the more likely it is that users will want to re-pin your photos. Pin your photos from your own blog or professional website instead of from the site of a married couple. This will allow users to track back to your business.

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When you’re taking wedding photos, be sure to execute a few shots with Pinterest in mind. These should be photos that display the best aspects of a wedding and show off your talent as a photographer. You want users to pin your work both because it inspires them in their wedding planning and because they want to keep your name handy when it comes time to hire a wedding photographer.

Wedding Photo

Taking Photos with Pinterest in Mind
Consider these popular photos and categories from Pinterest when snapping away at a wedding. Speak to these areas of interest to ensure the widest audience possible:

Boost Your Pinterest Savvy
Check out these great resources, designed to help you improve your Pinterest savvy and make the most of your time on the site.

The Daily Digi offers a basic Pinterest tutorial that is perfect for users new to the platform.

Learn the basics of best practices on Pinterest so that you can stay organized and commercially appealing.

Check out “Inc.” magazine’s nine great Pinterest tips to boost your business.

Learn how to leverage Pinterest to your advantage in this short video from “Entrpreneur.”

Dig into Pinterest with this great video tutorial from marketing expert James Hickey.

Take Advantage of a Free DigiLabsPro Offer

Pinterest is an amazing tool that all photographers can use to their advantage. However there are a few key challenges, the first one is getting noticed, with millions of images and thousands of boards just “having a board” or pinning some images has extremely limited ongoing value, the second challenge is time, images disappear very fast at the “bottom of boards”, working the Pinterest game is not a onetime events, it’s an ongoing effort which never ends and thus, it can take hours upon hours of work in an ongoing effort to pin photos and make any lasting impact across Pinterest’s most popular boards.

The DigiLabs Pro team, through its new Pinterest-Marketing plan  is ready to help you the pro photographer, FREE of charge, secure your market position, promote yourself and put you in front of hundreds of thousands of potential brides on Pinterest. Not only do we have experience in the photo industry and great knowledge of the Pinterest eco-system, we also have dedicated professionals who will take care of all what’s needed for promoting your business on Pinterest. With DigiLabs Pro, you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning and then ongoing implementation of a comprehensive Pinterest strategy in order to take advantage of the platform’s amazing marketing potential.

Thankfully, working with DigiLabs Pro is easy. Simply place a watermark with your studio name and URL on your images, email them to or send via FTP and we’ll take care of the rest; putting your images in front of brides , wedding boards and “pinfluencers” on an ongoing bases.

Pinterest Photos

How to send us your Pin-able Images:

First Download FileZillaCyberduck or any familiar FTP Client

FTP Info:


Username: Pinterest

Password: digilabspro

Then upload your Photos within a zip folder with your name directly to us.

Note: File names will be visible. 

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Pinterest Marketing: What's in It for Professional Photographers
Social media sites have become a crucial marketing tool for many pro photographers. Learn how Pinterest can help give your photography business exposure

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