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How to Get Your Photography Business Noticed on Twitter

As a photographer, you spend your working life behind a lens taking gorgeous pictures that you develop and sell. But, sometimes it seems that the selling side of that equation is the most difficult part. You may have heard that Twitter can be a greatly valuable online marketing source, but how can you use it? How can you market your photography 140 characters at a time? Keep reading for answers to these and other questions pertaining to using Twitter to further your photography business.

Why Should You Have a Twitter Account?

If you’re looking at social media outlets from the perspective of a photographer, you’re likely drawn to places like Pinterest and Facebook, and rightly so. Twitter, on the other hand, might not have jumped on your radar as an extremely valuable tool, but it is. So why should you have a twitter account? Here are a few reasons that Twitter is a great idea for your photography business.

  • Extra! Extra!- You can easily update your followers regarding art show dates, new uploads to your online shop, what you’re working on, contests you might be having, and a number of other things. In short, easy to read snippets, your followers can be kept in the loop of what you’re doing, and this can result in sales, new followers, or both.
  • Bragging Post – Were you just honored with an amazing award from a magazine? Twitter is a fast and easy way to update your followers about it. This not only helps earn you credibility, but it automatically piques the interest of your followers.
  • Human Nature – You’re not just a business owner and photographer, you’re a living, breathing human being with a soul, a personality, and a sense of humor. Getting that across on your website or in a professional interview might be difficult, but on Twitter, you can start to relate to your audience one witty 140-character tweet at a time.

While there are other reasons that Twitter is a good idea for marketing your photography business, these are the top three. Putting yourself out there as a person and showing people that you’re an active and engaged part of the online community makes you approachable, and that’s everything for a small business owner.

You’re Here, Now What? How to Get Noticed

So, Twitter can do all of these amazing things for your photography business, but how do you get noticed so all of these things can happen? Getting noticed on Twitter is sometimes a difficult thing, but if you know which cards to play you can often gain a lot of attention in a relatively short amount of time. Getting noticed on Twitter has a lot to do with knowing what not to do. These tips can help.

  • Don’t Get Follow Happy – Some new twerps (that’s Twitter slang for people on Twitter) want to follow everyone and their mother from day one to get more followers in return. But, it’s not necessarily about having people in general follow you, it’s about having the right people follow you. Be selective.
  • Don’t Stalk Your Competition – It can be tempting to jump on Twitter, follow every celebrity photographer in the book, and start stalking their Twitter feed. While you should follow your competition, don’t get too wrapped up in cyber-stalking their tweets. Not only does it take valuable time away from your business, but you start comparing your very unique business to others, and that can be dangerous. Learn, yes, but don’t spend too much time dwelling on it.
  • Don’t Forget Professionalism – You’re going to want to be personable on Twitter, yes, but this isn’t your private page, so don’t start telling the details of your love life on your professional Twitter feed. Make sure that most of what you post is related to your business, and that the posts that aren’t related to photography are mild and aimed at making you relate-able.

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Follow Me! Getting People to Follow You

Getting people to follow you is a matter of knowing who to follow. Try doing a search for hashtags like #photography, #iloveart, and so on. Anyone talking about how much they love photography and art is right in your wheelhouse. Follow your customers, vendors, and those who seem genuinely interested in what you have to offer. People who love photography will share photography and that helps you.

 How to Use Hashtags On Twitter: #Importantstuff:

Hashtags have been the brunt of a lot of jokes recently, but they’re quite effective when it comes to marketing. Were you featured in Well-Known Photography Magazine? Then make sure you note it when you post about it by saying something like “Thanks #WellKnownPhotographyMagazine for honoring me for the #AwardName.”

hashtags for photographers

Photo Credit: lightspacetime.com

Hashtags are not as complicated as they seem to be. Essentially, they’re just a way to flag keywords. Any keyword, business name, person, or topic that is relevant to your business and post should get a hashtag in front of it. And make sure you note which hashtags are trending, as well. Using Twitter to your advantage can help you make new friends, gain new customers, and keep up to date on industry news. With practice, it’s extremely easy to get used to, and pretty soon you’ll start growing your business 140 characters at a time.

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