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The Do’s and Dont’s on Facebook as a Photographer

Facebook for photographers

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Facebook is a wonderful way for photographers to connect with the public, whether its customers who are already enthusiastic fans, or whether it is to spread the word to those who may not already know about your photographic services. No matter what your motive is for putting your photography business on the social media site, there are some things that you should be aware of before you start posting your work.

Make Your Page Professional

If your Facebook page is going to be the main way that you advertise your photography service online, it must look as professional as possible. To get an idea of what a professional page should look like, you can always look up your favorite celebrities, companies and brands to see how they can created their pages. That way, you will get an idea of what your customers may like or dislike with your own page.

Don’t Combine Your Personal and Professional Pages

Even if you have a personal Facebook page and have been promoting your business from there for some time, it is important not to make the pages one and the same. With your professional page, you will want to keep it strictly public information, so it’s best not to share anything personal on it. With your personal page, you will want to point your friends and family to the business page rather than sharing photos here and there that would be a better fit on your public page.

Spread the Word

While it may be easy to start with your friends and family, you will eventually want to branch out to find more people to like your Facebook page. To do that, you will want to make sure that everyone you meet knows about your Facebook page. You can include the URL to it on your business cards, advertisements and in your biography if it appears on any photography-related websites.

Don’t Spam Your Friends and Family

They can be a great help when you are just getting started, but constantly spamming your friends and family to get them to share your page can get annoying. Be respectful, and if they are not interested in sharing your page with their friends, find someone else who is interested in doing so.

Upload Your Best Work

Just like your clients may not want every single shot that you took of them, your Facebook fans will probably not want to see ten pictures of the exact same pose with little variety. For each session that you want to post to your wall or add to your photo album, choose only the best shots to include. On average, this can range from five to ten good photos, depending on how long and how varied the session had been.

Don’t Upload Anything You Don’t Own

While this may seem like an obvious tip, it is not wise to upload any photos in which you do not hold the copyright. So, if you admire a photo by another photographer or are interested in sharing that photo with your fans, it is much easier and will get you in less hot water to include a link to the original photo rather than uploading it onto your own page.

Encourage Customers to Tag Their Photos

If your customers are already fans of your Facebook page, don’t forget to tell them they can tag themselves in your photos. It benefits you and your customer both, because it gives them a way to share the new photos with friends and family while giving you the word-of-mouth exposure that all business owners want.

Don’t Forget to Ask Permission

It is true that the photos you take belong to you. You hold the copyright. However, it is always good business practice to ask your clients permission to post some of your work from their session on your Facebook page. You may also want to include it in any photo waivers you may have your clients sign. If someone says they don’t want their photos included on your page, it does more for your brand to honor their wishes than to go against them just to show a great photo.

Add Watermarks for Protection

If you are concerned about theft with your photos, it is not in your best interest to just keep them off of your profile page. Instead, you can add a watermark to the photo in a place that cannot be easily cropped out if people want to use your photos without permission. You can also encourage people to acquire your permission by making that information readily available on your Facebook page.

For photographers, Facebook is an essential advertising tool. Your page can serve as your virtual portfolio to show potential clients your range of work and the options that you can provide when they are looking to have their photo taken.

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Marketing Tip: Social Networking

I am excited to write my first DigiLabs blog today, especially because of the topic:  social networking.  Ya, I know everyone is talking about it, but it really is a great way to market your business.   I must admit that I am addicted to social networking too… I panicked when the electricity in Palo Alto (the home of DigiLabs and Facebook) went out for a WHOLE day .  My first thought was, “Will Facebook be online?”  Having said that, I am surprised at how many photographers ask, “Is blogging and Facebook really worth it?”, so my answer to all of you is ABSOLUTELY.  Here is why:

  1. Getting to know you. With growing competition, you must make sure that clients see something different in you.  A great way to stand out is to let your customers get to know you for the person you are rather than as a business. Share your thoughts, work, and life and let potential clients feel that they know and trust you before ever even meeting with you. It is a careful balance of personal and professional but be yourself.  Creating a personal relationship is vital for a photographer whose job is to capture someone’s most personal and intimate moments.  Social networking makes this personal connection (before you even meet!) easy and cost-effective. You are reaching people who you don’t even know exist.
  2. In front of customers 24-7. Social networking is  growing fast, people like to research companies and follow them online. Some estimates claim that 77% of active internet users read blogs, which amount to approximately 133 million people. Twitter sees about 3 million tweets a day and Facebook has over 200 million active users. That is a lot of people! With that comes plenty of opportunities to gain new customers and grow your business. This is a means of communication that  enhances business interactions of the past.
  3. In sight and in mind. We have all heard of the saying – out of site out of mind, and these days you better believe it.  Social networking lets you easily stay in touch with a broad customer base for a minor bit of your time.  (okay, if you blog a lot, that time can really add up) Staying in your clients’ lives will not only ensure their future business but it actually can be a source for great referral work… and we all know how important word of mouth marketing is!

Okay, so I know you are thinking, “Great, so I can do all of these great things, but how do I get people to actually read it?”  Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Make sure that your marketing activities are connected. When you post a new blog, make sure to tweet about it and post it on your Facebook. Add your Facebook, Twitter and blog links to your email marketing activities and to your website. Always include a link for easy access.
  2. When you blog, think about how you can improve your organic search rankings.  Blogs are a great organic search (SEO) tool.  Make sure you use relevant keywords (top priority is making sure the content is relevant for the reader) and provide links back to your website.
  3. Comment or post on your clients’ Facebook pages or comment on their tweets. Don’t spam them, that is a sure way to turn off potential clients.  Instead, make relevant comments or complement them on the activities going on in their lives.  Make sure the content is relevant.
  4. Stay involved in the online professional photographer community. Visit others blogs and Facebook pages. Make relevant comments and/or posts.  This will both increase your exposure and keep you up-to-date with what is going on in the industry.
  5. Keep your Facebook, Twitter, and blogs fresh and interesting by posting and updating them often. This will help with gaining loyal followers.

Are you interested in blogging?  Here are a few of my favorites:

Ben Chrisman Photography

I love reading this blog – there are some great stories about Ben and Erin’s fun couples. Of course, the photos are breathtaking and once in a while it allows me to pretend (for ten minutes) that I am sitting on a beach somewhere in Mexico or Greece.

Erin Henssion Photography

I love Erin’s blog for its fun atmosphere. I think the saying “sharing is caring” was said just for her. Erin tells her reader, in a very personal manner, everything that happened at the event. After reading a few of Erin’s blog post, I now think of her as a friend.  She is the best at including some personal photos, such as family holiday happenings, her furry friends – all with great background stories.

Pheewww, okay I rest my case. My parents always tell me that I was meant to be a lawyer. So if you have any questions (or I just haven’t convinced you), I would love to hear from you.

Chat with you here again…and of course keep on following our blog… and make sure to become our friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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