Best Book Scanner Reviews

The rapid technological advances in the world today has led to the popularity of book scanning. From libraries to households and schools it is true that limited resources are archived. Without doubts, such innovations come with a multitude of benefits.

However, to achieve efficiency it is necessary to choose the best book scanner. Why? Of course, the surfaces of books can be challenging to scan on any type of scanner. Unfortunately, the market offers different options that end up confusing buyers.

This article gives details of the top 10 book scanner review to enable you to make the right choice. Keep reading for the best purchase experience.

# List Of The Best Book Scanners – Editor’s Pick:

A Buyer’s Guide To The Best Book Book and Document Scanner

Preserving and converting books to digital versions has become a trend. With the right book scanner, the task becomes easier and also guarantees extended serviceability. Buying the wrong unit means no monetary value is received. Some of the key considerations include:


Because you are looking to find efficiency from the scanner be sure of the pages it can handle within some time. For commercial use, it is ideal to opt for the models having the maximum speed. This means you will be handling a substantial workload that serves every client’s needs efficiently.

However, it is not an explanation that scanners meant for personal purposes must be slow. Be certain that what you decide on offers the necessary properly.

Quality and resolution

Certain technology often is accompanied by specific features. Using OCR allows people to edit images as desired to ensure the output is pleasing. Therefore it is easy ways to achieve this is to add, crop, or remove characters. The need to convert a paper into pdf similarly matters and depends on the way it should be used.

Working at higher resolutions provides better images and even videos. In the end, the results are outstanding. The unit should provide the scanning output that you desired to see over time. Usually, buy a durable and high-quality machine.

Software compatibility

Once a document is scanned, it needs to be transferred to proper storage places. Some of the areas include emails, pcs, or MacBooks. Choose a scanner that is highly compatible with a huge variety of software. This way you will have a convenient and easy sharing process.

Document types

Another important factor is to determine what you need. Plan around the media or documents to be scanned. If you handle many types of documents, then choose a unit that is versatile enough to handle that. Save space and money by purchasing a scanner that photos, documents, books, and unbound pages among others. of course, it is costly to buy specific scanner types. Multifunctions also apply here when choosing a machine. From the beginning, it should handle huge numbers of imaging and books at the same time.

Certainly, as you continue scanning the number of scans will increase. So, gauge your expected needs for the coming 6 months to avoid spending more than needed.

Top 10 Book Scanner Reviews

1. CZUR ET16 Pro Review

If you are looking for a budget-friendly scanner packed with many features then this CZUR ET16 device will wor best for you. It has an awesome speed that saves time and works within short scanning times. It will not disappoint you because it works well on various materials. From materials including books, magazines, and documents it gives excellent results. All thanks to its OCR, automatic image improvement, and curve distortion it scans in less than 1.5 seconds.

This unit has a 16mp topnotch camera, Sony CMOS sensor. This feature makes it good for use on artwork and smaller sized objects. Even better, its output is generally compacted. It has three mild laser lines designed for analyzing what is to be scanned. This does not compromise on the expected fast speed of 300 pages after every ten minutes. It has an auto-scan that is functional, all you need is to simply flip over the pages.

The black mat included aids in revealing the edges of documents. It works with maximum widths of A3 and A4 so it is not necessary to take out pages if the document is bound or stapled.

  • Different scanning ability

  • Quite fast

  • Noise-free

  • Reasonably priced

  • Software is weak for Mac

  • Wi-Fi connectivity is not included

  • Light sensitive

2. CZUR ET18 Pro Advanced Professional-Level Book & Document Scanner

A properly valued scanner should harbor enough highly convenient technologies. That means with huge volumes of documents and documents then you will find CZUR ET18 worth investing in.

It is beautifully designed with clean edges to reduce reflective light while scanning. Sometimes dealing with glossy or laminated pages is such a nag. Thanks to its double supplementary lamps on the sides that shed enough light on the whole scanning area.

It is common while scanning fingers are accidentally found in the scans. This machine features smart software for automatic cropping of fingers from the final scan. Also, the unit uses programmed image enhancement, curves distortion, and OCR. Thanks to the patented flattening technology that ensures exceptional results.

Another impressive thing about this unit is its speed. The scanning process only lasts for one or two seconds to accurately finish two pages. It is exceptional to find an easy to use the scanner. Yes, this a big deal because of its ability to recognize and scan books and documents. The Auto-Scan Tech only needs you to flip the pages and everything is triggered. 

  • Well-made

  • Scans a wide range of materials.

  • Packed with numerous features

  • Lacks automatic detection of page-turning

  • High price tag

  • OCR software is not robust

3. Brother Mobile Color Page Scanner

Do you ever find yourself on the road with a lot of documents to be scanned? This Brother Mobile Color Page Scanner is your choice portable scanner. It is not weighty or takes up too much space when traveling as it fits the need. Of course, it has a compact size measuring 12 inches long and a weight of 1 pound.

All you need is a balanced handgrip to capture all the documents accurately and easily. What is more, the job becomes fun and non-stressful. With this model, you can scan A4 documents and other small-sized items including IDs and business cards and get exciting clarity. If you are a professional then you will like this portable scanner. Yes, it easily fits well into a bag or a briefcase.

Using it for the essential documents is possible from anywhere. An external power source is not necessary because it has an in-built rechargeable battery. It is also compatible with Mac and Windows systems. That means you will have no worries about the right PC. After a scan, it is easy to transfer them to shared destinations as you wish. The items can be exported to other programs.

  • Compact

  • Superfast

  • Versatile

  • Stops sometimes in the middle of scanning

  • Not fit for detailed scans

  • SD slot is not included

4. Brother Wireless Portable Compact Desktop Scanner

If you are looking for swift scanning speeds at home, office or you are an on-the-go professional, then the Brother Wireless Portable Scanner will suit your needs. It is user-friendly and easy to carry while conducting instant business. With a 20page capacity document feed, the scanning process is swift. It allows in receipts of about 34 inches in length. The compact size also makes it virtually fit into any space.

To transfer the files to your PC, there is a versatile machine. Enjoy the convenience by connecting its Micro USB 3.0 to your PC and laptop. There is no need for installing software to use it. It has bulk storage support to USB to enable you to recover files. Simply open your drive and connect to the PC. The other perk is that it allows scanning to various destinations. That said you can fast organize all business transactions to prevent having clutter.

What is more, the images and texts can be enhanced using automatic color adjustment and detection. You can use background removal, color drop, and text enhancement. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

  • Highly accurate

  • Cleaner scans

  • Reliable Wi-Fi

  • Costly

  • Heavier than competition

  • Has no battery

5. Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Overhead Book Scanner

A scanner should not only provide convenience but also not damage documents. The best thing about using the Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 is that it an overhead type. With this, you can use it for journals, books, and other delicate papers. It features page-turning detection and dual-sided scanning which enables it to work well in identifying items.

This unit is designed with documents used for business purposes in mind. If you have statements and receipts the included software can help you organize all the data well. This will be done as per the specific things that should be done. You can produce a shared file to enable you to give others fast access to all the content. The items posted in this folder are adjustable by the people using it. This feature is useful if you look to have shared efforts in the office.

It features an image flattening software that adjusts curves in books. This gives clear images as it allows you to easily remove scanned fingertips. It detects multiple documents and automatically crops at the same. You can work on photos, business cards, and newspaper clippings.

  • Handles many tasks

  • Has Wi-Fi or USB connectivity

  • Works well with most smart devices

  • Aligning some documents is hard

  • Not good sometimes with cloud systems

  • Costly

6. Epson Workforce ES-50 Portable Sheet-fed Document Scanner

Because scans produced should be of high quality, the machine needs to be strong and reliable. The Epson Workforce ES-50 provides fast images of everything put underneath it. Not only will you love its portability, but also the results come out after 5.5 seconds. Thanks to its average resolution of 300 dpi that makes it work fast.

This model is quite versatile. It allows users to scan different documents particularly those measuring 8.5×72 inches. For instance, receipts and ID cards will be easily handled with this setup. Thanks to its scan smart programs organizing all the files are quite fast. This helpful software incorporated enables you to check and save the scans. The design facilitates an easy way to get access to the content for printing out.

It has a USB-powered design to ensure you securely connect this scanner to the laptop or computer when you want. This also means you do not need batteries or external power sources to get this machine to function. What is more, it can be used anywhere and for outside businesses.

  • Compatible with many operating systems

  • Creates high-quality scans

  • Convert files fast

  • No Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Has no tray for loading documents

7. eloam Portable Document Scanner

Speed should always be one selling point of any scanner. And purchasing this Eloam portable document scanner means more than just an option. This model can scan books and other types of documents at high speed and provides great quality.

As a portable unit, it works efficiently without a network or computer connection. Using it also is fast and easy thanks to CMOS sensor of about 18 megapixels. This scans books, photos, receipts, business cards or other documents. Within two seconds or less, you get clear and accurate images from A3 size papers.

This unit is a smart processer. It flattens curved pages automatically, removes fingerprints, and also corrects the uneven pages. The backgrounds of the images end up being purified or pages split as you desire. There is no need to stand by the machine or even press the scan button all the time. Without clicking it will sense page-turning and start scanning.

Eloam is motorized by OCR technology. So it will covert editable documents to Word or Excel and searchable PDF files within one-click.

  • Convenient to use

  • Fast and clear results

  • Simplest to operate

  • Not compatible with other PCs

  • May arrive with defects

  • Poor light scatter

8. Epson WorkForce ES-400 Color Duplex Document Scanner

Even during trips, there is no best solution when scanning a document is needed. And if you know it is necessary a quick speed scanner is vital. The Epson Workforce ES-400 will never disappoint in getting documents organized. With one snap it scans about 35 ppm, thanks to the featured single Step Technology. The lightweight portable body of this scanner makes it all the more useful for when you need to get connections handled well.

The inbuilt Nuance OCR is not only a popular feature but also quite useful. Its design allows users to detect words and even images of what is scanned. Also, it is easier for the shared files to accurately read. The reason is that it is compatible with multiple software systems. As a smart unit, it provides an enhanced look for every content. You can adjust colors or remove unwanted background.

  • Double-sided model

  • Compatible with other devices

  • Files easy to edit

  • Slow when handling more pages 

  • Stops sometimes

  • Not working well on some surfaces

9. Brother Mobile Color Page Scanner

The time to carry all documents to home is no more. The invention of portable scanners like Brother Mobile Color Page makes it quite easy to get files and save on the go. This model is one of the most recent generation types. Its compact body makes it many people’s favorite as you get full control over the files. It occupies less space and handles photos, receipts, ID cards, business cards, and more of sizes 8.5 × 32 inches in a single time.

Coupled with multiple software set, it is compatible with OCR, desktop, and business card handling. Its carrier sheet helps you to get other delicate and small items easily scanned. The incorporated USB cable offers the chance to have this scanner working everywhere. This unit also can be used without the need for wall outlets.

Another thoughtful inclusion with this scanner is a color feature. This scanner generates black and white-colored scans of resolution of about 600 dpi. That means it can be used for any document, photo, recipe or all that has color. The included software makes viewing, organizing, and sending files easy.

  • Different color options

  • Duplex scanning

  • Provides fast speeds

  • Warranty not included

  • Not compatible for mac

  • Not good for longer receipts

10. Brother High-Speed Desktop Document Scanner

The accuracy of a scanner matters so much. While these days more of networked units are available, the Brother high-speed desktop document scanner is one best option.

Of course, this model allows ease of access to files by office members and also offers multiple jobs. You can scan to many PCs, or even operate it remotely. Thanks to its Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB connection.

This model is small thus light enough to let it sit in a smaller space. Besides, it comes fully assembled and starts working automatically. In case you had used a low scan output machine, this will be an adequate solution. It operates quickly and sends files to many destinations such as OCR, email, and USB. With one pass and speed of 35ppi is more accurate to capture all the images books have. Furthermore, its feeder has a capacity of 50 sheets. This allows it to scan large-voluminous continuously. 

After completion of a scan, the images can be optimized. Thanks to the featured multi-feed recognition, background elimination, blank page deletion, among others. What is more, it supports multiple drivers including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

  • Low priced.

  • Supports Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Fast scanning

  • No disc included.

  • Touch screen fairly stops

  • Color quality is poor

FAQ Section

Why should you scan a book?

Novels or documents with many pages often sound to be hard to go through page by page. And so many people wonder why it is necessary to bother scanning them. Most unprinted publications at some point will be needed to be accessed regularly. So the ideal option is to create its digitized version ready at everyone’s disposal. This way readers can quickly scan its contents to get a specific phrase. This reduces the need to go through many pages to reach the reference needed. The digital form also allows you to read books at any time, anyplace, thus travelers find it at their disposal.

Should you invest in a special purpose scanner?

The need for having a scanner differs from one person to another. Thankfully, the market offers multifunctional types. Sometimes it is worth considering whether buying a special-purpose machine is necessary. For instance, making stamps, business cards, tax documents, slides, and books. Every item has one highly recommended model for a particular requirement.

Of course, there are some scanners that can handle more than one item. Always check the select model to ensure that it works as desired. As always, pick as per your particular needs, as the market has the perfect solution that best suits you.

Does resolution really matter?

There are many points to keep in mind when looking for a scanner for use. And yes every occasion needs a solution. One key thing when buying such machines is its resolution. However, most documents and books should not make you worry about this. There are some important papers including tax documents that some scanners will not cut. So always choose a model with enough and great capacity to provide fine images. For decent results, high resolution is a must-have feature.

Final words

Even though many people still do not consider books in paper format as relic today, with time the trend will be no more. Of course, time is coming when almost everything will be handled digitally. For that reason, others consider flipping through real books a nice feeling.

Whether you see it as a longing, the best scanners to copy book that are functional are here to remain. Hopefully, this review enables you find what captures your favorite pages with excellence.

If you know what you need, the extent of work to be handled, and the available financial resources, you will find your choices simple.

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