Best Magnetic Loop Antenna in 2021

When you listen to the radio, and on the other side, there’s static, you will get tired trying to rearrange the antenna and put it where it needs to be positioned for you to get a better reception from the radio. This is why having the best magnetic loop antenna will solve all the problems.

Again, if you want to replace your radio, then you will not have to go through the trouble of getting a new one because the antennas might be the problem.

Magnetic loop antenna enables the radio to pick up waves and convert them into sounds. The best thing about these magnetic antennas is that they are very quiet, and electrical interference can’t affect them.

Editors' Picks: Top Magnetic Loop Antennas
Editors' Picks: Top Magnetic Loop Antennas

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Magnetic Loop Antenna

When buying a magnetic loop antenna, several factors should be kept in mind. It is crucial to carry out some research on the product and make a comparison to ensure you get a high-quality antenna. The things that you must check include; its design, polarizations, and signal strength.

You should decide on the type of antenna that will satisfy your needs considering your location. For it to give you the best results, you should ensure your site can access direct signals with less amount of the reflected signal.

Loop Antennas For Hf
Loop Antennas For Hf

If you are in a densely populated area, you will have to go for an antenna designed with sharp directivity and not a high gain antenna.


You need to look for the highest quality antenna with superb aesthetics and great design before you settle on one. The best brands are awesomely crafted and well designed. They feature eye-pleasing qualities. You will get the best design from ethical manufacturers.

Ability to Resist Multipath Interference

It is essential to understand your location to ensure you get the best possible reception. If your location is in an urban area, you will have to find the best antenna that can keep off multipath interference.


 Most of the manufacturers with quality products will provide a guarantee to back up their items. In most cases, such products are even used for a lifetime requiring minimal maintenance.

Top 5 Magnetic Loop Antenna Reviews

1. Kaito AN-100 Tunable Passive AM Radio Loop Antenna

Kaito AN-100 Tunable Passive AM Radio Loop Antenna for All Brands Like Kaito,Sony,Panasonic,Grundig and More
Kaito AN-100 Tunable Passive AM Radio Loop Antenna for All Brands Like Kaito,Sony,Panasonic,Grundig and More

If you want a unit with both unwired and wired connections, then this Kaito AN-100 AM radio loop antenna is the best choice for you. For wireless usage, the antenna works by induction. It is ideal for radios with poor AM reception. If the receiver has an external AM antenna jack, it can be connected to the antenna directly using the output jack. At the same time, the other option is to keep the antenna close to your radio.

The high antenna features a tuning knob for adjusting the reception for each of the stations. Besides, it is designed for all brands like Grundig, Panasonic, Sony, Kaito, and many more. Again, the antenna is passive, so there are no batteries required. The enhanced AM reception is impressive, and it is up there with Terk indoor for the reception coverage.

Kaito AN-100 tunable antenna has a compact and lightweight design that appears very stable. Additionally, the antenna comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to back up the product.

  • It has a tuning knob for adjusting each channel

  • No batteries required

  • Features a compact and lightweight design

  • Comes with a one-year warranty

  • May not last for many years

2. Tesslor-USA Attic-Mount and RV FM Loop Antenna

FM Loop Antenna Outdoor, Attic-Mount and RV FM Antenna
FM Loop Antenna Outdoor, Attic-Mount and RV FM Antenna

This is a very high-quality FM loop antenna that is well designed for installation in your home, office, or on an RV, whether outdoor or attic mounting. The antenna is constructed with heavy-duty material that features integrated balun, stand-offs, high-quality tubing as well as attaching hardware. Unlike its competitors, this fantastic Tesslor FM loop antenna can be assembled easily within three minutes and has a 21.5 inches diameter. Its installation doesn’t require any additional parts.

The omnidirectional antenna is well-engineered for outdoor use due to all-direction pattern recognition. This great feature enables it to obtain all types of FM stations. It provides an excellent enhancement in the FM reception of digital and analog signals versus the whip antennas or indoor dipole. The 75-Ohm FM antenna is ideal for high-quality reception.

Furthermore, the 360-degree device is enabled to receive signals as far as 20miles away. This type of antenna is also the best when it comes to permanent installations. 

  • Easy to assemble

  • Offers significant improvement in FM reception of signals

  • Heavy-duty construction

  • It has omnidirectional reception

  • It is well-matched with the 75-ohm

  • Lacks a warranty

  • It is not sturdy

3. Tecsun AN-200 AM/MW Rotatable Tuneable Loop Gain Radio Antenna

Tecsun AN-200 AM/MW Rotatable Tuneable Loop Gain Radio Antenna(No Battery Needed)
Tecsun AN-200 AM/MW Rotatable Tuneable Loop Gain Radio Antenna(No Battery Needed)

Tecsun AN-200 is an excellent AM antenna that operates passively without wire connections to the radio. It can pick different FM channels of various frequencies starting from 530 kHz to 1710 kHz to ensure all broadcasting programs have clear reception. The Tecsun antenna is thin and features a lightweight with a frameless design and is great for boosting both signal and range.

Moreover, the grinding AN200 is fully adjustable and greatly enhances the signal clarity and strength where there is an active shield or much EM1 noise.

This an-200 tuneable loop antenna is well constructed for receiving AM broadcasting. It covers the frequency range of a medium broadcasting wave band. The rotatable loop gain radio antenna does not require any battery to operate. The tunable antenna can be placed close to the radio without going through the trouble of looking for signals.

Also, it has a tuneable button that allows you to adjust the antenna until you receive clear and stable sound from the broadcasting channel.

  • Boosts both signal and range

  • covers a wide frequency range

  • It is lightweight and frameless

  • Improves signal clarity as well as strength

  • It’s fully adjustable and doesn’t need a battery

  • It is expensive

  • The manufacturer doesn’t offer a warranty

 4. Eton Corp. NGAN200 Grundig Indoor Antenna

Eton Corp. NGAN200 Grundig Indoor Antenna
Eton Corp. NGAN200 Grundig Indoor Antenna

The Grundig Eton AN-200 antenna is fully adjustable for the AM broadcasting band. It is a lightweight, thin, and frameless loop antenna that is manufactured in China. Being passive allows it to work without any batteries.

The grinding indoor antenna covers a wide range of frequency broadcasting from 530 – 1710 kHz, ensuring all the programs have quality reception. It has an inductive coupling that makes it easy to operate with portables that feature AM Ferrite bar antenna. You don’t have to do much work because it requires you to only pace the antenna near the radio, and it improves the reception.

Again, it contains an output jack for wiring connection to your radio with AM antenna terminals. With the tuning knob that ensures maximum gain. This uniquely constructed antenna comes with a 3.5mm cable that has a three-conductor that has a plug at one end and bare wires on the other end. If you don’t have an antenna input, then place the Eton AN200 near the sound system or radio for high-quality reception.

The control knob enables you to tune to your favorite channel and fine-tune by adjusting it. This is an all-direction receiver, and you can get a better reception if you place it in different directions.

  • Has adjustable tuning knob

  • Features a unique construction

  • It is easy to use

  • An all-direction receiver

  • May not be compatible with some radios

5. Ancable FM and AM Loop Antenna with 3-Pin Mini Connector for Sony Sharp Stereo

Ancable FM and AM Loop Antenna with 3-Pin Mini Connector for Sony Sharp Stereo AV Receiver Systems
Ancable FM and AM Loop Antenna with 3-Pin Mini Connector for Sony Sharp Stereo AV Receiver Systems

This Ancable loop antenna is designed for both FM and AM radio signals. The manufacturer offers excellent service to assure you it worth investing in it. This product comes with a one-year warranty. It is a wonderful AM loop antenna for most available AV receivers on radios, exceptionally sharp AV receivers.

If the audio/radio receiver does not have an in-built AM antenna or the antenna has very poor reception, or the signals are not clear, then this Ancable loop antenna could be the best for you.

It provides more coverage than many other AM antennas in radios receiving at 360 degrees. Being omnidirectional allows you to receive different broadcasting channels with different frequencies. It can give you a signal in remote zones.

For instance, if you stay in an area in which the AM signal of your favorite channel is blocked, this Ancable loop antenna will potentially fix the problem. It can stand freely with its fold-out base without any support. Also, it comes with a 3-pin connector to enable secure connections for the Sony sharp stereo AV receiver systems.

  • Works for both FM and AM radios

  • Has a one-year warranty

  • It is omnidirectional

  • Provides signals in the middle of nowhere

  • Has a foldable base

  • It lacks a tuning knob

FAQ Section

What controls the signal reception?

There are several things that determine the quality and the amount that you receive on your radio. These include; the signal strength, broadcasting tower location, electronic interference, terrain as well as the signals broadcast in that area.

For instance, if two signals are using the same direct path, it may lead to audio distortion, which is indicated by a red flashing on the stereo. It is also essential to ensure the broadcast equipment is placed on an elevated ground. It is important to note that the radio sound is clear when the signal strength is excellently strong.

Again, in a location with rough terrain, you are bound to receive weak signal reception as a result of interference.

Why an omnidirectional antenna?

A loop antenna can be either omnidirectional or directional. The best thing about the omnidirectional antenna is the ability to receive the highest-quality reception at a 3600 angle. It requires minimal adjustments after its installation. Ensure the antenna you choose will meet all your needs.

What are the AM and FM significance?

For a signal to be transmitted, there is a need for a carrier known as modulation. In AM (amplitude modulation), signal transmission depends on the amplitude of your signal while in FM modulation, the signal changes based on the modulating signal frequency.


When searching for the best magnetic loop antenna, you should put into consideration the key features. These antennas are well designed to ensure maximum reception; hence you won’t miss your favorite broadcasting channel at any given time. With today’s optimized technology, communication has been made easier because the current enhancement in radio broadcasting is bringing more audiences to be part of today’s life.

However, choosing the best loop antenna may not be a walk in the park since there are so many products available in the market with each brand claiming to offer the best. With the best five products we have discussed, we believe you will have an easier time getting your hands on the best.

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