The 10 Best Photo Scanner With Feeder Reviews

Buying a photo scanner is an ideal solution when looking to digitalize prints. This machine is a step and the right way to preserving photos well. Unlike the usual scanners, these units although smaller in size they come packed with many features. Why? Such an investment is intended to provide the finest results in overtime.

However, the market is growing daily making it quite overwhelming to get the best photo scanner with feeder. Thankfully, this article is intended to make the purchase process simpler and easier. Keep reading to get a detailed understanding of the most dominating models today.  Even better the comprehensive buying guide will lead you to the right decision.

#List Of The Best Photo Scanner With Feeder – Our Top Picks

Best Photo Scanner With Feeder Buying Guide

Lack of enough information often forces people to buy poor quality items. Some of the pointers to look out for in the best photo scanner include:


Image quality is one important aspect to keep in mind. Often measured in dots per inch, dpi, the machine should have the highest amount. This ensures it captures even the finest points of any image. Even the slightest imperfections must be captured especially on damaged photos. One good thing is that you get the opportunity to adjust some features and make the image look better. Because the files produced will be large so ensure you buy a storage device if you need more photos.


A scanning device should come with a lot of versatility and compatibility with multiple operating systems. Even though some people choose straightforward models, others prefer a machine that allows customization of scanned photos. Shop for the one that allows fine-tuning and great adjustment options.

Sometimes sacrificing quality over other features is necessary. But think about the amount of time you need to spend working and the importance of other parts. Budget units call for preparedness to slightly high costs.


The best scanner model for images should allow ease of use. Keep in mind that there are many models in the market having multiple customization opportunities. Its software should be simple to understand. This also applies to connectivity through USB cables, Wi-Fi, and even wireless. This f you want to scan documents while on the move.

Color fidelity

Buyers often choose photo scanners over general-purpose types. The model should authentically capture and produce the original colors of the photograph. This is even quite important to consider than resolution. And in case it is your main concern then you should look for a unit that perfectly delivers.

Top 10 Best Photo Scanner Reviews

1.  Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo

If you are looking for a durable and long life scanner then this Epson V600 will fit the need. It is designed for both heavy and professional usage. Coupled with a two-year warranty it completely provides comfort and surety when committing to buying it. of course, its features are more than enough to make it deliver its functions.

The quality of scans is one most vital feature expected from a scanner. Not only does it have an exceptional resolution, 6400 dpi, but it also does this at a high speed. Thanks to the built-in software this model works well at removing unwanted marks. The result is crisp and clean images imaginable. This model also attains gorgeous and vibrant colors during the scanning process. Its OCR successfully allows you to create editable texts and scan the smallest fonts accurately.

This scanner easily scans negatives, slides, and photographs, with its in-built system. Simply slide the document mat to reveal its transparency. The handy manual helps those uncertain about the right position to begin scanning. Thus, the Autos can feature delivers accurate results without any extra efforts. Of course, when an effect is needed you can play around with its settings to get the desired result.

  • High-quality images

  • Incredible resolution

  • Excellent inbuilt features

  • No Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Not compatible with mac

  •  Complex for starters

2. HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

If you have many documents that you need to be printed and scanned fast, then HP ENVY 5055 is all you need. With the utmost features and specifications, there is nothing you cannot achieve with this model. It really excels due to its available choices for sharing and printing documents and images. Nearly uniquely you can scan straight to your memory card and store the images awaiting editing.

One of its outstanding features is that it supports mobile printing. Effortlessly share the files via cloud sharing from Android or even iOS smartphones. Thanks to its installed HP app that makes it simple to print from websites. Yes, you can print without the need for booting up the desktop.

This model features a separate and neat photo paper tray to enable you to change from photos and documents without changing any setup. This is ideal for handling office printing while also spending less on buying ink. Using its free instant HP ink. The quality of its photo prints is also quite good at an exciting speed.

  • Good money value

  • Extraordinary connectivity

  • Excellent speed for printing photos

  • Slow for printing documents

  • Low resolution for some documents

  • Sacrifices quality sometimes

3. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Color Duplex Document Scanner

If seeking a model that can scan small amounts of work while on the move then the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i is the best option. Not only is it high-rated for its unique features but also its usefulness is easy to notice. Its design is not a huge or flatbed, but the size scanner is enough thus it fits into any PC bag. Of course, its portability makes scanning very easy from anywhere you are.

Its Wi-Fi connectivity is enough to organize every paperwork easily. Make searchable and multi-page PDFs within one touch of a button. Also, scanning to editable Word or Excel files is tranquil. Carry it about with other devices then speedily send it to either Mac or PC.

The resolution of this model is quite satisfactory for scanning forms or photos. Thanks to its featured OCR technology, you will also scan files that are editable. This brings its incredible convenience for use on forms or business cards very well. Its document tray is quite well and holds up to 20 pages at the same time. This scanner is not only designed for tons of multipage papers. It also handles small pages instantly and very well.

  • Portable

  • Low maintenance

  • Amazingly convenient

  • Sacrifices quality sometimes

  • May not work with some software

  • Paper may jam

4. Doxie Go SE – The Intuitive Portable Scanner

When in need of a compact and top-performing scanner, then Doxie Go SE Portable Scanner is the best choice. It offers smart scanning that can be taken to any place at any time, thanks to its small size. One leading benefit is that it is highly portable and lightweight. It is quite easy to work on the documents while on your desk or moving. Just insert the paper and in 8 seconds get a full colored photo of 600 dpi.

This scanner has an additional efficiency thanks to the incorporated memory card and a battery. This means you do not need an external power outlet to have it working.

Besides the scanned images can be stored for future use. The freely available Doxie Flip app and OCR saves scanned images and documents to the cloud. Once captured send to any of your favorite apps like the Dropbox or phone for editing through Photoshop.

This Doxie model is the right choice for scanning images, postcards, pictures, and even coins. Even large files and documents can be scanned.

  • Easy to use

  • Portable

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

  • Quality of scans is low

  • No background removing option

  • Overpriced

5. Magnasonic All-in-One High Resolution

If you are looking for an all in one scanner for your old files then Magnasonic Resolution Scanner is handy. It comes with an interior memory, 128 megabytes and an SD card slot for expanding the storage space for the scans. Of course, this unit produces high-quality images so you can directly and effortlessly keep them all.

This model has a heavy-duty build quality. Its body is made from plastic and five buttons placed on top to enable you to press and choose the setting needed. It has a 2.4inches color LCD display. This enables you to go through the list of options and preview the scans before deciding to keep or delete it. Despite the size, the screen is very accurate to what is see or imported.

It is easy to connect this unit to a PC using a cable to a point of choice. The exposure can be changed by flipping the image straight up or even mirror it horizontally. This is useful in case the film strip is placed wrongly.

You can scan quickly and impeccably every film without precutting and lining up correctly. Together with its one-touch software within five seconds you will have loaded and saved the photos.

  • Easy to assemble

  • Creates good scans

  • Simple techniques

  • Not impressive for professional use.

  • Poor quality of the tray

  • Unreliable for lots of work

6. Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner with EasyStitch and StoryScans Software

Are you searching for a scanning unit that is small enough for use while on the move? A flip-pal mobile scanner is a great option that will amaze and satisfy your needs. Not only does it flip easily but also it has a lightweight thus easy to carry around.

Within a few minutes, your scans will be ready for storage. This unit saves all the scans to an external memory card without the need to connect to a PC or even install the software. Simply put the photo below the lid and check its clear panel to see if it is correctly aligned. If you need to adjust its position, access is uninhibited as the image shows on the screen and gets automatically saved.

If you need to transfer the images to another place like a computer, use the USB card reader provided. No need to worry about running out of space without a warning. The display shows the number of photos that the card can store during use. For photos larger than 4by6 inches, the stitching software allows the creation of bigger images. It scans quickly within 10 seconds and offers high-quality scans.

  • Excellent performance

  • Easy to use

  • Compatible to many operating systems

  • Only one saving format

  • Limited scan size

  • Not compatible with mac

7. Epson WorkForce ES-400 Color Duplex Document Scanner

There is no need to look for a photography expert to return all the old photos. This power is delivered in your hands by the Epson WorkForce ES-400. It is brilliantly designed to give the expected astonishing results of photo and document scans.

It quickly and easily scans robust photos and other documents for convenient storage and sharing. The unit also scans business and ID cards and changes them to editable versions. This incredible versatility as well enables you to send files in PDF formats and to emails within a click. The scanned pictures can be safely stored on your computer or uploaded to google drive or cloud. Moreover, this powerful software makes it easy to preview, rename the object.

Moreover, it is compatible with most software including TWAIN and inbuilt Nuance OCR. Its speeds are rated to be 35 pages every minute for one-sided scanning and 70 ipm. Thus, it is an excellent option for a small office or personal use. Besides, setting it up is the same as the other USB-connected units. Simply plug its power cord.

  • Easy to use

  • Very efficient

  • Convenient

  • Low photo quality for curled images.

  • Overpriced

  • Choosy document feeder

8. Plustek Photo Scanner ephoto Z300

If you need the perfect example of a photo scanner then Plustek photo Z300 features innovative design. Guaranteed it conveniently provides a way to scan documents and photos. One thing making it worth choosing is its fast functionality. Within two seconds a 4by6 photo will be scanned and converted to the right version. This process is quite easy and produces a large enough footprint, about 600 DPI.

Its software is quite easy to install using a CD. The OCR makes it easy to scan and convert it to PDF files. With the robust enhancement functions, you can quickly boost or even restore the looks of faded images. The editing functions also helps you to remove the parts that you do not need.

Thanks to its color input of 48-bit it produces excellent images. It scans an A4 sized picture fast and continuously enough in a short time. And the copy is fit for printing too. It also has smart features including one-touch sharing or auto-crop even about 10 images. This speed makes it fine and inventive features thus quite reliable.

  • Easy to use

  • High-quality files

  • Convenient

  • Has no smart photo editor included?

  • Files scanned in a group do not save as one PDF

  • No disc included

9. Brother ImageCenter ADS-2800W Wireless Document Scanner

Scanning photos should provide a lot of fun and full of exceptional details. For you to enjoy such fast scanning then this Brother ImageCenter ADS-2800W will work well for our needs. With one pass you have scans of both one and double-sided items. Even better the files come in both full color or black-and-white. Although it looks like a minimalist unit it works at a speed of about 40 pages every minute. All you need is to choose the needed mode and capture the documents continuously as one file.

What is more., this model is flexible with the media it can handle. Of course, use it to scan documents, photos, receipts, business cards, stamped plastic cards, among others. it features wireless networking using its Web Connect. This enables you to scan and send everything directly to cloud apps like Google Drive and email.

Another interesting thing is the fact that it is compatible with many operating systems. You have no reason to worry about buying another type. But it allows comfortable working with windows, mac, and Linux. The Manufacturer understands issues arise during use and include a warranty of one year.

  • Scans fast

  • Very flexible use

  • Compatible with different OS

  • Sometimes fails

  • Costly

10. Canon CanoScan LiDE220 Photo and Document Scanner

With innovative technologies added to scanners, it is not worth losing or throwing away the old photos. Thanks to this unavoidable CanoScan LiDE220 scanner every shot can be reinstated. The unit boasts of delivering amazing results by combining its maximum resolution to color depth. It ideally scans all documents and photos.

Canon Lide has a compact design thus light weighted. You can carry it anywhere or even use it conveniently in the office. Its efficiency is high because it scans a whole page in 8to10 seconds without compromising its quality. It has an advanced Z lid that makes you easily scan even books. Moreover, this unit is powered using its USB. So, no need to connect to an outside power supply.

After scanning the files are easy to upload on the cloud or Dropbox. Thus, it is best for preserving all photographs or documents. It features color restoration and dust removal to enable you to maintain the original quality. Choosing this model means reliable scans, texts, and images. Thanks to its employed auto fix and correction to give beautiful scans.

  • Super-fast

  • Compact in size

  • Easy to use

  • Not compatible with Mac

  • Complicated software

  • Hard to navigate its tools


How do I know if a photo scanner is of great quality?

One key to having good photo quality is in selecting the best software program. Because memories are always vital to everyone, it is worth taking enough time to work on your photos well. One best tool and method to ensure you get the best quality possible from a scan and a perfect photo is to use the scanner in the right way. Get the most from the software and programs added to enhance the looks on the images. This job can be done fast using the right scanner that does not compromise on quality.

Is it mandatory to charge a scanner before use?

Absolutely, the scanning device should be charged first to enable it support and upload the documents. So, to avoid being cut amidst the job always double-check if the printer before starting to print out. If the device features its USB or rechargeable battery charging conform to that recommended standard.

What is the best way to handle the scanner properly?

Adding a scanner to the office also means a fresh set of maintenance jobs. The units have parts that are digitized and thus comes with the task of caring for some delicate equipment. Other than gentle handling, the machines benefit from attention to every specific need.

For you to get the best out of your scan, you need to handle it well. Ensure it is always clean and without dust. This reduces the costs of maintenance by the end of the day. For maximum sharpness put the document lying flat against the feeder.

Why do I need an auto-feeder with a photo scanner?

An auto feeder facilitated scanner is necessary to make sure that you quickly load all the documents and photos needed to be scanned. The number is determined by the amount its feeder can carry. The feature allows you to automatically insert the items one by one. Once that is done all you need is to wait for the machine doing the rest.


If you have a box full of photographs then the only option to preserve them is by digitizing. The best photo scanner with feeder comes handy to help you convert the prints to a digital version. Of course, the leading models come equipped with excellent features. This must-have device will offer regular and reliable functionality. What is more, all the valuable memories and documents will be stored in safe drives or cloud always.

This does not sacrifice quality as you can access them easily without any physical damages. The above-listed scanners are among the best ones the market offers. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency during use by choosing one of them.

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