Dog Photography Tips by Photographer Jann Tenenbaum

Outdoor dog photography

All I wanted to do was to photograph dogs. After meeting so many dogs and so many dog owners, I realized that dogs bring so much to our lives. They bring us joy, friendship, compassion, comfort when we are sad or sick, appreciation and of course, they bring us unconditional love. What is better than …

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What Should Photographers Wear At Weddings?

wedding photographer dress code

As a photographer you are not bound to any outfit. However, it is important to note that you are representing a personal brand. Dress like a professional as you are the sole advertiser of a reputable business. Keep in mind that the ceremony gives you the platform to showcase your skills. The guests might interact …

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Best Way to Name Photography Files

SEO friendly images

As a photographer you have to worry about many things, from consultations before the shoot and what happens afterwards. Consider this hypothetical scenario that could happen to any professional photographer: You were a rock star on the shoot and the client is very happy. The images look amazing and not only is the client happy, …

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Finding Your Ideal Clients by Alison Yin Photography

Finding Your Ideal Photography Clients

Alison Yin Photography is an award-winning wedding photography studio based in Oakland, California. Their style is true photojournalism, meaning they won’t direct their clients or tell them what to do or where to look. This tactic results in beautiful photos depicting real moments. We’re pleased to partner with Alison for her guest blog post on …

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Digilabs Pro Software: Album & Coffee Table Book Tools

best photo editing software for pc

Our DigiLabs Pro Design Software has some great tools that can really help you simplify your workflow.  With so many great features, it is hard to keep up.   We are going to try to give you tips & tricks here on our blog – so if you are interested in learning more, subscribe to …

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2014 Photography Survey Results

photography poll questions

The photography world is rapidly changing, and photographers and vendors are finding ways to quickly adapt to accommodate these industry changes. Advances in technology and new attitudes towards professional photographers and their services are causing a shift towards the “digital only” age. To address these changing trends and developments, DigiLabs Pro,  a leader in web gallery …

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