10 Best TV Antenna Booster Reviews

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Did you know that yearly the top-rated and popular TV shows are available over the free to air channels? Well, you can find all your favorite programs without paying unreasonable fees. Fortunately, antenna boosters are becoming a benefit for many households today.

Besides there is convenience once you plug in and start receiving the fetched stations. Positioning of the antenna therefore does not mean everything will be good to go. And even if you have joined the thousands of global cord cutters, still, there are many lessons you can learn in this programming. Here is what you need to know about the best TV antenna booster.

# List Of The Best TV Antenna Boosters – Our Top Picks

Best TV Antenna Booster Buying Guide

Sometimes digital televisions need an antenna booster. This additional device increases the signal strength to enable you to view the stations you need. So, when thinking of buying one there are some points to consider giving better TV reception. Picking the wrong or unsuitable boosters can make things get worse. Here are the points to check through to help you get the right one and have a huge difference in working.Bottom of Form

Check the cable

Before buying and installing a signal booster, it is useful to check the coax cable is fixed. TVs having an external antenna are likely to have it in place for some time. But the worse can be that it must have collected some moisture. Such conditions can make the cable to have reduced signal strength. The instance as this will call for installing a new booster but it is not the best cure for the issue.

Decide on the type

Usually, antenna boosters’ manufacturers make the devices for internal use. Each is fixed with a standard cable entry place and power inputs. But there are also the types designed for external use and its power supply point being located near the coax lead. The units are waterproof to withstand the harsh weather outside. Indeed, any moisture getting into the booster can potentially cause damage and in the end lead to failure.

Gain levels  

One key feature to look at during the purchase of an antenna booster is to check the amount of gain offered. Usually, the levels are represented in decibels, or dB. And between 10 to 12 dB works best. A lot of gain leads to overloaded TV input and results to weakened signal. So, avoid the worse cases by not installing two boosters on one antenna.

Location of the booster  

TV signal boosters need to be installed very close to the antenna. That way, signals can travel along a cable without reducing its strength even if it is weak. The closeness to its background noise means that late bosting does not improve the noise level.

Top 10 reviews of the best TV antenna booster

1. 1byone Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna

1byone Digital Amplified Antenna is among the undoubted best performing signal boosters. This high-quality device features the Smart chip and Clean Peak Filter technology. The advancements clean cellular and FM signals thus your TV shows clear pictures with reduced noise. With such features you can also watch freer to air channels. The range and gain performance therefore enhance ensures the signals reduced by any obstruction.

The design of 1byone booster is super thin to enable you to receive multidirectional VHF and UHF signals even up to 80 miles away. The included 10feet coax adds reliability as you can fix the antenna anywhere from behind your TV, on the wall or window. This reduces signal interference and enables you to get higher HD reception and great signal reliability.

On top of the devotion to quality that makes the product long-lasting, this antenna comes with a 24-month warranty. This offer guarantees the customers to get to purchase confidently and feel more satisfied. Get to watch as many free to air channels without having to spend more money to satellite providers.


  • Excellent signal reception.
  • Matches another décor when painted.
  • Superb design
  • Excellent to setup


  • Works well on high areas.

2. Glubok TV Antenna Indoor Amplified Powerful Signal Booster

Glubok is a valued name in the TV boosting area. This newest version of the main products is not only updated but has also core functionality. The device has an inbuilt 4K TV antenna can pull in all news locally from uncompressed HD, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, Univision and plus more. This filter making the decision to purchase to be very compelling undoubtedly. Surely, this integrated feature takes away signals from LTE 800 phone transmitters even in areas that are not covered by 4G network yet. Generally it covers 120 miles reception range

The device has an interference protection of standard 2.5C 2V coaxial cable for reducing the signal interference and bring powerful signal. The 14.4 ft long cable makes it flexible to set up at anywhere in your wall. Glubok is powered with a coaxial cable which is mainly designed for outdoor use and to enhance poor signals from outdoor antennas.

This high-quality product is the best-selling and comes backed with a 12- month warranty. The offers add to your confidence when you are purchasing and using the device.


  • LTE filtering
  • Weatherproof design
  • Easy to install


  • No USB power connector for indoor use

3. Winegard LNA-100 Boost TV Antenna Amplifier

The TV market usually welcomes excellently designed devices. It is even better when it is fairly price like Winegard LNA-100 booster. This prime product is reliable ad has low noise levels mostly 1Db to enable it to deliver a wider range. All in all, it has an excellent signal amplification which considerably adds to the number of channels received.

The amplifier is equipped with a Bandpass filtering that minimizes the RF signal interferences. It also has a Twin Amp Technology that amplifies both VHF and UHF signals at different times. The booster, also, works with other non-amplified antenna types and uses power using a coax cable connection. This included cable removes the need for further cabling and adds the overall easiness of use of the device.

Winegard has a total gain of 20dB making it is among the best antenna boosters available. The model therefore lists as a great upgrade of the older models. Moreover, it is USA-made and has a one-year warranty. This is an ideal solution for people looking for affordable reliability.


  • Fair price
  • Easy to install
  • Better performance


  • Worse quality control

4. Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

If you find yourself watching a lot of TV programs through on-line services, the Amplified HD antenna is suitable for you. Whether you are residing a remote place with poor signal reception, then this exactly what you need. It is very affordable, full of decent features, and highly efficient for signal strengthening. All thanks to the implemented Smart IC Chip and Crystal-Clear Filter Technology. This insulates both cellular and FM signal interference thus low-noise and crystal-clear pictures for over 85 miles.

The device is supplied with a high-quality coaxial cable that ensures your TV shows the highest content quality. The feature is compatible with other different HDTV and DAB or FM radio channels. The cable is primarily constructed to suit outside use and the improvement of poor antenna signal.

Its origin of manufacture makes the booster too satisfying unlike other amplifying devices. The unit is reliable and a decent option any user can find offering excellent money value.


  • Good money value
  • Excellent performance


  • Quality is not the best
  • Not very reliable

5. ANTOP HD Smart Boost Antenna Amplifier with Dual Outputs for TV

Finding highly professional and best quality antenna units are never easy. This however is manageable because of the offer, ANTOP HD Smart Boost Antenna Amplifier with Dual Outputs for TV. This device is suitable for indoor and outdoor use with high signal reception range. Moreover this adjustable antenna amplifier keep smart balance between short-range and long-range reception. The total channels received mostly depends with the geographic location. As a high-performance antenna, it allows many TV channels to connect.

This model has low noise levels thus suits both home and professional purposes. Clearly compatible with all antenna brands for conversion signals with its TV converter boxes and support digital Televisions including HD, 1080p, and 4K Ultra HD. This must be a place where you get to enjoy the best reception within the house or at best closer to the walls or windows.

The booster has a USB power supply powered through an outlet or a USB port. This generally makes the unit very suitable for modern use due to the guaranteed great performance. Its amplification surely satisfies even very demanding users. Besides it’s 4G LTE filter blocks 3G and 4G signals from mobile phones to improve noise free reception.

Besides, this unit comes with a life warranty which fully adds its entire positive impression. The trait makes it a convincing argument about its quality that gives you confidence to buy and use. So, if you need the best TV antenna booster that supports many devices then this is what to go for. You will never feel disappointed.


  • Well priced
  • Weatherproof design
  • Good quality


  • No surge protection
  • It becomes very hot

6. Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier

Winegard LNA-200 is known as low noise booster with a lot of efficiency and reliability as a source of power. The unit provides up to 10 times worth signal amplification any time. The ability to match with passive and non-amplified antennas makes it to have a great connection coverage. This feature enhances and delivers clearer signals, more range and available channels up to 65 miles.

The device features both Twin Amp Technology separately and Boost Clear Circuit Technology. This amplifies UHF and VHF signals for enhanced performance and less noise and interference levels on non-amplified outdoor antennas. Its least noise figure is 1db typical thus enabling it to provide extra range and minimize signal failure and pixilation.

Moreover, because it is USA-made with a multiple platform design Winegard is adjusted to many streaming devices including Fire TV and even Chrome. The features allow you to enjoy diversity while matching your favorite programs in HD style.

Using this amplifier guarantees more TV channels are picked as the signals get amplified. But you will need to install it properly to realize it is high-ended. Luckily, the unit is much affordable than expected.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to install
  • Great performance


  • Quality control is not that well

7. GE Indoor TV Antenna Amplifier

Are you looking to watch your TV in a different manner? Then GE Indoor TV Antenna can help you to tune in the power of uncostly HDTV and abandon expensive cable. The trusted manufacturer enables you to watch your favorite channels. this brand comes backed by a lifetime warranty and free technical support.

This antenna reaches up to 40 miles from where the broadcast signal is placed and connects almost everywhere in the home. Since it is digital it regularly scans new channels that are available for broadcasting. It has a universal compatibility that enables it to work well with other TVs and passive antenna brands.

The brand is seen to be future ready because it has gets uncompressed 1080pixels. The feature provides superior UHF and VHF reception and an increased signal strength with reduced dropouts.  This ensures that the pictures and sound delivered is of high quality. The booster comes with an adjustable sturdy stand for installing on the tabletop either in a vertical or horizontal position.


  • Low noise
  • Easy installation
  • Compact design


  • No USB power connection

8. Channel Master CM3414 4-Port Distribution Amplifier

One way to provide the that improved TV signal is by installing the Channel Master CM3414 4-Port Distribution Amplifier. This unit proves to be the boost every TV need because the manufacturer crafted it in a simple manner with every household’s needs in mind. This of course is perfect for the buildings erected in poor signal reception areas.

Installing this means improved quality of your TV’s pictures with 7.5 dB of gain per port provided.  Not only will you enjoy the boosts in your signal, but also you feel the distribution in output. It can be used well with up to four television without compromising quality. The good thing is that it also to boosts DVD and satellite receivers’ signals.

This amplifier runs input power supply voltage 120v AC-60Hz, 100 mA and output voltage is 12v DC, 300 mA. It’s forward frequency range is 54 to 1002 MHz and the return range 5 to 42 MHz will give you best quality signal experience ever.

The design of this Channel Master booster allows it to provide you with the needed signal boost. The unit is power-supplied using an AC/DC power source and more importantly all thanks to the strong construction. The manufacturer of Channel Master ensures that the device remains at its best condition for long. But in case it breaks down or there is concern, it comes with a one-year warranty. Above all else, it is reasonably-priced and works decently by turning moderate signal reception into excellent reception.


  • Low cost
  • Very impressive


  • Low quality
  • Linking cable bought separately

9. ANTOP Dual Omni-Directional Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna 

The idea behind the manufacture of ANTOP Antenna signal booster is due to the modest and affordable unit it is. The traits make it to fit unobtrusively in any home and perform a decent role. Of course, with this the TV signals gets boosted in any household setup.  UV coated wires are weather resistant exterior designed with anti-interference internal tech for clear pictures and full Channel capacity even in windy days.

The manufacturer intended this little device to be used by professional aerial installers. Its latest design is improved to suit today’s busy digital signal environment. It block 3G and 4G wireless signals to ensure noise-free digital TV reception. It is thus ideal for domestic use and in other smaller systems between short and long range reception. The 3.8 lb antenna holds an attractive and compact case to enhance its reliability.

The booster with 720° Omni-directional UHF/VHF reception which support 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. Easy set up outdoor to receive signals from all directions. Thanks to the professional-grade performance it is among the best HDTV units available in the market.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy set up
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • Not the best design quality

10. GE Outdoor TV Antenna Amplifier, HDTV Digital Antenna Signal Booster

This GE Outdoor TV Antenna model comes equipped with many features that warranties high quality performance. The included 4G filter blocks the 4G mobile transmitters interferences. This prevents unexpected channel losses. Its adjustable amplification allows for gain adjustments thus drastically improving the received signal quality. This also minimizes pixelation and even increase the total obtained channels along the cable runs.

Moreover, the product is silent enough as it produces only low noise. The weather resistant design allows placement in the best location to minimize interference from building materials and walls. Full 1080p HD compatibility ensures high quality picture and sound.

GE is America’s #1 antenna brand provides a lifetime warranty. It includes mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation. The offer makes the unit very reliable and among the best the market offers.


  • Decent design.
  • Money value offered.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Limited service rural areas.


How to choose the best TV antenna booster?

In case you have the plan of cutting on using TV cable to save money, then you need an excellent antenna booster for watching the favorite shows. When picking the best one you need to start by finding out the channels existing in your area. There are search sites including TV Fool and Antenna Web to help you to find out what is available. Once you get an idea of the stations you can watch then you have opportunity to select an antenna. Following your geographical area, opt for what brings many and high-quality channels. Before you rush to spend money, you can consider creating buying one that you can afford.

How to install TV antenna booster?

A TV antenna booster provides more kick to a video system and brings an excellent video performance. The functions include filtering noise levels and improving signal strengths. The device however comes useful when placed well. Installing your antenna booster starts when you chose where to run it on the TV cable. It is more logical to connect to both the input and output close to the television.

Secondly, remove the TV cable from where it is connected. Fix the coaxial cable to your input or inline input splitter. Ensure the connectors are not too tight but you can loosen either using your fingers or a small wrench.

Then connect the cable from the TV’s antenna to the booster’s input. This antenna booster needs to be plugged into your wall’s output. That way, there is electricity available for your booster’s inside amplifier.


For many households using the best TV antenna boosters helps a lot. From saving money spent on service agreements with cable or satellite providers, to watching different channels, you have the potential to get what you want. Moreover, nobody can argue about the thought of saving dollars annually and receiving free programming.

Beyond that, you get better picture and sound quality. One arising problem however comes in finding the best type from the market is complicated. So, follow the above guide to get what works well to avoid miserable failures. The picks listed suits most budgets and play a huge role in determining if you should ditch your TV provider.