Top 5 Best Magnetic Drawing Board Reviews

Exposing kids to educational toys is believed to unleash creativity according to childhood development experts. One best way to ensure children grow up even in their minds is by allowing them to draw. Luckily, now the market offers a range of magnetic doodle boards that have ended the era of the chalkboard. So have you been on the internet for long trying to get the best one to buy? Finding such items online remains to be tough especially deciding o the perfect item. This is why this review article is invaluable and purposeful. Read on and choose the right model for the little one easily.

# List Of The Best Magnetic Drawing Boards – Our Top Picks

Buying Guide To The Best Magnetic Drawing Board For Toddlers

With many drawing magnetic boards option available today in the marketplace, purchasing the best one for your young one can become a daunting task. That is why it necessary to consider things including:


Other than sticking to a budget, any product’s durability is one important aspect to consider. When it comes to buying drawing boards, this factor can save you from wasting money on low-quality items that do not last. Checking out the material of manufacture is very logical. The boards can be either made from made plastic or wood.

Storage Space

It is important to have enough space for keeping drawing and painting tools. This extra feature helps maintain the kids’ room tidy and neat. So before buying one, confirm if its space is large to fit materials including pencils, markers, paint, erasers, brushes among others. Remember the size of the incorporated space depends on the design and the brand.


Magnetic boards should have artistic options like allow the kid to both draw and paint. Parents having children interested in the activities need to find double-sided boards. And also the kids who enjoy only one of the two need that design fr a chance to try different ways of testing creativity.


Parents should buy drawing boards that need no or little effort during cleaning. That means pick one having removable parts for easy and proper maintenance.

Age Of Child

Before buying a drawing board it is good to consider the child’s age. Most of the products are always designed for ages 3 to 8. So get something adjustable and can fit the kid perfectly even as they grow.

Extra Supplies

Usually drawing boards are accompanied by motivating art materials. Indeed, the child needs things like magnetic numbers or alphabet, paper rolls, and erasers. The options provided can be much more depending on the manufacturer. If you do not get extra materials then you will need to run to a shop to buy more materials.

Top 5 Best Magnetic Board For Kids

1. CHUCHIK Toys Magnetic Drawing Board for Kids and Toddlers

CHUCHIK Toys is a beautifully designed toy for kids. One exciting thing about is that it has an incredible design to help children to develop both drawing and writing skills. The magnetic board is known to be kids proof. It suits this age group because it is strong thus durable. In addition, it is made using a double layer of high-grade plastic. That means even if it falls or stepped on, it will not easily break.

Many kids find using the product is exciting and fun. One reason is that the eraser bar is improved to work smoothly without getting stuck midway. After one or two swipes you are good to go without doing it several times. The users can easily draw or write and even erase with the stylus after exploring with it. Even better, the kids can do all of this without asking for assistance from the parents every time.

Unlike other models, this one brings good news to the parents. The board is designed with a fine frame that makes it easy to use and connect the stamps. Kids can remove and return the parts in place and organize them well securely.

Not only does the board have a generous size there is 4 color small size model that fits in travel bags This feature is ideal since it can be carried during car rides, in the airplanes, or to restaurants and the child remains entertained anywhere.

  • Very educational

  • Durable

  • Return policy included

  • Not fit for kids more than four years

2. Meland Magnetic Drawing Board for Kid Learning

Magnetic Drawing Board guarantees to allow kids to write, draw, and also play games with little mess. The product has four colors on the drawing area including green, yellow, red and blue.

This product is made using non-toxic, high-quality ABS plastic materials. This makes it be durable and resists breaking in case it falls on the floor. The manufacturer had kids safety in mind and so made its edges round. This prevents users from getting hurt or sliced.  

The package has a magnetic drawing board, a writing pen, three animal stamps, and an easy slide eraser. The included stylus keeps your children clean and also prevents them from breathing of crayons or chalk powder. The slide eraser is easy to use, the kid needs to simply slide the brush at the bottom to erase any markings. Its drawing area is large enough and features different colors, including red, yellow, blue and, green.

Users who find the product not exciting can request for a refund. The manufacturer provides a guaranteed 30-day return policy for the money spent. But the design assures the kids will have happy hours without messing the creative moments.

  • Large drawing space

  • Features four colors

  • Guarantees child safety

  • Money-back policy

  • No storage space

3. EEDan Magnetic Drawing Board For Kids

EEDAN Magnetic Drawing Board for Kids is another leading consideration by parents.  The reason is that the product has everything that inspires kids feeling and need to write. Of course, the screen allows them to puts their imaginations through drawings.

The device is uniquely designed and comes with four colors like green, yellow, red, and blue. The colors make the product to be attractive and exciting to use by kids.

It is constructed using solid materials that make it hard to break. The plastic is environmental and user-friendly and very durable. Besides, it is well-made and cut because of its smooth edges. This results in no injuries like scratch on kids’ hands.

Not only is the manufacturer concerned about safety but also quality. The board has an attached pen used for drawing solid lines and also write clearly between its colors. The toy is the best for kids who enjoy drawing anywhere.

With the included slider, your kids can easily wipe out the drawings on the board and try other types. This is one way to save yourself from the frustrating drawings in the wrong points at home.

This board comes with two snap fitting shaped stampers plus a specially designed pen that stays in place. It suits 2-year-old kids or even older ones.

  • Safe for kids

  • Convenient and lightweight

  • Enhances creativity

  • Recommended for 2 above years old kids

4. AiTuiTui Magnetic Drawing Board Mini Travel Doodle

The Magnetic Drawing Board Mini Travel Doodle has four color zones behind the white film namely blue, red, yellow and green. The colorful screen inspires kids to explore more imaginations and creativity. It is ideal for playing games such as tic tac toe as the doodles appear more colorful, unlike the traditional black colors.

This board comes with a large screen, three different shaped stampers, one easy sliding eraser, and a Pen. The items mean longer hours without messy but colorful and fun drawings. Its slim design makes it be sleek and easy to use.

The product is created from a durable ABS material that is non-toxic, without smell and very friendly to children. This feature ensures the children’s clothing remains clean and they do not inhale crayon or chalk powder.

During use, black dots often occur on the screen but it is nothing to worry about. The sliding lever at the bottom helps to remove any jam from repeated drawings and erases effectively.

Its mini size makes it small enough and lightweight for convenience. The kid can carry it while traveling in cars and easily hold it on a trip. The board is recommended for three years and above kids.

  • Lightweight

  • Portable

  • Designed from non-toxic material

  • Additional tools

  • Magnet easily comes out

5. Meland Magnetic Drawing Board Pad Upgrade Version Green

The Meland Magnetic Drawing Board is another best one that parents should consider for children who love writing and drawing. The board provides an opportunity to have fun and remain excited while expressing their creativity

Its design is very colorful with the screen having four colors. The panel has blue, yellow, green, and red partitions that make the pictures drawn to appear colored and not normal.

The manufacturer incorporated three animal stampers, one pen, and an easy sliding eraser. The features help the users to show the levels of creativity during the drawing and writing sessions. Besides its large writing space encourages the freedom to doodle. 

The size makes it be lightweight and portable and so easily carried to be used anywhere. Using and cleaning this board is very easy since its images are erased with just one smooth slide. The process is very effective just swipe it back and forth. Once done wiping out the kid can start the new creativity.

Safety has always remained vital to the designer, Meland. The product is made from a high-grade ABS plastic. This material is safe  and friendly for both the users and the environment. It cannot break easily even if it falls on the ground or floor. So parents are guaranteed of no mess and injuries.  

  • Non-toxic materials

  • Lightweight

  • Portable

  • Safe for kids

  • No extra tools

6. FONLLAM Updated Magnetic Drawing Board

The FONLLAM magnetic drawing board features a large working surface for the kids to play together. Its drawing screen measures 8.5 by 5.0 inches and allows two kids to have fun at the same time. It is constructed using high-quality ABS and non-toxic material; therefore, it’s safe for your children. The drawing board is highly durable and resistant to breaking.

Also, it is easy to draw and write on it as well as erasing. You only need to slide your magnetic brush on the bottom side, and the writings will be deleted. The pad also comes with stamps that arouse the kid’s interest and attention. This drawing board comes with four colors on the screen that encourages the child’s creativity.

Additionally, it features a cute pencil, cute seal, and a handle for easy carrying. However, in case the FONLLAM drawing board doesn’t impress you, then you are free to ask for a refund. Its design assures you that the kids will have fun without messing themselves.

  • Features broad drawing space

  • Easy to write, draw and erase

  • Comes with four different colors for creativity

  • Offers money-back guarantee

  • It’s durable and safe for kids

  • Kids should work under adults supervision

7. pidien Magnetic Doodle Pad for Kids Toddlers

This is a colorful drawing board for the kids to play games, write, and draw. This erasable sketch pad uses three small seals and the stylus to trigger the children’s creativity, practice coordination, and ability to paint. It allows your kids to stay occupied for several hours while learning how to paint and doodling on this educational toy and no more mess with papers and pens. It’s also a wonderful gift for your kid’s birthday, children’s day, and classroom supplies.

The manufacturer is confident of the high-quality magnetic drawing board, and the purchase comes with a free replacement or 60 days 100% money-back guarantee. The Pidien Magnetic drawing board is made of BPA-free and non-toxic material; hence it’s safe and healthy for painting. It provides a safe and fun way for girls and boys to doodle, learn to draw and write. Its slider eraser is very effective at clearing the writings and drawings; you just have to swipe twice forth and back. If your child draws in the wrong place, then you can easily erase using the magnetic eraser.

  • Backed up by 100% money-back guarantee

  • Design to develop your kids’ creativity

  • Protects the kids from any ink mess

  • It’s safe for kids

  • Easy to use and erase

  • It’s drawing space is narrow

8. Etch A Sketch, Classic Red Drawing Toy with Magic Screen

It’s easy and fun to create with this magic screen, Etch A Sketch classic board. As the knobs are turned to draw, spectral lines appear on your grey screen. Rotate left knob when your kid wants to draw right and left, and the right knob is for drawing down and up. You can also turn the two knobs to draw a curve. Once you have completed drawing or writing and ready for another task, you should just shake the drawing board to remove the pictures and start another. This classic sketch board allows your child to be more creative and have a more exceptional ability to draw.

This drawing board is one of the best mechanical toys for kids with years old and above. It does require any batteries to operate, and the iconic red frame will attract the children to draw and write more. Your child doesn’t need any pencil to draw and explore the creativity world. In case the magic drawing board doesn’t interest or meet what you want for your kid, then you can return it within 30 days of purchase. 

  • It’s easy and fun to use

  • Quick erase and start again

  • For kids aging three years and above

  • Doesn’t require any batteries

  • Comes with a 30 days refund policy

  • Lacks a handle

9. VTech Creative Magnetic Drawing Board

The VTech magnetic drawing board gives you a fun way of learning how to work on drawing and writing activities. It’s a pre-K learning board featuring animated drawing demonstrations that enable the child to follow up and learn the proper order of lowercase and uppercase letters. This doodler allows the toddlers to customize this creative center with the kid’s name on it to teach them to write the name.

The stencil toy helps the kids how to draw as the progress from the simple lines as well as shapes and other 26 different items. Any little artist explores their creativity through drawing pictures. There are 2AA batteries for demonstration only while the batteries included are for regular use. 

Also, the magnetic drawing board comes with a stylus for the kid to draw with and Polaroid batteries to allow the child to have fun for several hours. This great toddler toy is designed for kids three to six years old. The child can explore their creativity with stencils and stamps as well as playing fun games by guessing the pictures before they appear full.

  • Allows the kids to fun for hours

  • Features animated demonstrations

  • Enables the kids to customize their creativity center

  • Comes with new batteries

  • Easy to use

  • Playful music inspires drawing and creativity

  • Only for kids with 3 to 6 years

10. Gamenote Extra Large Magnetic Drawing Board

The Gamenote drawing board is a big-sized designed board measuring 18 by 13 inches with a drawing area of up to 11.5 by 8.5 inches. There is enough space for your kid to draw and also be used by two children. This magnetic doodle drawing board helps your child in improving their drawing skills, imagination, and intelligence. It comes with various essential drawing materials, which include an extra replacement pen, two cute stickers, six plastic stencils, and five fruit stamper magnets. These tools enable children to get started quickly and have various drawing options. It comes with adorable stickers that help the kids to decor this board without any assistance.

Again, it’s easy to remove all the patterns by merely sliding the erase forth and back. The great Gamenote drawing board features four vivid colors, including green, blue, yellow, and red, in eight different color zones, which makes the pictures colorful.

These bright colors stimulate your kid’s interest as well as her curiosity in different colors. For children’s safety, the board is constructed using no disturbance, no sound, non-fading, dust-free, non-toxic, and high-quality ABS plastic material. It has soft curves and rounded edges to prevent any potential injuries. It helps you eliminate oil and ink stains on clothes while drawing. Additionally, it has a lightweight construction with a round edge handle, making it easier to carry so kids can draw and play anywhere. 

  • Has a large drawing area

  • Comes with different drawing accessories

  • Easy to erase and more colorful

  • Made of high-quality and safe material

  • Lightweight and portable design

  • Lacks storage for the stamps

11. Apfity Preschool Magnetic Drawing Tracing Board

This is a two-sided Apfity magnetic board with a great design of A to Z alphabets. Its magnetic pad features both lowercase and uppercase letters. The educational toy allows your kids to exercise their writing with the cognitive ability to master and learn the shapes of the lower case and uppercase letters which stimulates the brain, motor skills and have fun in a playful and learning way.

The child can practice writing 26 letters on the magnetic tracing board correctly. It comes with the magnetic stylus pen that is designed to attract the beads to the drawing surface, and the audible click reveals your creation. Once you have finished the creation, you can push those beads with a finger or pen to remove and start a new one.

Again, these beads don’t fall out as they are fully self-contained. This Apfity board is constructed using non-toxic, safety and health, and high-quality ABS material. It’s a convenient drawing board for airplane trips or car rides. Also, the magnet shouldn’t be removed, so the drawing board remains safe.

  • Made of durable and quality material

  • It’s a two-sided board

  • Easy to use and erase

  • Convenient for traveling

  • Lacks money-back guarantee

12. FiGoal 2 Pcs Magnetic Drawing Board Easter Gift

This is a super valuable pack that contains a large-sized drawing board, pen, four magnetic shape stamps, travel-sized educational doodle with a pen, two stamps, six stencils, and six bonus packs of stickers. It’s perfect for drawing and learning as you have fun. It’s greatly designed for exploring your child’s imagination and creativity. It’s ideal as a birthday party gift, Christmas stuffers, carnival prizes, classroom gift, and holiday gift.

The two sketch boards feature vivid colors that attract the child’s attention. The four magnetic shape stamps are in triangle, circle, hexagon, and square, while the six bonus traffic stencils are the sail and car boards, bicycle, train, helicopter, and airplane. Also, the six-pack stickers vehicles, cute animals, dinosaurs, alphabets, and numbers. These doodle boards are built with high-quality double-layered plastic. It’s durable and doesn’t break even when kids step on it.

Also, this magnetic board is made of non-toxic materials, and it’s approved and tested by CPSIA as well as ASTM. In case you aren’t satisfied with these FiGoal magnetic drawing boards, you can ask for a refund or replacement. 

  • It’s a valuable pack with all the essential tools

  • Helps to explore imagination and creativity

  • It’s durable and of premium quality

  • Child safe and non-toxic

  • Has a 30 days returnable policy

  • Can be bulky for some kids

  • Lacks storage for all the accessories

FAQ Section

Do all magnetic drawing boards have storage space?

Drawing boards need to have storage space to keep the painting tools. This helps to keep the young one’s room tidy and neat. Most of the models have this incorporated into the design, however, the size differs with the brand. So when purchasing, check out if it is enough to fit all the pencils, markers, erasers, paints, brushes and artwork. The price should be a good match and also leave the child safe and organized.

Do all magnetic drawing boards come with extra or replacement art supplies?

It is recommended that you pick a drawing board with removable parts. If removed during cleaning or use, sometimes they can become faulty or get lost. Because of this, most of the manufacturers add extra items including brushes, papers, erasers or even various paint colors to the products. However, this does not always happen for all designs. Sometimes a faulty one calls for you to get another set when the individual parts are unavailable.

Is it difficult or easy to clean a magnetic drawing board?

Cleaning any kid product should be generally easy. When buying a drawing board, it is vital to consider one that needs no or little effort during its cleaning. There are some models that can prove difficult. This should be convenient for both the parent and the users. It also prevents any potential hurts and injuries on the hands.


If you have a child interested in painting or drawing, then the talent should be budded by encouraging and providing the best means to express it. Buying the right materials is a good way to achieve this. The perfect tool to start with is a magnetic drawing board that the market offers in plenty nowadays. Because the products are intended for the young one, look for one that comes with all basic features and is easy to use.

The above five items have the same features since the design allows the little ones to have colorful drawing experiences. Of course, during this time they are not exposed to any harsh or dusty materials. The designs of the boards allow for enough drawing space and come with a sliding eraser placed at the pads bottom. Plus, the products have non-toxic and high-quality plastic materials. So, during your search for the best magnetic drawing board for toddlers check its pros and cons. 

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