Why Is My Laptop So Hot? How to Fix

I often come across this question – ‘why is my laptop so hot’ in various forums. Well, I would like to say a few words about this so that readers can rest assured that they are not alone with this critical problem. There are many thousands of people who are having the same trouble. It can be the weather, or overuse, overload, faulty parts, and many other things. Let us have a look one by one.

How to Keep Your Laptop Cool

How To Keep Your Laptop Cool
How To Keep Your Laptop Cool

There is a straightforward answer to this question – first, keep it in a very calm environment. Just like your body generates heat, so does the laptop. The more it runs, the more heat it generates. A relaxed atmosphere gives your comfort, so it does to your computer. If your computer gets too hot, it will go on auto shut down mode, and your laptop will shut down. If there is no auto shut down option, something terrible will happen to your computer’s internal parts. So, we will look into a few scenarios and try to find out the answer to the question – ‘why is my laptop so hot.’

Keep It Out of Hot Weather

First of all, please use your computer somewhere away from direct sunlight or an overly heated room or environment. You can damage your battery and cause your hard disk to expand, and cause other damage to your favorite computer. So, keep away from the hot environment. Use your laptop in a calm atmosphere like a bigger room with an air cooling system, a massive room with a very high ceiling, and good airflow in and out of the room. Never be directly under the sun. In short, if you are feeling hot with your skin, your laptop is feeling it too. So, move to a better and cooler environment.

It is a perfect practice to set your laptop on a lap desk or a perforated elevated surface like – a cooling pad. This will help dissipate the extra heat from your laptop. Do not place your laptop on linen, or cotton, or cloth. Do not place it on the bed, blanket, pillow, etc. A flat hard surface is a way to go. The things that hold heat you need to avoid.

Control Your Fan Speeds

Fans and ventilators of your laptop are essential. You need to take care so that these two things work well. Otherwise, your laptop will be toast.

First of all, the fan needs to work at its maximum when your laptop is hot. New laptops do not create or face this heat problem, but the old ones do. This happens because it gathers a lot of dust, and a kind of cotton-like thing accumulates around the fan and blocks its performance wholly or partially. You should start your laptop, and when you think it is getting hotter, check the vents. If you see the hot air is coming out, then there must be something preventing the heat from dissipating. It is always better to take your laptop immediately to a repair shop. Complete open the case and clean every part inside out. This will help a lot. Also, while you are at it, check to see if the fan is running at a proper speed. If not, then fix it or change the fan.

Check for Dying Batteries

When your battery is about to die out, the laptop starts working very hard, making the laptop hotter. It is better to check battery health every few months, and if you see any problem, get it changed. After all, a battery costs less than a laptop.

What Are Potential Software Fixes?

What Are Potential Software Fixes
What Are Potential Software Fixes

This is very important too. In fact, when we have done everything to make sure the hardware is alright, then our next target should be OS and software applications. There is a limit to how much load your laptop can take. Not every laptop can play video games with high graphics. It does not matter even if the advertisers keep telling you that you can play games with your laptop. If your laptop does not have a dedicated graphics card of very high caliber, then your game will put a lot of stress on your integrated GPU, and the whole laptop will get hotter.

Besides the game, websites use your hardware to mine bitcoin being hidden in the background. If you suddenly feel that your laptop fan has become very noisy all of a sudden after you have visited a page, then try closing the tab or the whole browser and disconnect from the internet. Now check to see if the fan is still running noisily.

If that does not help, check your task manager to see the use of processor and memory. If you see a sudden spike in the task manager’s performance tab view, try looking for the process that uses up processor speed in the background. End those tasks. Usually, this will help. Try not to overload your laptop with too many tasks side by side. Your computer may not be made for that kind of task – for example, video editing or rendering and the same goes for 3D model rendering and even creation. These are heavy tasks and your laptop will be very hot after you start the programs needed for these tasks.



‘Why is my laptop so hot is a valid question for any laptop user. If this is happening to you, too, then remember you are not alone. Many people before you have had this problem and they have solved the problem. All you need to do is to follow in their footsteps and do your job as advised by this article. Happy cooling!

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