Best 10 TV Antenna Booster Buying Guide and Reviews

TV boosters amplifiers

Did you know that yearly the top-rated and popular TV shows are available over the free to air channels? Well, you can find all your favorite programs without paying unreasonable fees. Fortunately, antenna boosters are becoming a benefit for many households today.

Besides there is convenience once you plug in and start receiving the fetched stations. Positioning of the antenna therefore does not mean everything will be good to go. And even if you have joined the thousands of global cord cutters, still, there are many lessons you can learn in this programming. Here is what you need to know about the best TV antenna booster.

TV antenna booster buying Guide

Sometimes digital televisions need an antenna booster. This additional device increases the signal strength to enable you to view the stations you need. So, when thinking of buying one there are some points to consider giving better TV reception. Picking the wrong or unsuitable boosters can make things get worse. Here are the points to check through to help you get the right one and have a huge difference in working.Bottom of Form

  • Check the cable

Before buying and installing a signal booster, it is useful to check the coax cable is fixed. TVs having an external antenna are likely to have it in place for some time. But the worse can be that it must have collected some moisture. Such conditions can make the cable to have reduced signal strength. The instance as this will call for installing a new booster but it is not the best cure for the issue.

  • Decide on the type

Usually, antenna boosters’ manufacturers make the devices for internal use. Each is fixed with a standard cable entry place and power inputs. But there are also the types designed for external use and its power supply point being located near the coax lead. The units are waterproof to withstand the harsh weather outside. Indeed, any moisture getting into the booster can potentially cause damage and in the end lead to failure.

  • Gain levels  

One key feature to look at during the purchase of an antenna booster is to check the amount of gain offered. Usually, the levels are represented in decibels, or dB. And between 10 to 12 dB works best. A lot of gain leads to overloaded TV input and results to weakened signal. So, avoid the worse cases by not installing two boosters on one antenna.

  • Location of the booster  

TV signal boosters need to be installed very close to the antenna. That way, signals can travel along a cable without reducing its strength even if it is weak. The closeness to its background noise means that late bosting does not improve the noise level.

Reviews of the best TV antenna booster

1. 1byone Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna

1byone Digital Amplified Antenna is among the undoubted best performing signal boosters. This high-quality device features the Smart chip and Clean Peak Filter technology. The advancements clean cellular and FM signals thus your TV shows clear pictures with reduced noise. With such features you can also watch freer to air channels. The range and gain performance therefore enhance ensures the signals reduced by any obstruction.

The design of 1byone booster is super thin to enable you to receive multidirectional VHF and UHF signals even up to 80 miles away. The included 10feet coax adds reliability as you can fix the antenna anywhere from behind your TV, on the wall or window. This reduces signal interference and enables you to get higher HD reception and great signal reliability.

On top of the devotion to quality that makes the product long-lasting, this antenna comes with a 24-month warranty. This offer guarantees the customers to get to purchase confidently and feel more satisfied. Get to watch as many free to air channels without having to spend more money to satellite providers.


  • Excellent signal reception.
  • Matches another décor when painted.
  • Superb design
  • Excellent to setup


  • Works well on high areas.

2. SLx TV Two Output Amplifier 27822HSR 

SLx is a valued name in the TV and DAB boosting area. This newest version of the main products is not only updated but has also core functionality. The device has an inbuilt 4G filter making the decision to purchase to be very compelling globally. Surely, this integrated feature takes away signals from LTE 800 phone transmitters. This way channel prevented even in areas that are not covered by 4G network yet. 

The device has an interference protection for reducing the signal interferences. It also has a TV, FM and DAB amplification which enhances the quality of pictures and station reception even on long running cables. It as well has a maximum control of reception and gain of 16dB. SLx is powered with a coaxial cable which is mainly designed for outdoor use and to enhance poor signals from outdoor antennas.

This high-quality product is the best-selling and comes backed with a 12- month warranty. The offers add to your confidence when you are purchasing and using the device.


  • LTE filtering
  • Weatherproof design
  • Easy to install


  • No USB power connector for indoor use

3. Winegard LNA-100 Boost TV Antenna Amplifier

The TV market usually welcomes excellently designed devices. It is even better when it is fairly price like Winegard LNA-100 booster. This prime product is reliable ad has low noise levels mostly 1Db to enable it to deliver a wider range. All in all, it has an excellent signal amplification which considerably adds to the number of channels received.

The amplifier is equipped with a Bandpass filtering that minimizes the RF signal interferences. It also has a Twin Amp Technology that amplifies both VHF and UHF signals at different times. The booster, also, works with other non-amplified antenna types and uses power using a coax cable connection. This included cable removes the need for further cabling and adds the overall easiness of use of the device.

Winegard has a total gain of 20dB making it is among the best antenna boosters available. The model therefore lists as a great upgrade of the older models. Moreover, it is USA-made and has a one-year warranty. This is an ideal solution for people looking for affordable reliability.


  • Fair price
  • Easy to install
  • Better performance


  • Worse quality control

4. Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

If you find yourself watching a lot of TV programs through on-line services, the Amplified HD antenna is suitable for you. Whether you are residing a remote place with poor signal reception, then this exactly what you need. It is very affordable, full of decent features, and highly efficient for signal strengthening. All thanks to the implemented Smart IC Chip and Crystal-Clear Filter Technology. This insulates both cellular and FM signal interference thus low-noise and crystal-clear pictures for over 85 miles.

The device is supplied with a high-quality coaxial cable that ensures your TV shows the highest content quality. The feature is compatible with other different HDTV and DAB or FM radio channels. The cable is primarily constructed to suit outside use and the improvement of poor antenna signal.

Its origin of manufacture makes the booster too satisfying unlike other amplifying devices. The unit is reliable and a decent option any user can find offering excellent money value.


  • Good money value
  • Excellent performance


  • Quality is not the best
  • Not very reliable

5. TV Antenna for Digital TV Indoor

Finding highly professional and best quality antenna units are never easy. This however is manageable because of the offer, Antenna Digital TV. This device is suitable for indoor and outdoor use but thankfully it can cover up to 120 miles signal reception range. The total channels received mostly depends with the geographic location. As a high-performance antenna, it allows many TV channels to connect.

This model has low noise levels thus suits both home and professional purposes. Its incorporated 16.5 feet coaxial cable enhances the flexibility of where to position the TV antenna. This must be a place where you get to enjoy the best reception within the house or at best closer to the walls or windows.

The booster has a USB power supply powered through an outlet or a USB port. This generally makes the unit very suitable for modern use due to the guaranteed great performance. Its amplification surely satisfies even very demanding users.

Besides, this unit comes with a life warranty which fully adds its entire positive impression. The trait makes it a convincing argument about its quality that gives you confidence to buy and use. So, if you need the best TV antenna booster that supports many devices then this is what to go for. You will never feel disappointed.


  • Well priced
  • Weatherproof design
  • Good quality


  • No surge protection
  • It becomes very hot

6. Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier

Winegard LNA-200 is known as low noise booster with a lot of efficiency and reliability as a source of power. The unit provides up to 10 times worth signal amplification any time. The ability to match with passive and non-amplified antennas makes it to have a great connection coverage. This feature enhances and delivers clearer signals, more range and available channels up to 65 miles.

The device features both Twin Amp Technology separately and Boost Clear Circuit Technology. This amplifies UHF and VHF signals for enhanced performance and less noise and interference levels on non-amplified outdoor antennas. Its least noise figure is 1db typical thus enabling it to provide extra range and minimize signal failure and pixilation.

Moreover, because it is USA-made with a multiple platform design Winegard is adjusted to many streaming devices including Fire TV and even Chrome. The features allow you to enjoy diversity while matching your favorite programs in HD style.

Using this amplifier guarantees more TV channels are picked as the signals get amplified. But you will need to install it properly to realize it is high-ended. Luckily, the unit is much affordable than expected.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to install
  • Great performance


  • Quality control is not that well

7. GE Indoor TV Antenna Amplifier

Are you looking to watch your TV in a different manner? Then GE Indoor TV Antenna can help you to tune in the power of uncostly HDTV and abandon expensive cable. The trusted manufacturer enables you to watch your favorite channels. this brand comes backed by a lifetime warranty and free technical support.

This antenna reaches up to 40 miles from where the broadcast signal is placed and connects almost everywhere in the home. Since it is digital it regularly scans new channels that are available for broadcasting. It has a universal compatibility that enables it to work well with other TVs and passive antenna brands.

The brand is seen to be future ready because it has gets uncompressed 1080pixels. The feature provides superior UHF and VHF reception and an increased signal strength with reduced dropouts.  This ensures that the pictures and sound delivered is of high quality. The booster comes with an adjustable sturdy stand for installing on the tabletop either in a vertical or horizontal position.


  • Low noise
  • Easy installation
  • Compact design


  • No USB power connection

8. Philex 27813HS 4-Way TV Signal Booster

One way to provide the that improved TV signal is by installing the Philex 27813HSG 4-Way TV Signal Booster. This unit proves to be the boost every TV need because the manufacturer crafted it in a simple manner with every household’s needs in mind. This of course is perfect for the buildings erected in poor signal reception areas.

Installing this means improved quality of your TV’s pictures with 12 dB of gain per port provided.  Not only will you enjoy the boosts in your signal, but also you feel the distribution in output. It can be used well with up to four television without compromising quality. The good thing is that it also to boosts DVD and satellite receivers’ signals.

The amplifier comes equipped with 4G filtering that keeps the interferences to a minimum level. Also, the integrated feature eliminates the need for extra cabling because it removes channel loss from any 4G phone signals.

The design of this Philex booster allows it to provide you with the needed signal boost. The unit is power-supplied using an AC/DC power source and more importantly all thanks to the strong construction. The manufacturer of Philex ensures that the device remains at its best condition for long. But in case it breaks down or there is concern, it comes with a one-year warranty. Above all else, it is reasonably-priced and works decently by turning moderate signal reception into excellent reception.


  • Low cost
  • Very impressive


  • Low quality
  • Linking cable bought separately

9. PROception 1 Way Professional Indoor Digital Aerial Signal Booster  

The idea behind the manufacture of Proception signal booster is due to the modest and affordable unit it is. The traits make it to fit unobtrusively in any home and perform a decent role. Of course, with this the TV and DAB signals gets boosted in any household setup.  It works well for an average house receiving moderate and poor signals in remote or holiday locations.

The manufacturer intended this little device to be used by professional aerial installers. Its latest design is improved to suit today’s busy digital signal environment. It is thus ideal for domestic use and in other smaller systems. The designer placed an attractive and compact case to enhance its reliability. The feature makes it considered as an unobtrusive mains-powered amp in such a class.

The booster comes with a 12dB gain that can support long running cables and produce one-way noise figures. It as well has a broadband coverage including Band II VHF and FM, Band III, DAB, and UHF TV. Thanks to the professional-grade performance it is among the best HDTV units available in the market.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Quality performance


  • Not the best design quality
  • Not very reliable

10. SLx Signal Booster Aerial Amplifier

This SLx model comes equipped with many features that warranties high quality performance. The included 4G filter removes LTE 800 signals and it blocks the 4G mobile transmitters interferences. This prevents unexpected channel losses. Its adjustable amplification allows for gain adjustments thus drastically improving the received signal quality. This also minimizes pixelation and even increase the total obtained channels along the cable runs.

Moreover, the product is silent enough as it produces only low noise and records a maximum gain of up to 20Db. This altogether makes the device excellent for people who demand for sheer quality. Such an ideal gain is good for long coaxial cable runs or even weak signals. Coaxial connections suit this regular plug when aerial installed. You can install it easily and almost fully operate without the need to adjust it.

SLx is fully developed in the UK company, the world leaders in creating AV accessories. The booster is not only of high quality but is also backed with a 12-month warranty. The offer makes the unit very reliable and among the best the market offers.


  • Decent design.
  • Money value offered.


  • Ideal for specific environmental settings


How to choose the best TV antenna booster?

In case you have the plan of cutting on using TV cable to save money, then you need an excellent antenna booster for watching the favorite shows. When picking the best one you need to start by finding out the channels existing in your area. There are search sites including TV Fool and Antenna Web to help you to find out what is available. Once you get an idea of the stations you can watch then you have opportunity to select an antenna. Following your geographical area, opt for what brings many and high-quality channels. Before you rush to spend money, you can consider creating buying one that you can afford.

How install TV antenna booster?

A TV antenna booster provides more kick to a video system and brings an excellent video performance. The functions include filtering noise levels and improving signal strengths. The device however comes useful when placed well. Installing your antenna booster starts when you chose where to run it on the TV cable. It is more logical to connect to both the input and output close to the television.

Secondly, remove the TV cable from where it is connected. Fix the coaxial cable to your input or inline input splitter. Ensure the connectors are not too tight but you can loosen either using your fingers or a small wrench.

Then connect the cable from the TV’s antenna to the booster’s input. This antenna booster needs to be plugged into your wall’s output. That way, there is electricity available for your booster’s inside amplifier.


For many households using the best TV antenna boosters helps a lot. From saving money spent on service agreements with cable or satellite providers, to watching different channels, you have the potential to get what you want. Moreover, nobody can argue about the thought of saving dollars annually and receiving free programming.

Beyond that, you get better picture and sound quality. One arising problem however comes in finding the best type from the market is complicated. So, follow the above guide to get what works well to avoid miserable failures. The picks listed suits most budgets and play a huge role in determining if you should ditch your TV provider.

Best 10 Blood pressure watch Reviews and Buying Guide

Best blood pressure wrist watch

Currently, society sees the technology to be primordial because withing a swipe you can perform many useful tasks. Moreover, the reception of information is possible in seconds easily. Of course, this fast accessibility is everyone’s desire in this era. Thankfully, the invention of smart devices provides all the needed data conveniently.  It is not only possible to do such things with tablets or smartphones but also smartwatches. What is more, the devices are handy, fun, practical, interesting and easy to monitor. With this, you can know your blood pressure without the need to get tested. Read on and find out if investing in a blood pressure watch is worth investing in.

Buying Guide for Blood Pressure Watches

Purchasing watches can be for intentional tasks including monitoring your health condition. But the market offers a considerably large range that may make you indecisive when looking to invest in one. Take a look at the main things to consider before shopping for the best blood pressure devices. Following this guide will help you make the right decision, so always check for:

a. Design

The market usually provides clearly leading brands that have stellar designs. A watch you choose should be stylish, sleek, light and come in different beautiful colors. Ensure it has a wearable, gorgeous and stunningly looking straps. However, it is good to check out and compare various designs before making a purchase. Besides, read its build qualities, for instance, lightness and strength. The features often provide comfortable experiences and long-lasting time of use.

b. Accuracy

remember that beautiful designs do not guarantee accuracy. There are big brands that lack approvals which prevents them from being able to read BP. Never allow style to distract you but read its described scientific and FDA approvals. On the other side, there are various accurate BP watches that have no FDA approvals although identifying the models is hard. Both descriptions make your purchase easy because you are sure the watch will monitor your blood pressure.

c. Compatibility

It is crucial to keep monitoring your blood pressure. So, always choose a watch that saves you from taking regular readings. Well, the best BP watches must be compatible with Android and iOS devices. But there are also a majority of brands that only matches to some Android devices. Confirm if your select watch can transfer data to your phone over Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth.

d. Battery Life

Blood pressure watches commonly store charge for 4-7 days. So, in case you do not like devices that must be constantly charged then get a brand having extended battery lives. Although an average model keeps a charge for between 1 to 2 days.

e. Extra Features

Fitness watches usually measure many things in the body. For instance speed during exercises and monitoring blood pressure when asleep. Although the devices are costly you need to be interested in buying BP specific watches. Additionally, consider what is affordable and comes with additional useful features.

10 Reviews of the best blood pressure watch

1.  MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker

Considered as a top choice tracking device, MorePro has a waterproof design. This significant feature makes its users enjoy its main advantage. Of course, it can be used when swimming or even while washing hands.

This gadget has a 0.96 inches colorful display which is of high definition and shows bright colors. Its size makes it be a stylish choice for women and men. Besides, it tracks multiple functions showing all your daily movements and activities. Also monitored are your steps, calories, distance, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, and physiological period.

The product comes with app H band making it compatible with many smartphones support systems like Bluetooth 4.0, iOS 7.1 or more, and Android 4.4 or more. Moreover, it has an in-built USB plug cutting the need to buy a charging dock or cable. One charge provides a 7-day working period. However, the battery can last between 5 to 7 days if heavily loaded and 7 to 10 days if lightly loaded.

Furthermore, you can easily set up apps, personalize it, and even use. Syncing phone notifications including phone calls, Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook and text messages are quick.


  • Waterproof design
  • Ease of use
  • HD and colorful screen.
  • Extended battery life.


  • Some find it nonwaterproof

2. Fitness Tracker – Activity Tracker with Step Counter

With this Activity Tracker, you get to enjoy both fast and accurate results since it tracks your entire day’s activities and also sleep duration. It can monitor all that you need to know and get to please you with accurate data. Therefore, it shows you the heart rates, steps, calories, and distance. This wearable device is suitable for slimming because you will find all your day’s activities.

Another exciting feature about it is the ease of use. All you need is to simply connect it through Bluetooth or use the App. Its connecting interface is also simple, with one swipe up you get the daily records, apps, and even navigation around. More worth mentioning is that you get access to your favorite texts, messages, and incoming calls. Also, it vibrates and displays what you need to ensure you never miss important messages.

Besides, the large colored and waterproof screen makes the gadget to stand out. Using this 1.3 inch full IPS and HD display brings a satisfying experience. Design of fitness watches is often a concern to most of the users. The clear resin material used is thoroughly pleasing making the watch look elegant. It comes sealed with a high-frequency device and daily waterproof to allow you to wear it while swimming or bathing.


  • Very accurate
  • Compact design and easy to use
  • Excellent waterproof design


  • It might be too slim for some people

3. YAMAY Fitness Tracker

YAMAY fitness tracker is another best pick considered for monitoring daily activities. One of its important features is the 14 modes that enable it to detect the steps, heart rate, blood pressure, and distance. What is more, you get to automatically monitor your blood pressure on this tracker. Simply long-press the key and then wait for 30 seconds and get the number displayed accurately.

It has an innovative design to allow for auto-monitoring to improve the records’ accuracy. That way you exactly get the right parameters. Concerning sleep monitoring its 4 sensors identifies your sleep hours, then shows the deep and also light sleep hours. Additionally, this gadget track the total calories burnt during the day, this is amazing making many people consider it. Its sedentary reminder makes it great when you forget to leave your office or even move around.

This gadget features a range of compatibility using its App. It charges quickly and the longstanding battery can work for 7 if fully charged. Thus it provides users with excellent performance and an extended time of use. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty that adds more convenience during use.


  • Pleasing sleek design
  • Various functions come with it
  • Waterproof


  • Bluetooth syncing problems

4. HalfSun Fitness Tracker

Another perfect recommendation is the HalfSun Fitness Tracker. It comes with a 1.3-inch color HD screen which provides pleasant watch experiences. It can display all the recorded day’s activities including calls, text messages, and reminders. That way you remain effective at your workplace while also monitoring your steps, calories, and distance. Simply connect the device with the App and you get reminded all through a vibrating sound. Moreover, the screen shows your blood pressure and heart rate to ensure everyone switches to using the auto smart band to measure BP.

Furthermore, it has a sleep monitoring function which tracks both sleep hours and quality. And more, there are drinking, sedentary, and alarm reminders to encourage your health routine.

It is also worth mentioning that the model has three interface designs. That means you can change from fashion, sports, and minimalist by just long-pressing its control. Additionally, there are four sports modes including walking, cycling, running, and hiking. The functions work well for users who love sports and also want to easily monitor multiple health aspects.

The additional convenient features include the timer mode, find your phone, and remote camera to enable to access it easily. Moreover, its waterproof design helps to resist rain, sweat, and splashes.


  • Large color screen
  • Variety of styles
  • Excellent battery life
  • Waterproof design


  • No warranty included

5. L8star Fitness Tracker HR

With various features similar to what expensive blood pressure watches deliver, this monitor from L8star is a superb value worth its price tag. The brand features the new 1.3-inch IPS screen style which displays bigger words. At any time of the day, you can read the time and data well with realistic colors. Its app, FlagFit 2.0, is downloadable from in-app or Google store, then connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The attentive trait is supported through Bluetooth 4.0 or above,  Android 4.4 or above and IOS 8.0 or above. The product can monitor your heart rate automatically during the day and also your sleep. Now you can easily determine when you need to adjust your workout and lifestyle all thanks to this gadget.

Moreover, it comes with a call reminder and message storage. So you can check your calls, SMS, calendar, and SNS while also have 10 messages stored. This is handy when you are working since you do not get distracted. It has six sport-modes including running, walking, or tennis to enable you to monitor various workouts. Your steps, distance, and even burnt calories are now shown with this efficient gadget. The gadget charges for about 2 hours and allows about 30 to 60 days of use.


  • Wide compatibility
  • Extended battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Multiple-use modes


  • Some users believe its quality should be better
  • Warranty not included

6. Mgaolo Fitness Tracker HR

Mgaolo Fitness Tracker is another superb option when choosing a monitoring gadget. This watch can calculate steps, distance, calories burnt, and heart rate too. Besides, it tracks sleep and displays your ideal sleep postures and you receive the information quickly. The sport-mode needs to be connected to your smartphones GPS while you check the actual route from the App.

Particularly, this gadget is perfect for women because it features a physiological time reminder. This shows the menstrual or pregnancy period plus additional important information. What is important about it is that when you sit for long you get a notification to help you avoid sedentarism. The display as well shows calls and messages to makes you not to miss any significant event. Above all else, the included wrist sense comes handy if you have wrist facing you during use.

Furthermore, users get the opportunity to take selfies with ease thanks to its camera shooting function by simply tapping its oval icon. The battery attains full charge after ant 1 hour and can work for 5 to 7 days. This watch automatically syncronizes with smartphones through Bluetooth. The product comes backed with a 12-month warranty to increase your confidence during use.


  • Extended battery life
  • Anti-lost feature
  • Silent alarm
  • Has a 12-month warranty


  • Some functions bring issues

7. DoSmarter Fitness Tracker

The DoSmarter Fitness Tracker is another ideal choice with a 0.96-inch color clear screen delivering amazing HD picture quality. With this, you get notifications including messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, among others as vibrations. Not only do you get to check your BPM, but also can turn into sport mode to see the burnt calories, and steps. Unlike before monitoring your heart rate is now easier because the App constantly synchronizes information in a better way.

The App provides two sleep stages including light and deep sleep to help you to target the best quality. Whenever you are working out ensure the device is paired with the App and also turn the GPS on using the “Action” button. This tracker also is relevant to the women due to its featured physiology period reminder to help in tracking their periods.

The other important aspects include the 20 customized clock labels. The features are intended to remind you to wake up, shop, train, read, take medicines, celebrate an occasion, walk your pet, among other tasks. You also get a call and message alerts to ensure you do not miss out on the most important event. For you to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, the gadget sends a reminder to move if you have sat for long hours. It has a USB plug to cut on the need for wires and cables. Besides, when fully charged you have 7 hours to work with the device.


  • Customizable features
  • Remote camera control
  • No need for cables as chargers


  • Quality is not better

8. BingoFit Fitness Tracker

BingoFit Fitness Tracker enables its users to enjoy prompt and accurate results. This is possible because it tracks your all-day activities, heart rate, and also sleep stages. As it is, the device can monitor all you need to know about health and will please you with exact data. Thus, you can know your steps, distance and also calories burned.

The fitness tracker has attained the global IP68 waterproof and also dustproof standards. What stands is the included female health-tracking feature which is ideal news for the female audience. More to that you get to access most of your favorite apps to provide news, texts, images, sports, calendar among others.

The design usually concerns many device users. And it thoroughly pleases that the extremely elegant make has a specific gender in mind, the female. Additionally, it comes with different wrist band colors fit for all users. It is also satisfying that the device is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above, and BLE 4.0. What is more, its battery life is highly remarkable because it takes more days when fully charged delivering an added convenience.


  • Pleasing modern design
  • Different functions included
  • Waterproof and dustproof


  • Issues with Bluetooth syncing

9. Fitness Tracker Blood Pressure

The other available option is Fitness Tracker Blood Pressure that monitors actual heart rate and blood pressure the whole day. It also tracks steps, distance, calories, sleep, and fatigue to give you a better understanding of your health condition. Among the most pointful functions is that it uses a high performing CPU to detect your health status. You get realtime heart rate and blood pressure status promptly.

So now you have a chance to care for your health using this 24-hour gadget while you also get the best sleep quality from its two modes both light and deep. The calrious counter automatically tracks and records every steps, distance, and calories burnt. And if you stay sitting for an extended time, this device has a sedentary reminder to get you on the move.

Now you need not worry about how to improve your health. This device has a long battery life making it convenient to use for up to 7 days when fully charged. It comes in brightly colored soft bands and sleek color screen. The features make it perfect gifts for sports or health fans, birthday, or Christmas day.


  • Stylish colored display
  • Long-life battery
  • Great design
  • Easy to charge


  • Trouble comes when pairing

10. FITFORT Fitness Tracker

The tracker from FITFORT brand catches many users attention because it is a waterproof device. That feature enables it to monitor both heart rate and blood pressure through the day and also during a workout. That way, everyone can easily determine the right time to adjust your lifestyle and also start an exercise.  Thanks to this gadget your days will now automatically have you remain active even as you sleep.

Moreover, its sedentary reminder helps you to remember if you have worked for long so that you take a break or even start moving after a long time of sitting down. It has 14 sport-modes including running, walking, tennis among others so you can monitor various workouts.

The gadget has a gorgeous design and a beautiful color LCD making it to looks fantastic when worn on the wrist. The watch, however, is perfect for beautiful ladies, gentlemen, and cool kids. It has an in-built USB plug that cuts the need for charging cables. Charging the device takes about 1 to 2 hours to allow you to enjoy about one week of use. As regarded by customers a worry-free working time, the warranty includes a 12-month one.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy charging
  • Warranty included


  • Some users find its quality to be bad


1. Why choose blood pressure watch?

Currently, there is a growing group of people monitoring their blood pressure at home. Doctors keep telling more to check the numbers from places of convenience. Why? Blood pressure is what enables blood to flow around the body. If the pressure goes up you are at an increased risk of getting other conditions. Of course, the health problems may not have any symptoms but high blood pressure must be taken seriously.

Checking the numbers helps you to know before your pressure becomes too high. That way you get to diagnose the condition and learn to manage it well through lifestyle changes and treatments. Having BP watches reduces this problem from becoming bigger and also lowers the risk of developing complications.

Well checking your pressure from the doctor is reliable but the readings shown are only for that moment. Choosing your home monitor allows you to check the numbers often. The variations can enable your doctor to get the best idea regarding your real blood pressure.

2. Who should use a Blood Pressure Watch?

Blood pressure watches are designed to reduce pressure-related conditions. So, it is not suitable for people having irregular heartbeats. But the majority of the population learn about living with hypertension when it is very late. Your case needs to be different by discovering your blood pressure early. The fatality rates are high among overweight people and also some percentage of outwardly healthy people. Older people as well need to acquire BP watches. Nevertheless, the device is useful for all age groups in preventing hypertension.

3. Are Blood Pressure Watches Accurate?

All blood pressure watches check blood pressure similarly but the devices never deliver identical results. Some of the watches are highly accurate than others ad these are often FDA certified and approved. Still, the accuracy of the devices greatly depends on the way you use it. It is recommended by doctors that your heart should be placed in the heart area before measuring your pressure. Failure to do that means that the readings will be above what the doctor’s gauge shows.


Blood pressure watches are increasingly getting popularity globally. The devices are a true help in monitoring daily activities. Purchasing one not only shows that you care for your health, but it is also an inspiration to enable you to achieve your health goals. The best BP watches monitors and records BP numbers accurately. Every data about your exercising activities as well get transmitted directly to your smartphone and stored well. All of the above 10 recommendations deliver reliability and usefulness and are also cost-effective. Remember no prescription is needed to get the gadgets. So, go and choose one from your local store or even online.

Top 10 Best TV Antenna Amplifier: Reviews and Buyer Guide

best outdoor hdtv antenna

Currently utilities like digital converter boxes and TV antennas are becoming common household utilities.  Of course, many people are opting to ditch cable TVs and entirely go to on-air TV airing. Unfortunately, signal reception tends to be poor forcing people to buy another device, an antenna amplifier. The market however offers a big number of similar devices making getting the best TV antenna amplifier challenging.

It is always hard to notice the complete difference in performance when the specifications lookalike at the first sight. Nevertheless, you can manage this by incorporating a little research and more of advice. That is the reason this guide got created to help you in finding the best match.

Buying Guide

Do you plan to install a television antenna amplifier for your home? Then the first place to begin from to build a strong system lies in the choice of your device. Without high quality and properly sized one you cannot pickup local or international stations. Finding the best type is however a tricky task despite the many options. Here are some of the things to focus on to make selection easier:

a. Noise Levels

The amount of noise produced forms one very important aspect while choosing TV antenna amplifiers. Devices with lower values have better sensitivity and thus provides better signals. The best numbers should be about 2dB or below because anything between 4 to 6dB is extremely high.

b. Gain

Gain should be basically the same as or more than the signal loss. That means in case you experience around 10dB signal loss then your gain must be about 10dB or higher. Even though there are standard gain value ranges between 12 to 30dB, these amplifiers do not make the best options. The reason is that the types can amplify too much of the signal and end up creating a lot of harm and not good. For that reason, do not automatically opt for greater values, but always balance things.

c. Supported Frequencies

Considering frequency support is straightforward. TV antennas that support both VHF and UHF broadcasts should amplify both. But in case you decide you want just one frequency range, then opt for an amplifier supporting that. Sometimes antennas that support both UHF and VHF can allow you to only use the UHF reception. Its VHF broadcast may end up blocked and inoperative.

d. Warranty

Another aspect many people fail to be attentive on is warranty. The truth is that with this you get to really save a lot of money. Selecting a device with a five-year or more warranty means safety and soundness during that period. Yes, you will not need to have extra investment although the initial investment must be big. Warranty is worth this money.

Reviews of the best TV Antenna Amplifier  

1. Mohu Leaf 30 TV Antenna, Indoor.

For the buyers looking to buy an innovative antenna, Mohu Leaf is handy. Unlike other types made from metallic material, it is almost paper thin and tiny. It is created following US military antennas technology with a 11 by 9 inches. The design offers better access to extra free HDTV channels especially in places that receive signals from different directions.

Mohu Leaf beats other amplified antennas because of its 10 feet long cable. The accompanying feature makes it easy for you to connect the antenna in any direction. Like all other flat antennas, this brand is paintable and reversible. That means it can match every decor in the house or whenever you intend to install it.

Regarding performance, Mohu receives several channels without problems.  Even the long-distance ones, 40mile range, show and maintains a strong connection. Yes, the over the air channels needs no cable connection or satellite subscription. You can watch in HD for free in for a long time without any stumbles. The construction of Mohu is nearly green. All its parts are certified to be 100 percent renewable.


  • Superb reception
  • Simple and excellent design
  • Competitively priced
  • Eco-friendly manufacture


  • Not amplified

2. HDTV Antenna – Vansky Digital Amplified HD TV Antenna

Every market usually welcomes great devices that are priced. Vansky HDTV amplifier is the best instance of such products. Reliable, with free HD TV channels you get to enjoy the superb signal amplification on all channels received. What is more all the local networks can be watched without the need to pay fees. This antenna can pull ultra-clear stations within the 80mile range without compromising the voice quality.

The amplifier is equipped with an extra-long coaxial cable of 16.5 feet. The additional cabling enables you to place your antenna where the signal reception is strong enough and easy at its best. Vansky has a removable amplifier signal booster. This added advantage makes it easy for you to enjoy maximum channel reception. That means even if you stay away from the transmission towers you get to watch as many stations as possible.

Moreover, as an expert in the antenna industry, Vansky is fully responsible for all the items it sends to its customers. The amplifier comes along with a lifetime-year warranty. Generally, the product shows an ideal solution to the users who desire to enjoy reliability and affordability.


  • Fairly priced
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent performance


  • Poor quality control

3. 1byone Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna

If other reliable amplifier options are out of stock or unavailable, then be sure to find 1byone Digital Antenna to be a trustable alternative. The brand performs very well and is strong enough to endure falls and it has a signal amplifier. This is a perfect way to bid farewell to cable TVs and huge bills. It receives 4K and HD that saves you thousands of dollars and annual cable fees.

The 1byone antenna utilizes an innovative leading expertise, the smart boost Technology. This enables it to grip even signals weakened by obstructions to the local transmission towers. The featured 4G LTE Filtration results in clearer signal and picture, reduced noise and increased access to extra free to air TV signals.

The ability to pull more channels with the main ones shows it has enhanced range, Gain, and even frequency performance. The 1byone can survive even if it is dropped from high places. It has a 10-foot cable fixed to it to offer the best watching experience. This brings uncompressed and uneasiness free picture quality.


  • Compact
  • Easy to install
  • Good performance


  • Not finished well.
  • Sticky tabs are not reusable.

4. 1byone Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna

Without digging deep on the 1byone Digital Amplified Antenna , it is easy to doubt if the product is among the best. First, the upgrades on this amplifier makes it to have good quality. The device features a CleanPeak Filter technology that cleans both cellular and FM signals to give clearer pictures, reduced noise and allows you to access extra free to air TV stations. Its enhanced range, coil and frequency performance ensures the signals

This antenna comes with both 90-day money-return guarantee and a 24-month warranty. This priority ensures customers get to purchase without any worry while also enjoying the best experience. Moreover, everything created by this manufacturer is lasting and the people not only benefit from technology but also find life better, and more satisfying.

1byone is super thin and designed to receive digital over-the-air TV programs from local stations. That way, you have no need to pay for expensive cables or satellite fees. All the channels are crystal clear and free.


  • Excellent reception of channels.
  • Match other home décor when painted.
  • Super design
  • Fast to setup


  • Works perfectly on high floors 

5. Channel Master CM-3410 1-Port Ultra Mini Distribution Amplifier

Channel Master CM-3410 falls among the most technically advanced amplifiers. The device is simple and compact it is constructed with the prime goal of improving TV reception. The design is something that the manufacturer did flawlessly for a smooth operation. Alongside its decent price, you can easily install it and enjoy its nicely fixed features including the important 6000-volt power surge protection.

This allows it to perform properly the amplifying work. The amplifier has a 15dB Gain forward and generates 2dB noise levels. Due to the excellent ability to withstand surge it is not listed among the best in this class but very much acceptable. The device is power-supplied using the included AC/DC power supply. Above all else, its body has a strong design and with a power coated weatherproof housing. This sealing offers an innovative corrosion protection making it perfect for outside use during the harsh weather environments.

The product meets both US and international standards. The manufacturer also provides a one-year warranty that continues its reliability. This device also works with off-air, HDTV, analog and digital RF broadcasts. All thanks to the high-grade performance, this proves that the antenna is among the top HDTV amplifier devices available.


  • Compact design
  • Easily mounted
  • Great performance


  • Not very reliable

6. Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V TV Antenna

Finding professional high-quality amplifier units has never been easy. Fortunately, the best performing Antennas Direct remains an excellent proof representing that. This device rates among the 60miles category to allow a maximum of four TVs to connect. The design of this device had the safety of its users in mind and therefore proved to be fit to be installed both inside and outside. Besides, it is strong and weatherproof thus potentially meant for outside use.

ClearStream produces less noise levels a quality that makes it work well for both home and professional purposes. Generally, this unit provides great performance, with 10.2dB amplification that fulfils also the needs of many demanding users. Moreover, the manufacturer includes a lifetime warranty which enhances its complete positive impression. Of course, this forms one of the most convincing reason for its most appreciated quality.

That means, if you need the best TV antenna amplifier with the ability to support many devices, this is the brand to look for. You will surely not find disappointment in its performance and elements. Now you have an opportunity to experience HDTV with the high-quality pictures and sounds. 


  • Decently priced
  • Weatherproof design
  • Good quality


  • No surge protection
  • It gets very hot

7. TV Antenna – 1byone Amplified 50 Mile HDTV Digital Antenna

If you are looking to get simple HDTV antennas that can receive local channels then this upgraded 1byone amplified is all you need. The device works best even for those who do not watch much of TV. The reason is you get access to the main channels including CBS, ABC, or Fox and other shows. The good side is that every program pulled is free throughout. You do no need to worry about paying for expensive cables or satellite fees.

The manufacturer not only provided an antenna with an excellent performance, but it is also designed great. The soft, slim, lightweight and paper-thin design enables you to plug it using the coaxial cable. The best place to mount it is behind the TV, on the table, or stick high on the wall or window. The length of the cable is enough, 20 feet, to enable you to install the antenna where you want it. The pictures are crystal clear and HD quality.

This 1byone model has a maximum range of up to 50 miles. The reception is possible because of the in-built amplifier. The booster enhances any signal that can be blocked to your TV reception spot. Without a lot of obstructions on the way, it delivers to a range of 80 miles. The device has an excellent reception for FM, VHF and UHF channels.


  • Looks well designed
  • Good performance
  • Affordable


  • Not very reliable

8. SLx TV Six Output Amplifier 27824HSR

For many years SLx has been renowned for creating high-quality electrical devices and signal reception products. So this amplifier has several features to ensure TV and radio signals reception in the home. It has a signal gain of 11dB which is best for long running cable and weak signals. This also delivers a better balance for many performance ranges.

The featured 4G Filtering provides a classic protection from LTE 800 4G mobile device signal interference. The prevention of signal loss reduces the noise levels while also ensuring optimum sound and picture quality. The greater the signal handling capacity the more channels your TV can cope with.

It has separate inputs that boosts TV, FM and DAB signal. The feature is ideal for such system since you can easily expand it. This ensures you receive high quality signal and pictures in all the rooms.

The model is amplified, and so it comes with a different power source that must be plugged to the wall. The incorporated coaxial cable measures 16 feet in length to provide enough sagging as you find the best reception spot in your home.

SLx comes covered with a one-year warranty. The period is known to be the standard service contract length for many digital HDTV antennas. Whenever you have any concerns regarding the antenna, then you can communicate with the manufacturer.


  • Great quality
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent signal reception.


  • Not very reliable in some places

9. Digital Amplifier Internet Modem Signal Booster Internet AMP PCT-MA2-4PN

Undoubtedly families living in a crowded home, with many members find it hard to cope with one TV. And to satisfy everyone’s tastes and needs at the same time the best option could be having multiple TVs. But this is tricky, especially if you live in a place where signal reception is not good. Fortunately, there is the best solution. Considering a device like PCT-MA2-4PN comes handy for you. This utility allows for multiple TV connections and in this case up to four on its 4 ports and each port gets a +7 Db surge.

This amplifier works well both for on-air and cable TV broadcasts. More notably, it does an excellent work of strengthening signals and efficiently lessen pixilation and increase the reception. Generally, if you look to improve TV signal reception on many devices, then this antenna amplifier is worth investing in.

PCT-MA2-4PN has a 6000-volt surge protection against lightning. It also has high-quality design including beryllium copper manufacture and housing that is excellently corrosion protected. The device is accompanied with some remarkable five-year warranty. The regular contract has an excellent grade performance offering 8 dB gain on every port and 2.7 dB lower noise levels.


  • Extended warranty
  • Fairly priced
  • Compact design.


  • Slightly high noise levels

10. Mohu Leaf 30 Television Antenna

The Mohu Leaf 30 Amplified Antenna scans up to 40-mile radius for local TV signals. The device is flat, soft and lightweight with sticky mounts to help you adhere it to the wall, window or also behind the TV. That means, no building faces obstructions of TV signals and channels.

The received networks like CBS, PBS and ABC come with great clarity with nice sound. The reception however fully depends on your location. For instance, it works better in places having few or no trees and tall buildings around.

Since Mohu comes amplified, it has a separate power source to be plugged to the wall. Besides it comes with a coaxial cable that is 10 feet long. This length provides you enough relaxation to enable you to get the best place in your home for network reception. The good thing is that you can paint this device to match any décor in the home.

Like other HDTV antennas, Leaf comes with a yearlong warranty. This standard offer provides convenience for use of digital devices as they are prone to getting defective. But as a customer you can buy with a lot of confidence.


  • Affordable
  • Low noise levels
  • Easy to install


  • The number of stations received is disappointing
  • Poor quality reception

How to Choose Best TV Antenna Amplifier

Buying a TV antenna is among the best steps to take to break the reliability of TV and save you hundreds of monies yearly. As a bonus, having the best product makes your big-screen TV to shine. So, here is how to go about choosing a reliable antenna for you.

  • Accessible Channels

Before purchasing the best needed TV antenna, find out an idea of the channels received in the area. This number received usually depends on how far your house is from the airing tower, residence or the height it is installed on. Go for what picks up more channels to enable you watch your favorite programs.

  • Installation Point

When investing in a TV antenna, there are options between the available models. For instance, an attic and rooftop types. The roof is in a way considered to be the best position to install your antenna, attic also works fine. Ensure that the signals however can enter any roof materials.

Sometimes considering the direction in which you can put up the antenna matters. As a fact there is a single or multidirectional type. This will improve signals in one direction as the antenna receive signals.

  • Interference

This refers to any obstruction that makes it hard for TV to receive signals from the surrounding areas. Because of tall buildings interference is recorded to be a huge issue. That however, does not mean as you buy you disregard electronic interference. Fortunately, you can improve an antennas reception by fixing it higher than the ground.

  • Antenna Height

Generally, the range of an antenna is openly impacted by its height. This either lessens adjacent interference or boosts the quality of signal reception. Consider installing your antenna in a mast or an elevated place for better signals reception. The position you choose remember can lead to signal disruption or strengthening.


Predicting the best antenna that works with confidence is almost difficult. Even though some sites provide information about what works, there are some aspects that do not work. Sometimes signals can bounce off huge obstacles or get interfered with reducing what reaches your house. So, do not affect the reception but put up the best external antenna.

Always experiment until you find a fulfilling and the best TV antenna amplifier. If possible, ensure you always buy the largest type for you to get high-quality and original signal. When you purchase the best model, there is no need to worry about other expenses.

4 Quick Edits in Lightroom by Kim Olson

Quick edits in Lightroom

Photo editing can be long and arduous or it can be quick and easy. For most images, the latter is preferable.

Because a lot of the photos we take can use a little sprucing up, I think Lightroom is a great place to do that. Lightroom is equipped to handle many photos at once so I think it’s a great option for many photographers, amateurs and pros alike.

I wanted to share my 4-Step Editing Process with you to hopefully help you get on the road to faster editing.

Here is 4 quick edits for Lightroom

1. Fix the Exposure

Fixing the Exposure in Lightroom’s Basic Panel. Photo: Kim Olson

After you’ve opened Lightroom, go to the Develop Mode and start in the Basic Panel. These adjustments will help you fine-tune your exposure.

  • Auto Adjust – Click on the “Auto�? button. The results aren’t always perfect, but often will give you a good starting point. If you like what you see, leave it. If not, simply click “Reset�? and your image is back to the state it was in when you imported it.
  • Manually Fix the Exposure – Whether or not you kept Lightroom’s Auto adjustments, it can help to tweak the exposure by hand. Lightroom has a slew of different sliders that help you make specific adjustments based on what you want to fix:
    • Exposure
    • Contrast
    • Highlights
    • Shadows
    • Whites
    • Blacks

Most likely each image will require different adjustments so there’s no one way to move these sliders. In general, though, I tend to bump up Highlights and Whites, while decreasing Shadows and Blacks.

2. Work with the Color

Adjusting the White Balance and Color in Lightroom. Photo: Kim Olson

After you have the exposure looking the way you want it to, you can fine-tune the color.

At the top of the Basic Panel you’ll find the White Balance controls. I like to do this step after the Exposure adjustments because I can get a better feel for the color now that the exposure is more accurate.

The last thing in the Basic Panel is Presence. Here you can play with:

  • Clarity – adds a bit of grittiness to your images
  • Vibrance – less harsh color adjustment
  • Saturation – bit stronger color adjustment than Vibrance

Of these three options, I typically only adjust Vibrance, if I use it at all. But boosting Vibrance does tend to add a good, subtle dose of color.

3. Crop & Clean Up

Using Lightroom’s Toolbar to crop, clean dust and do minor spot adjustments. Photo: Kim Olson

There’s a little toolbar that sits below the Histogram and above the Basic Panel and it’s at this stage you can start to use them.

Here are the tools available to you:

  • Crop
  • Spot Removal
  • Red-Eye Correction
  • Graduated Filter
  • Adjustment Brush

The tools I use the most are the Crop (to straighten horizons or go tighter), Spot Removal (take out dust, etc.) and the Adjustment Brush (apply targeted enhancements like exposure or saturation).

4. Sharpen

Applying Sharpening, the final Lightroom adjustment. Photo: Kim Olson

If you’re done editing and don’t intend to work on this image any further, you can apply some sharpening in Lightroom’s Detail Panel.

Sharpening is typically the last edit you’ll want to apply to your images and that’s why I save it for last.

In Summary

The beauty of Lightroom is that whatever you do can be undone. It’s a non-destructive editor that allows you to go backwards if you decide later that you don’t like what you’ve done.

I think you’ll benefit, though, from keeping your edits pretty simple and straightforward. And once you get the hang of Lightroom and learn what adjustments you like to make to your own images, it’s a good idea to apply them in the same order every time.

The last thing to keep in mind is to go easy with your edits (less is better). A good rule of thumb is to move the slider to where you think it looks good, then back it off just slightly. That typically gives you a better, and more even, result.

I hope that helps and remember to have fun with it and make your style your own. Happy shooting!

Kim Olson is a Photographer & Writer who shares easy weekly photo tips on Kim also writes on her personal site,, where she focuses on travel & simplicity.

Michael Kormos: Stick Out Your Belly and Say “Cheese”!

Belly button pictures

Maternity photography has become a hot trend with moms-to-be.  Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson…  Everyone seems to be baring their bellies for the camera!!  But, wait, there’s a growing trend that’s not making headlines.  Yes, the trend of Moms who dreadfully regret not having their maternity portraits done.  How many times have you put something off for whatever reason, and then realized later that you missed an amazing opportunity?  So really, do you need more convincing?  Well, here are five great reasons to partake in maternity photography for moms to be from NYC maternity photographer Michael Kormos.

1. Your hormones are making you feel like crap, but you look stunning.

A skilled maternity photographer has the expertise in posing, artful lighting, and retouching to bring out the best in your portraits.  You are gorgeous and glowing, and you deserve to remember this beautiful time.

2. Pamper yourself.

This is the perfect excuse to get primped and styled.  Is there anything more relaxing than having someone play with your hair and paint your toes?  Make a day of it, and do something for YOU.  Sit back, relax, and allow yourself to feel beautiful.  Trust me, soon enough you’ll be lucky to squeeze a two-minute shower into your daily routine.

3. Show off your curves!

At no other point in your life will a photographer ask you to arch your back and stick out your belly.  Enjoy it!  Instead of covering up your curves, this is your chance to flaunt them.   Whether you prefer fine art portraits in the studio or stylish lifestyle photos outdoors, there are endless possibilities for beautiful maternity art.   Find a photographer that fits your “style,” and just have fun with it!

4. Capture the tender emotions that you’re experiencing.

These are your first moments of motherhood, and they are priceless. Cradle your baby, have your husband kiss the belly…  Maternity portraits are a beautiful way to capture this precious bond, both for you and your husband.

5. This is a special time that will only happen once or twice (for most women).

Capture the incredible miracle of new life with beautiful portraits that you and your family will treasure forever and ever.  One of the only baby shower gifts you can give yourself that will grow more valuable over time!!

Taking Beautiful Photos in Difficult Mid-Day Light from Noah Hawthorne

Direct light photography tips

As a professional portrait or wedding photographer, it is imperative to be able to produce beautiful images at any time of day. While a beautiful setting an hour before sunset with photogenic and relaxed clients is every photographer’s dream, this scenario seems  to present itself infrequently. In fact, the most common shooting scenario that I encounter involves the rather harsh light that occurs around the middle of the day and more than an hour or two separated from sunrise and sunset. Colors flatten out, unattractive shadows are cast awkwardly across faces overexposing some faces while hiding others, or the dreaded raccoon eyes come into play; forcing me into hours of Photoshop trying to salvage a photo and turn it into something presentable. Clients often squint towards the camera, are uncomfortable in general, and the whole portrait event devolves into something rather unprofessional immediately. It’s a bad way to start.

Photography in harsh sunlight

One of the biggest transitions in my photography career came when I came across a simple solution: when the light isn’t perfect during the brightest daylight hours, shoot towards the sun. Putting the sun roughly behind the subject so that their entire face is in even shadow, and then exposing for the face seems to always do the trick. Light is even on the critical features of the subject, the sun serves as a natural kick light highlighting hair and providing a subtle drama to the photos, and the colors in the background jump out as the sun passes through translucent foliage and takes on more color. You can turn your subject 30 degrees away from the sun so it is still roughly behind them and the face is still shadowed, and have a little bit more light bend around one side of the face to create more depth to your portrait as well, while still getting all the benefits of vibrant color. The only caveat to this technique is that the sun has to be low enough in the sky to provide some amount of directional light. That means that at high noon at some points during the year when it is directly overhead it’s incredibly hard to get it reliably behind the subject and raccoon eyes come back into the portraits.

For completely overhead sun the reliable solution of open shade seems to work best. This can be as simple as getting an assistant or a light stand to hold a portable reflector above the client casting shade onto them, or finding shade cast by a building or a tree. Avoid dappled light at all costs as this is another pitfall I’ve found while looking for shade that never seems to work well.

Here’s two photos from a family photo shoot this past weekend that lasted from 11:30am-noon. Scary times for a photo shoot that would have scared the daylight out of me before (pun intended), but actually seemed to work rather well with the strategy above. In one photo, notice the subjects facing roughly towards the sun, with muted colors, squinting eyes, and a bit of discomfort. After turning them around, the colors and backlight I wanted came into the photo and we were able to focus on better posing and making beautiful images.

Also try this technique when choosing where to position yourself during event photography so that your candid photos are well exposed and have a colorful pop. Off camera flash can be added to this equation for added drama, but often needs to be high output and requires a setup that is both expensive, time consuming and not nearly as fast and portable.

For More Information About Noah Hawthorne:

WebsiteNoah Hawthorne Photography
Blog: Hawthorne Photography Blog 

Creating Impact With Black & White Photography by Studio Varnika

Black and white photography tips for beginners

Shooting in black and white is a simple yet effective technique to truly bring out the the emotion of the moment. Kim Chen of Studio Varnika shares her tips and tricks to fully maximize this effect in this week’s guest blog post.

Hi, I’m Kim Chen of Studio Varnika, a wedding and portrait photography business based in Portland, Oregon.  I describe my photographic focus as “artistic wedding photojournalism”, which to me means documenting a couple’s special day through beautiful, emotional, and artistically-edited images.  As part of the wedding story, I always deliver photos in a mix of color and black and white images to best capture the spirit of their day.  Sometimes a certain photo calls out to me to be in monochrome, like it was shot to be edited that way.  Today we’re going to talk about some techniques to create impact using black and white photography.

1) Bring Down Your Blacks

“Some photos are made to be black and white. It cuts out the noise and makes you focus on the moment.”

I posted the quote above with this beautiful engagement photo of a couple at Jenkins Estate in Beaverton, OR.  Sometimes color (in this case, the leaves and trees surrounding the couple) can be very distracting, and editing in black and white draws the viewer’s eye directly to the subject.  I like my monochrome images to very contrasty, with blacks brought down to the maximum level allowed by Lightroom (or close!).  I sometimes bring up the shadows to help reclaim the shadow detail lost in pulling down the black levels.  If this process brings the overall exposure of the photo down too much, I compensate by bringing up the exposure or luminance so that I get a nice brightness on the lighter parts of the image.  I love the power of black and white photos from photojournalists in years past, and I try to emulate that look.

2) Use a Vignette

In general, I’m a fan of going light on vignettes, but I find that a very gentle vignette can be very effective in bringing the focus in toward the center of the frame.   I’m willing to go a bit further in my vignettes for black and white images since it’s not as obvious as in color!  When editing your images, always ask yourself what you want the viewer to be looking at and don’t be shy in bringing the focus away from distracting elements by using a vignette– play around with it!

3) Dodge and Burn

For this stunning image of a groom’s expression seeing his bride for the first time, I wanted the focus to be on his face.  I pulled down the blacks and used a pretty heavy vignette to darken the periphery of the image, but at that point his face became very shadowy.  The solution was to dodge his face to bring some brightness back and to make the focus where I wanted it to be!  Sometimes you’ll also want to burn elements that are drawing too much attention, but that you want to darken to help fade into the background.

4) Identify The Right Images

Bringing down your black levels, using a vignette, and dodging and burning are all great techniques for creating impact in a black and white image, but the most important thing is to be able to identify images that would be stronger in monochrome than in color.  I find that when you want to capture the heart of an expression, emotion, or moment, converting an image to black and white immediately eliminates many of the distractions.  From there, leverage the contrast that already exists, and use dodging and burning to draw attention to the focus of the photo.

Indian weddings are known for being colorful, from the rainbow of saris and lehengas to the floral garlands and beautifully decorated mandap, but there are times when you still want to be able to focus on the moment.  This is one of my favorite images from an Indian wedding in Portland, which was lovely in color, but breathtaking in black and white with the visual impact of a circle of smiling faces.

I hope that these techniques will help you to bring more impact to your black and white images!

Studio Varnika offers wedding photography in Portland, Oregon, focusing on artistic wedding photojournalism.  Owner and photographer Kim Chen is a regular contributor to Photographers of Portland and loves to create powerful black and white photographs.

Photographing Children + Children’s Things

Child photography tips techniques

Ilene Squires specializes in baby and child photography. Her easy demeanor around children and families enables her to capture natural, beautiful moments and create a photographic essay. We’re very pleased to partner with Ilene in this guest blog post where she shares her advice for child, toddler and baby photo shoots.

Child photography ideas

Many times when I shoot children, babies and toddlers, parents tell me the same thing: “I shoot my kids all the time and only one of hundreds of pictures comes out!” OR “I just hold the shutter down and hope for the best.“I have a few tips for parents in search of quality photos and am always available for Q & A regarding this. Here goes!

  1. Buy an SLR camerapoint and shoots and phone cameras are just not that good.
  2. If you know nothing about photography, accept that and move on to shoot in semi-automatic. I personally prefer AV or aperture priority. The lower the number the less focused the background will be (i.e. f 2.0). The higher the number, the more focused everything will be.
  3. Google what semi-automatic means and stop fussing with manual settings with your toddler! They move quickly and you don’t have time!
  4. Get down to their level; meaning, eye level with your subject {see photo below}.

Here, I am down, eye level with the blocks, approximately 1 foot away. This same strategy applies to children too!

Here’s the final image. Shooting with Canon 5D Mark II; 50mm f1.2 lens ||  ISO 250 || f 2.8 || 1/8000

    5.   Flash is almost NEVER flattering {esp when you don’t know how to use it}, shoot
outside in open shade or indoors near a window.This was shot in the middle of the day, which is the least optimal time as the sun is directly overhead. Ry to shoot just after sunset or just before sunrise for the best lighting. Pablo is backlit (creating the glow), sun reflected off the concrete BUT he is standing under a tree, in the shade to shield the direct sunlight.

This photo is shot under the same circumstances. It is the middle of the day but the children are sitting on a bench, under a tree. Shooting with Mamiya; 85mm f2.8 lens ||  ISO 400|Kodak Porta Film| f 2.8 a5 1/60th

Sebastian is sitting in front of a large window which is directly behind me, front lighting him and the horse. Shooting with Mamiya; 85mmf2.8 lens ||  ISO 400|Kodak Porta Film| f 2.8 a5 1/60th

  6.  Directing kids to say “cheese,” will create a generic photo, one I am sure you have a
million of. Or they may not respond to you all together! Instead, have your child act {Try these directives: BE sad, BE happy, JUMP up, DANCE!} and catch them in the act. These directives promise to produce more natural images.This rascal here was a fire cracker, and refused to smile for the hour we had already spent together. At the end of the shoot, as a last attempt I layed down on the grass. Naturally, she followed and I told her to “roll down the hill,” shooting this image “mid roll.”

Boudoir Posing: How Little Things Create HUGE Impact! by Kellie Mae

Pretty little things photography

Kellie Mae specializes in luxury boudoir photography, making each and every one of her clients feel comfortable and sensual in their photo shoots. Boudoir photography has become a popular trend, with many women choosing to express their sexual side in a tasteful manner for themselves and for their partners as a wedding gift. Kellie Mae shares her techniques on boudoir posing and getting her clients to show off their curves naturally in this week’s guest blog post.

Boudoir clients are always asking me “what did you Photoshop”, and my response is always the same; I don’t use Photoshop to create curves for my clients, because using their own body shape and my PERFECT POSING experience is all I need to create/accentuate my clients’ curves. When I created Kellie Mae Luxury Boudoir, I wanted to focus on capturing real women, as they are. That is my target client; one who trusts my artistic vision and also one who truly wants to feel empowered by seeing an image of who they really are. My goal was simple; create amazing images in camera so I didn’t have to spend countless hours in post-production. Short of some minor adjustments in Lightroom (more on that in my next post), my clients are usually seeing their edited images for the first time within an hour of their session (insert same-day edits HERE). “WHAT? Same-day edits?” Yes, it can be done! And after much research and re-vamping, I have my post-production down to a science. But, the key is, by far, in-camera posing and cropping. Here are some examples to help illustrate how posing changes the game in boudoir photography.

Beautiful little things photography


Using available light sources is the first step in a great boudoir pose. For this shot, I was shooting in a vintage hotel location in Downtown Portland. This quaint room had the most incredible tiny vintage bathroom with floor to ceiling white subway tile. At 9am, I utilized this high-key light source to snag this amazing shot!

I opened up the door, which by sheer luck toted a full-length mirror, and I immediately knew that I had to have this shot.

I had my client sit on the edge of the claw foot tub, knees together, but had her kick one foot out a little as to not be too symmetrical.  Then I told her to throw her hands in her hair playfully and give me a smirk into the mirror.

This easy set up produced this amazing shot, and the only edits I made were some slight color balance adjustments and bummed the contrast just a touch.


Creating curves in your client’s body is absolute KEY to amazing posing. I always laugh with my clients after their sessions because they feel like they’ve just spent an hour in an upper-level yoga class.

For this shot I had my client lean against this amazing wall and kick her booty back as far as she could, and then I told her “FARTHER”. She was a trooper, and arched her back, really accentuating her curves. I had her peek over her left shoulder and loop her thumb into her bra strap. Her legs are almost crossed and set askew in order to get a small space between the wall and her hip. I had her bend that left leg and angle her knee towards me. This gives the body a superb shape, with a high-fashion feel. I used a softbox at ½ power angled at camera right to give this a touch of dynamic lighting and shadowing.

Post-processing on this image consisted of basic color correction, and a curves adjustment to pump up the contrast. Crop was done in camera using my Nikkor 85mm lens at f/2.8.


Lengthening the body is another great and easy way to create curves! For this shot, I had my gorgeous client lie on the bed angled. I had her put one hand up in her hair, and the other I had play with her necklace. By using the necklace, we create length. I had her bend her legs up, knees touching, and had her turn slightly onto her hip, and then arch her back. KEY to this shot is head placement. I positioned her chin very high and angled. This gets rid of any double chin, and pulls the head away from the body giving the image more depth. Before I snapped this shot I had my client arch EVEN MORE, and the result was superb!

These were just a few examples of posing techniques. Remember; always look to create lines with your client’s body. No matter what their size, accentuate those curves by having her really arch that back and pop that booty!

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Keeping Fresh at Old Locations by Ben & Kelly Koller

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Ben and Kelly Koller are a husband-and-wife wedding and portrait photography duo based in Scottsdale, Arizona. By working together as a team for all of their shoots, they are able to provide a fresh perspective on every unique couple’s special day. We are pleased to partner with Ben & Kelly Photography for this week’s guest blog post.

In the beginning, it was always about finding a new location to shoot in that kept things fresh for us. We were always on the lookout for a new setting to keep our wedding photos looking unique. The more we shot, the harder it became to come up with new spots, and the more consumed and stressed we became thinking of new locations. We talked about it while driving in the car, while we lay in bed at night, while we drank our coffee in the morning; we were always worried about the next great spot to keep things looking fresh. God forbid a bride ever want to get married in the same spot we already shot at, or take her engagement photos at the same spot we just blogged!

Beautiful places to take pictures

Fast-forward a little bit, and we laugh about what we used to stress about. We find ourselves now shooting certain locations and venues sometimes 20-30 times a year. The more we shoot the more venues that want us to come back, and the more brides that fall in love with a recent blog location. So how do we keep from getting bored, and continually deliver fresh, unique images to our couples? Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep things fresh at old locations:

1. Embrace the traditional shots but change the perspective

Most venues and locations have the “must have” shots. The above photograph is taken at one of Scottsdale’s most iconic resorts, The Phoenician. This is one of our favorite venues, and one that we shoot at a ton. The location in this image is the Orchid Falls, which is one of the “traditional Phoenician” locations that every bride wants a photo next to. Any photographer that has ever shot at this venue has likely photographed their bride and groom by the falls, so to keep our images looking uniquely “us” and “fresh” from bride to bride, we strive to incorporate the falls from as many unique perspectives as we can. We shot the above image by climbing up some rocks to elevate our view, and then shot through some purple flowers in the foreground to add a layer to the photograph. Nothing super fancy, but elevated enough to separate our photograph from the rest.

The below photo is at the same waterfall, only instead of shooting towards the falls, we decided to shoot through the falls. It’s the same place, yet a completely different look. The couple gets their “I got to have a photo by the falls” and we get to be creative and do it our way and create an image that hasn’t been created yet.

Best place for photoshoot near me

2. Seek out unusual hidden gems

The sure way to keep your images looking unique and fresh is to shoot where other photographers overlook. The above image was taken next to a pool that was under renovation. At a beautiful 5 star property most people would walk right past construction, but we thought the caution tape was awesome, and we liked the palm trees, so we stuck our clients in the middle of it and worked the angle to get this cool silhouette. The below image is taken at a small kids splash pad that we were just walking past. This couple was fun and full of energy and the light was right, so a quick two-minute stop and our couple got this fun shot.

3. Take time to reflect

Certain bridal and get ready rooms can be boring and dull, they often look exactly the same from wedding to wedding, and they’re usually trashed by the time we get to taking pictures. One of the first things we do when we arrive in the morning is we look for objects that reflect and through the day we work these objects into our shooting to fill our frames with reflections rather than boring carpet or messy rooms. Glass top tables, TV’s, mirrors, random room fixtures, ipads, windows, sunglasses, you name it. If it reflects it can help create a beautiful image, and our images can look completely different than the last set we shot in the same space. The above image was a special mother daughter moment in the middle of a very messy room. By sliding a glass top table under our camera, we were able to grab the reflection and the frame is filled with our subjects instead of half empty champagne glasses and clothes on the floor. The below image was a quick capture that used reflection to hide the floor and create an interesting shot that is completely unique to this room.

4. Shoot the reception space

Every wedding reception is unique. From the flowers, to the linens to the colors, brides and grooms put a piece of themselves into their reception planning. What better way to create photos that are uniquely them than shooting them in their reception space before guests arrive? Where we live it also helps us avoid the 120 degree outside temperatures during summer portrait sessions. The above image was taken to avoid the heat and turned out to be one of the favorites of the set. The couple gets to be themselves in their setting that they put together.

Of course, we’re still always on the lookout for amazing new locations. The only difference now is we enjoy the challenge of crafting unique and fresh images in places that we shoot all the time. It’s almost more rewarding and unexpected, and that’s what leads to the ultimate combination of happy clients and happy photographers.

Authors: Ben & Kelly Koller with Ben & Kelly Photography