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Frequently Asked Questions

I have blogger’s block.

It’s springtime in Palo Alto, California which unfortunately means rainy days. You know that sun and fun image of California? I hate to break it to you but it’s not exactly true.

This ho-hum weather is really affecting my overall team moral which is the reason for my aforementioned blogger’s block.  I am sick of wearing sweaters. I am sick of eating soup. I would like to get my tan on. And THIS is the reason I cannot think about blogging topics.  It’s the lack of Vitamin D.

In light of this situation, I have decided to do a Frequently Asked Question post. A mish-mosh of questions we commonly get here in Support and Sales that we can reference when you call us.  We can now (politely) say: “Please see blog post ‘frequently asked questions’.”  If there is a question I am missing here that you think should be considered as ‘commonly asked’ feel free to email me at kate@digilabspro.com and I will address in a future post and answer you.


What is StudioShare and what do we do with it? StudioShare is DigiLabs iphone app.  If you are a web services customer with DigiLabs you should tell your customers to download this app so they can share, view and order photos from their iPhone.

You should also download this app if you are a web service customer.  We have heard from many of our customers that they have used the iPhone app to show their sample images to prospective customers when they are out and about.  It can be a very useful marketing tool when you are not near your portfolio.

Should I use full resolution images when uploading my online web galleries? You don’t have to but why not? The benefit to using our software is that it automatically resizes your images to 72 dpi prior to uploading your gallery.  Therefore, you can load your full resolution jpeg images into the software and save yourself an extra step of resizing.  Our software can effectively remove a step from your workflow!  Gone are the days of resizing…


How can I add custom items, that I fulfill, in my online gallery price list? How does ordering work with these products? We recently added the ability to add custom single (high resolution image or coffee mug) and multiple (albums, gift certificates or packages) image items to your pricelist in your online galleries. You can add these products to your pricelist in your account administration under ‘ecommerce’.  Click on the pricelist you’d like to edit and scroll all the way down.  Add single image products under ‘Custom Single Photo Products’ and multiple image products under ‘Custom (Non-single-photo) Products’. These products will be charged by DigiLabs if we do your credit card charging but fulfilled by you.  You will receive an email as you regularly do when orders are placed but it will say ‘some items from this order must be fulfilled by you’.


What is an Event ID, Account ID and Gallery Description and what does it do? The Event ID is what we use to identify your gallery.  Since an Event ID cannot be duplicated, you have to make sure it is unique in the DigiLabs system.    If your gallery is password protected this is also the “password” your customer will use to enter the gallery. The Account ID is the way we identify  and pull up your individual account. You were provided this information when you signed up via email.  If you don’t know your Account ID, ask your Account Manager and they can assist you. The Gallery Description isthe title of your gallery that will appear on your portal page when people login to your gallery.  This is customer facing and can be changed by visiting your account administration under the ‘view galleries’ area.

Where can I see my billing history? This can be seen in real time in your account administration under the ‘billing history’ area.  The newest items are at the top so if you need to find an older item, start at the bottom.  Also, remember that an item in parentheses is a charge.  If you need help understanding this further your Account Manager is trained to assist you with this.

What are the turnaround times for my order? Well that depends on the product you are ordering.  Here is our current turnaround times:

  • All Print/Proof Orders (through web galleries and through the software): 2 business days .  For mounting of large prints or metallic prints, it is approximately 3-4 business days.
  • Anza Albums: 5 business days.
  • Marina Albums: 5 business days for photo covers and 10 business days for premium leather and vegan covers.
  • Coffee Table Books: For all three lines we guarantee a 10-14 business days turnaround but  the average turnaround is about 7 business days.
  • Proof Books: Wire-O runs 2 business days and both leatherette and custom hard cover books take 7 business days.
  • Gallery Wraps: 3-5 business days.
  • Cards: Cards without coating take 2 business days. Cards with coating take 5-7 business days to print.
  • Calendars: 2 business days for orders of 1-50 calendars.   7 business days with approval of hard proof for orders of 51 calendars or more.

How do I check on the status of my order? Once your order has been uploaded and shopping cart completed you will receive a confirmation email.  If you entered your Account ID when you ordered, you will be able to look it up by, logging into account administration and press on ‘track orders’.  When the order has shipped you will receive an email from DigiLabs with tracking informaion or you can see this tracking link in the ‘track orders’ area.

How do I get my first time discount on items? Signing up for a DigiLabs account you will receive:

  • $10 off your first card order
  • $7.50 in free test prints
  • $20.00 off your first coffee table book
  • 20 pages free on your first proof magazine order
  • 30% off your first flush mount album order.

In order to redeem this credit enter your DigiLabs Account ID in the Account ID field on the 1st page of the shopping cart when placing your order.  Your discount will automatically apply.

How can I access pricing on your website? We got a new website! Didn’t you notice?  Well, either way, you can find pricing for any of the DigiLabs products by selecting the product page and scrolling down.  You will see a pricing link in the bottom right hand of the page in gray.  Click on this link and you will see the pricing expand.  Click on the link again and you will see the pricing go away.

Got some more questions?  Feel free to email me at kate@digilabspro.com so we can update the blog!

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