Best Alarm Clock For 5 Year Old

Helping a child grow up responsibly and full of independence is the first step to developing good habits. And yes, one easy way to start is by encouraging good bedtime behaviors and habits. To avoid troubles when they are about to start schooling, it’s ideal to find a way to a peaceful sleep. Not only will the device help them wake up in time but also it teaches them essential and lifetime skills.

Unfortunately, the market offers a big range of such gadgets. That means you will be overwhelmed when trying to find the right one. This article reviews the best alarm clocks for 5 year old. Read on for the right purchase decision.

#List Of The Best Alarm Clock for Kids – Our Editor’s Pick:

A Buyers Guide To The Best Children’s Alarm Clock

The market offers a wide range of options that make the process of getting the best one challenging. When shopping there are some things to consider for you to narrow down to the best choice.

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Like any other kids’ items, the alarm clocks need to be fun to use and functional. This age group will want a device full of features than one that has just basic and simple features. Because it will not be left sitting on the bedside table, ensure the one you choose has a clear display, easy settings, and must be something exciting to use. Some of the awesome things to look out for are connectivity, lighting effects, and sleep tracking.


To tell whether an alarm clock is recommended for your child check if it is age appropriate. The reason is that some of the devices have parts that may be a risk factor. For instance, it can be hazardous if the unit is charged directly on the wall. Sometimes out of curiosity kids may swallow some of the small parts. You will not want such incidence, right?


While considering the safety factor, ensure that the device is stylish. Five-year-old kids often gravitate toward devices having specific characters. Of course, this functionality plays a key role in getting the awesome tastes of clocks. From robots to something quite minimalistic, you will always hit the one that is beneficial. Perhaps you may find that the child will benefit from timers to train on their naps or sleep.


You will not want to buy a product that breaks up easily. Kids’ devices are prone to falling so they should be made of high-quality materials to last. Never settle to buying a clock simply because the price tag is low. The results will be regrettable since the unit will not serve as you expected. Even worse, its construction may not be that good. Do not find yourself wasting your money.

Best Pick – KNGUVTH Kids Alarm Clock

Children’s alarm clocks need to be cute and more childish. The KNGUVTH features a normal clock design with two bumps extending at the bottom, used as legs. The face is circular looking like the real face of the time. This adds as an interactive part that every kid will love.

This device has seven soft color-changing effects of lights. Not only does this teach the kids the right time they need to go to and get up from bed, but also it helps families get enough sleep. The continued use makes children develop regular sleep-wake routines.  From yellow to green and purple the kids learn to remain in bed, silently play and wake up at the set time.

With its tow ears, it is quite easy to use by changing the mode to slow or fast and switch the alarm off by just one press. The screen clearly shows the alarm and when the function is not needed it disappears. What’s more, the beauty in this device is in its three soothing sounds for quickly falling asleep and three happy sounds for waking them up.

  • Beautiful design

  • Well-conveyed display

  • Programmable functions

  • Adapter not included

  • Lights not automatic

Top 12 Best Alarm Clock for Kids

1. Anmones Kids Alarm Clock

Many parents find it hard to train their children to develop consistent sleep-wake routines. If this is you then this ANMONES clock will save you the headache of sleep time. The kids will easily know when to get up and go to bed. Thanks to its attractive lamp having soft exciting lights that also make the device a warm companion when learning to sleep alone. It’s not monotonous due to the six ringtones and five-level sounds that are adjustable.

With its cute bunny design and shape, the clock functions as a stylish decoration. You don’t need to necessarily buy it for kids use. It is made from a non-toxic ABS material thus making it perfect for bedroom use, as a kids’ night-time light, outdoor camping and relaxing. You can as well buy it as a birthday or holiday gift.

After every use, this alarm clock goes to an energy-saving mode as the screen does not display. Its size is space-saving and can be kept at your will while either lying, standing, or hang on the wall using its strong magnetic power.

  • Warranty included

  • Elegant design

  • Easy to use

  • Poorly written instructions

  • Not loud enough

  • Smaller sized

2. LittleHippo Mella Children’s alarm clock

When looking for an all-in-one sleeping aid then this LittleHippo Mella children’s clock is a go-to choice. Not only is this device a runaway success, but it also has multiple features. With its modern design, it ensures the young ones stay in bed for an extended time. The concept behind this device is simple.

The fact that kids cannot tell the exact time, facial expressions and colors offer the queues. Its little eyelids can close when the sleep time comes. Thirty minutes to wake up time, it lights yellow to allow them to know that the time is almost. The changes encourage them to remain in bed or room and only come out when the green color strikes.

Mella looks cute, aesthetic and certainly kid-friendly. It is carefully made to guarantee durability while also functioning as the child’s new companion when they are training to sleep alone. It features three sound options and five light colors that soothe the child to a peaceful sleep. It also suits use by older ids thanks to the included three alarm and silent sounds for timed tasks.

  • Durable construction

  • Child safe

  • Warrant included

  • Manual settings

  • Buttons placed below

  • Sound only heard on high volume

3. Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light

It is normal for households having little ones to be woken up in ungodly hours. Nonetheless a device like the Mirari OK To Wake! Alarm Clock and Nightlight will make a difference from such morning routines. Not only does it wake the kiddos up using the soft light, but also it functions as a source of entertainment as they wait for breakfast to get ready.

Even though toddlers do not care so much about the looks on an alarm clock in the room, but the aesthetic in this device is enjoyable. Depending on the kid’s thoughts, Mirari’s plastic body will take the resemblance of a robot, an alien, or a monster. Two exchangeable faceplates, a purple flower and green creature allows switching things.

After installing the batteries or charging it with the micro USB included, it only takes the push of its button to get the winking creature. The clock can be programmed to switch on its green-light-go element to cast a pleasant glow during the morning hours and nap times. Its alarm is audible enough thanks to the projected soft and effective beep.

  • Easy to use

  • Quite educational

  • Well designed

  • Relatively costly for what is offered

  • No wall converter included

  • Color does not change

4. hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

If you have always been scared of waking early especially with kids jumping around then it is time to consider this hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock. Its front panel has buttons that are touch-sensitive to allow you to control its alarms, the current and sleep times.

The LED display gradually lights 30 minutes before the wake-up time. Its controls work in the opposite manner like a sunset simulation to gently make the room dim. The face is fixed on a metallic base having a rubber pad that is slip-resistant. This prevents the device from slipping from the bedside table as you fumble around searching for its snooze button.

The modern design makes it suitable for use by heavy sleepers. Yes, it has sounds that re nature-inspired and decorative lights to gradually wake you up. Choose what you need and start the day in a better way. With eight colorful options of light, this clock can work as a bedside or table lamp when not sleeping. The color emitted is vibrant including red, green, purple, blue, or yellow.

  • Awesome lighting options

  • Soothing alarm sounds

  • User-friendly

  • Takes time to know it well

  • No shortcut settings

  • Easy to accidentally shatter

5. Big Red Rooster Sleep Training Alarm Clock

It feels exciting when manufacturers bring in some humor into their products. The Big Red Rooster Sleep Training Alarm Clock shows it all clearly. A puppy with a rooster name there is more intentions to that. When looking for a reasonably priced multifunctional clock for the kids, this endearing device will do the tricks.

The idea behind this innovative device is to help children learn to remain in bed for a longer time. That means the parents have the chance to get enough sleep. Also, it helps them sleep soundly and get from bed at the right time.

The alarm clock has a dog shape holding a ball that changes colors. It glows red that means it’s time to remain in bed and turns green showing they can come out. Even better, this unit has easy to follow setup instructions to allow you to program alarms. You can set between weekday and weekend schedule as preferred by you. It also has a nap timer giving a range of settings from a minute up to twelve hours.

  • Attractive design

  • Dual glow function

  • Hidden program controls

  • May break easily

  • Battery life is short

  • AC adapter purchased separately

6. Uplayteck Bluetooth Alarm Clock

This Uplayteck Wake-up clock provides multiple functions. From melodious sleep lamp to colorful lights, and Bluetooth speakers, it perfectly suits use by kids and adults. It is fun to change its five color options and soothing tunes while waiting to fall asleep. At the same time, the brightness is adjustable to prevent developing eye problems and interruptions while already asleep. Besides, it delivers natural and gentle sounds like a didi, waterfall, or a bird that creates a perfect mood and a peaceful call of nature.

This device features a modern technology, Bluetooth V5.0 that allows connection distances of about 10meters. Without saying, it propels a resonating bass, hard treble, and thorough mid for enough convenience. Pair it with laptops, smartphones, computers, iPads, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. Also, it is compatible with audiobooks or HIFI music to allow you to enjoy playing music.

It boasts of convertible illusion lighting that works as night lamps to make you sleep off and even wake up to its gentle glow. Thanks to its disturbance-free default mode that can be set to allow you have uninterrupted sleep between 10 pm and 7 am.

  • Multifunctional

  • Modern design

  • Soothing colors and melodies

  • Poorly written guidelines

  • Shorter lighting time

  • Hard to navigate initially

7. Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock

If you want your child not to wake up early every morning thou are supposed to get this Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock. Even if your child is a light sleeper there will be no disturbing sounds that can make them find it hard to stay in the bed. Of course, this clock works silently with no annoying tick-tock. It makes an ideal choice for people who want total silence to deeply fall asleep.

It is designed as a robot and created using high-quality stainless steel. The white dial has black numerals to allow you to easily see the time on the spacious display. With its appealing yellow color, it forms a perfect decoration for home and kids’ rooms.

This clock has two knobs hidden at the back for convenient setting the alarm and time. Even better, the positioning is deliberate so that they cannot reach the buttons easily. So do not worry about kids adjusting the set time or switching the clock off. Its eyes flash as the alarm resonances.

  • No annoying sound.

  • Easy to install

  • Perfect for home decor

  • Batteries not included.

  • May not work right sometimes

  • Screws loosen fast

8. LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Minifigure alarm clock

There is no better feeling to any Star Wars fan than spending the night beside this Lego Stormtrooper Minifigure alarm clock. This menacing unit is a perfect addition to kids’ gift and room décor collection, thanks to its digital features.

Waking up has become even better when the first thing children see in the morning is their much-loved character. The LCD display is lighted to allow the kids to easily read the set time. So, it is ideal to have it by the bedside for a great start of the day.

Concerning functionality, this alarm clock has user-friendly snooze and backlight options. Simply activate the settings by one push down of the Minifigures’ head.

Its figure is constructed from a super-durable material. Like any other Lego models, it has movable arms, wrists, head, and legs. So, it will double up as a toy when the kid needs something to play with before coming out of bed.

Without mentioning the included warranty, this investment proves to be worth every buck.

  • Iconic statue design

  • Warranty included

  • Features packed

  • Alarm sound could be annoying

  • Time may be inaccurate

  • Dies suddenly over time

9. CrazyFire Sunrise Alarm Clock

In case you are hunting for the best way to make your kid become responsible and also ready to start schooling, then selecting CrazyFire Sunrise Alarm Clock will really enable you to achieve your goal. It features six light colors and five soothing alarm sounds. You can choose from red, to warm yellow, green, cyan-blue, blue to purple depending on the beam in your room. The music that will allow you to wake from the call of nature includes piano, soft, classical, ocean waves, and class bell.

The device has a natural light simulation that lets it go off ten minutes before the alarm to produce the yellow light. Its brightness then gradually changes from 0percent to 100percet to bring you gently from a deep sleep and provide a new morning. This clock perfectly suits use by both kids and adults.

It is fitted out with a snooze function to allow you to have five extra minutes for sleeping and this can be repeated. Also, ten adjustable brightness options are included making it fit for use as a bedside reading lamp or relaxing during the night hours.

  • Adjustable functions

  • Multifunctional

  • Elegant design

  • Alarm is loud

  • Manual settings

  • Takes time to know it well

10. Mesqool Alarm Clock

When looking for a quite cool device for use in the kids’ room then Mesqool Alarm Clock is a handy choice. This smart unit features a glossy white colored ultra-large LED display of 7-inches that makes the time easy to see and read despite the distance. Even better, its brightness is adjustable to your preference. It has settings that range from high to medium and low.

With a 180 degrees’ swivel projection, be sure to find a clear and comfy view of the numerals. Of course, the surface makes it a perfect option for use either on the wall or ceiling without compromising the key functionality.

It has double alarms, for both buzzer and radio, to ensure that you get up from the bed in the best way possible. The reason is that you have the choice of either using a predefined alarm or radio tunes.

Of course, it has 20 set radio stations in AM/FM, to allow you to enjoy the digital broadcasting comfortably from home. The tuner lets you select from the vast range of available free stations.

  • Large display

  • Adjustable settings

  • Packed with useful features

  • Buttons may not work

  • Not saving alarms

  • Very loud

11. Learning Resources Tock the Learning Clock

Naturally, it is hard for kids to keep track of the time especially when half asleep. The design of this Learning Resources Tock the Learning Clock makes it enjoyable and comfortable to wake up.

While not compromising its functionality, this adorable robot allows kids to learn telling time. It features analog hands that shows time in hours and minutes plus a digital screen. That means it works like any other real clocks. When set in its question mode, it tells children to match the hands to the exact time displayed on the digital screen.

Not only do the kids learn telling time but also the session turns into a dancing party. In its musical fun mode, for every correct hand setting Tock rewards the young ones. It plays pieces of fun and dance-ready melodies making the room in a party mood.

This device allows kids to enjoy a good and peaceful rest at night. It is equipped with a night lighting function and an ‘Ok to Wake’ lighting. The feature changes color to show when to wake up and start the morning with a dance party.

  • Very educational

  • Excellently functions

  • Sleek design

  • Screen may malfunction

  • Color too bright

  • May break easily

12. DAYOO Kids Alarm Clock

Undoubtedly all kids’ items need to be cute and friendly. For that reason, the design of this DAYOO alarm clock has the young ones in mind. The device is made from environmentally friendly material, ABS. Thus, the manufacturer guarantees it is approved to be secure for kids. Even if it is received as a gift, you have a peaceful mind that there are no incidences of injuries.

This device boasts of its LED display and lighting brightness that is controlled by one tapping or touching. Thanks to its seven backlight colors it gives a soft dreamlike activated light. This creates an eccentric atmosphere within the room.

That means it is multifunctional with tasks such as wake up lights, multi-colored nighttime lights, mood night lighting, atmosphere lighting, interior lighting, bedroom clocks, and wake up clock. The screen as well shows the date, indoor temperatures, and time in 12- and 24-hour systems.

This alarm clock is not only cute, but it also is compact. Certainly, it will look great on the desk or bedside table while adding some excellent decorative colors to your home.

  • Kid-friendly

  • Warranty included

  • Lovely and compact

  • Features could be confusing

  • May gradually stop working

  • Unclear instructions

Types of Kids Alarm Clocks

Here are some of the ways that alarm clocks are classified.

Power source

One key thing that will enable you to enjoy the convenience of an alarm clock is when it is running. Yes, the power source matters since without it the device will be as good as dead. Some of the available models are electric driven, battery-powered or wind. The different options give an opportunity to choose the one that best suits your home. Even better you will only go for the most economical one. Something that you simply set once and forget.


Alarm Clocks today have lots of features that ensure you get something more than normal devices. It should not be hard to read when in the dark, and so a handy display should be included. As a result of this, it is key to buy the one that is easy to use. Perhaps if it is a multilingual speaking and multipurpose unit. Well, it would also be nice if it comes with the ability to play music, have Bluetooth speakers and even connectivity.

Being able to see the time even in the night, is much better to reduce the worry about kids not seeing and reading the numbers. Digital models are classier and good looking thus reducing frustrations hazards on the bedside table. Guaranteed much more can be added to alarm clocks to ensure they wake you up as programmed.


The material used for constructing alarm clocks determines a lot of things in it. of course, kids need sturdy products that will last for a long time. That means that even if it falls off from the table or is accidentally knocked down, it is not likely to break or crack. The location that you live in also determines if it gets damaged or will retain its original looks.

Remember however quality comes with a price tag and so the necessary care should be taken.

The materials available include faux leather, glass, metal, resin, and plastic.

Be sure to choose the one having a modern and vibrant look. These will be very interesting for the kids and adds appeal. The key concern, of course, is how it can easily chip and break to avoid hazards in a kid’s room.


Alarm clocks are often an investment even if intended for use as gifting. Therefore, the units should have aesthetically pleasing looks. Even so, the shape determines the size and added features. The good thing is that the market offers various models with different shapes. From the traditional square or rectangular types to the novelty and oval, everyone finds something suitable for their needs.

Be sure to choose one that fits the available room on the desk or bedside table. Something compact will not only be attractive but also look and feel great in every room. There is no reason for you not to have fun by expressing yourself with an alarm clock. Buying the one having your favorite shape or design will make you smile when you look at it.

FAQ Section 

Do children need specific alarm clocks?

Absolutely, the needs of kids vary depending on their age. For instance, for five-year-olds who are undergoing sleep training will find wake-up clocks highly beneficial. The device will tell them the right sleep and wake up times. This cuts on the needs for wake-up calls early in the morning from the parent. The good thing is the parental controls included. No child can change the settings or even think of turning off the alarm.

Why does my child need an alarm clock?

In addition to being fun thanks to the many available choices, alarm clocks are also educational. Indeed, the devices teach children how to read time and learn the right sleep and wake up time. If the kids sleep heavily, the device will help them get up in the morning. For the light sleepers, choosing the model having Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play sounds from the bedside table. From nature songs to favorite stories, the child will be soothed to fall asleep.

Is the children’s alarm clock just for use by the kids?

No. The devices are intended to be used to teach kids sleep habits and change annoying bedtime behaviors. That means they are certainly as much intended for both parents and the kids. With a range of various features, such as snooze button, alarm sounds, wake-up lights, nap timer, among others you will easily find the perfect clock to ensure you get better sleep.


Interestingly, kids generally take time to understand the theory of time. The good thing, however, is they can relate to sounds, colors, and features to identify some aspects. When it comes to sleep time or when to wake up, it is good to buy an alarm clock. The design of the devices is to educate and allow interaction while offering sleep training for a better night’s sleep. Hopefully, the compiled list of the best alarm clock for 5-year-old makes it easy to make the informed purchase decision. The devices are designed with young children’s personalities and interests in mind. So, it will undoubtedly be fun, useful and interactive for waking up.

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