Top 5 Best Under Cabinet Radio Reviews

Music lovers who spend a lot of time in the kitchen often consider installing under cabinet radios. Unlike the other models, the uniquely designed radio is usually fixed under the cabinets. The units have simple styles and occupies small space making it light. With this installed, you can operate while also carrying out tasks. This review looks at five best under cabinet radios that are practical and good-looking.

So you can better understand the features of the models currently available in the market. Read ahead and have a hassle-free purchasing and entertainment experience.

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Best Under The Cabinet Radio Buying Guide

Best Under The Cabinet Radio Buying Guide
Best Under The Cabinet Radio Buying Guide

Technology has made mobile users become dependent so manufacturers adapt it to remain relevant. So since the inception of the first under cabinet radios, things have changed. Unlike other radios, under cabinet, kitchen radio models are made to add convenience while cooking. Owning such is not difficult but getting the right is daunting. So when shopping ensure you consider factors as:


For you to get the best out of a radio, consider its style, color, and ergonomics. Aesthetics determines functionality and if it fits perfectly in the allocated space. The design should complement the existing cabinets and appliances. So always think about your kitchen’s layout, and pick something to be installed near the sink, stove. However, if this is not practical go for what could be comfy.


There are designs that have been updated by manufacturers to current versions that can connect easily. Should your favorite type not have received this then it is worth to search for close by wired connections. In case, your under cabinet radio needs a kitchen makeover to install cover the required cables in the base. Running wires is quite expensive in such a project.


Once you identify the nearby cable connection and is ready for mounting, then understand the company’s user instructions. Check the recommended mount holes and drill as required by the manufacturer. The process should not be demanding but quite easy. Since the key marketing feature of any under cabinet radio is the ability to save space. The model should have its mounting hardware provided. Indeed, your countertop has no shelf for placing your radio so expect to find these.


Many consumers are often vocal about convenience that a product offers. But where you put your item is either a make or a breakpoint to it. So you must mount it away from extremely hot places because this leads to damages. Ensure the countertop is secure enough and without any form of splash or spills. The radios like other equipment are sensitive so remain confident as you use them.

Sound quality

Never sacrifice this aspect because you are working in the kitchen. Current under cabinet radio models provide sufficient decibel range that is heard over mixers and blenders. The audio system should also be robust enough for high-quality sound.

Top 5 Best Under Cabinet Kitchen Radio Review

1. Sony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock Radio

Sony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock Radio
Sony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock Radio

The Sony ICF-CDK50 has existed in the market for a long time. If you ask anyone about the best under cabinet radio, then many will suggest it. One thing people love about it is because it produces some powerful performance. When installed you enjoy its bass reflex and deep bass sound. This also comes out clearly than what other models disperses. Therefore, you can hear your music well from various angles.

The radio looks very basic with well-placed front buttons. Operating it is known to be very user-friendly unlike the other options. Another key feature is that it is digital thus can deliver perfect sound. Its digital music players are supported with the included audio cable. Installation process is easy and takes a short time. Drilling holes is not necessary or even buying an extra support system.

The radio has AM/FM and also can store around 15 stations. Furthermore, it has a one-touch timer that helps you do your cooking in good timing. The accessory can play CD and also CD-R/RW. It simple design moreover makes it to blend well with other home decors.

  • Occupies small space

  • Easy to operate

  • Amazing audio quality

  • Excellent coverage

  • Simple installing process

  • Backlight design reduces visibility

  • Static destroys sound quality

2. iLive iKBC384S Bluetooth Under the Cabinet Radio with CD Player

iLive iKBC384S Bluetooth Under the Cabinet Radio with CD Player
iLive iKBC384S Bluetooth Under the Cabinet Radio with CD Player

Finding the best under cabinet radio is usually a hard task. Fortunately, iLive iKBC384S units are here to bring your search to an end. The model is very common and has existed for a longer time. The features evidently confirm why it is worth considering for purchase. It has some fine color and stylish design which makes it to match well with other home settings. Besides, its slim outline makes mounting very easy and not noticeable.

If you are looking for a model with strong Bluetooth technology and light, then this is the best radio for your kitchen. The connectivity allows you to stream music from your device and get matchless listening experience and control. This also enables you to tune on for news, favorite music, traffic and weather updates. Its 20 preset station options enable you to save and select your ideal stations.

The featured LCD screen has a digitized sound control and bright backlight. With this, you can set an adequate noise amount as you desire. The controls are user-friendly to facilitate simple operation. Its big screen also gives clear viewing since it is well-lit. Kitchen timers aids all the cooking operations.

  • Easy to install

  • Looks excellent

  • Alarm and radio sounds are good

  • Simple to use

  • Sometimes louder and need adjustment

  • Not good reception is not great

3. JENSEN SMPS-628 Under Cabinet Universal Bluetooth Music System

JENSEN SMPS-628 Under Cabinet Universal Bluetooth Music System
JENSEN SMPS-628 Under Cabinet Universal Bluetooth Music System

The JENSEN SMPS-628 under cabinet radio is designed to provide some amazing music experience while cooking.  Many users choose this model because it has a classic design that blends well with traditional and recent decors. If conveniently set up, you can listen to music from different sources. This model also saves up your kitchen space used.

It comes with a LED screen to allow for quick time reading. Perhaps this is a bonus feature since the device can light up your kitchen’s working area up to four times. In addition, it has an electronic volume control to produce a clear high-grade sound. The music reaches your ears less affected or distorted by other nearby frequencies.

Mounting the unit needs only basic tools, skills and insignificant time. That means you have no need to look for an expert to help during the installation. It comes with all the needed hardware, four screws, and four spacers and simple instructions.

The FM stereo receiver contains presets and a PLL control. That means you certainly have no worry in case the remote is misplaced. It is powered by an AC adaptor generating 120V and has a battery backup included.

  • Easy to install

  • Nice design

  • Durable construction

  • Decent sound quality and reception

  • Low sound quality for NPR.

  • The axillary input provided is not perfect

4. Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet AM/FM Table Top Analog Radio

Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet AM/FM Table Top Analog Radio Wooden
Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet AM/FM Table Top Analog Radio Wooden

Sangean WR-11 radio is a compact and full-featured kitchen counter compliment. Since the design of this unit does not allow it to be moved often, the weight is an advantage. The wooden radio is made from strong MDF making it have a useful appearance. This also improves its sound quality. Overall, the looks and feel are impressive as the radio is worth showing to friends.

The same is easy to operate all you need is to plug it and choose either AM/FM using the tuning knob. This model features an auxiliary inbuilt jack that allows its users to enjoy a personal audio source. Choose either from the inside FM antenna, or connect this external antenna. Its AM-band reception is surprisingly effective and makes it easy to listen to desired AM stations that other indoor radios cannot receive.

The radio has only one speaker that powers its sound experience. But it is all that is needed. It measures 3-inches and produces 65 watts and features a large magnet. This is responsible for the deep bass which is surprisingly powerful and well balanced for all music types. Many people prefer this radio because of its simpler approach and old school appealing features.

  • Mid-priced

  • Matchless quality

  • Beautiful feeling

  • Not any battery type is accepted

  • Hard to save the favorite stations

5. AUNA KR-140 Kitchen Radio with LED Work Surface Lighting

auna Surface Lighting • Silver
auna Surface Lighting • Silver

The auna KR-140 is another good addition to the kitchen accessories. This entertainment device not only have good looks but also has practical functionality. Many music lovers appreciate its simple design that contributes to its easy installation. The package comes with mounting hardware and manufacturer’s instructions to aid in the mounting process.

One thing that majority of users agree on is that the radio stays safe after installation. Due to this aspect, it is not prone to interference and alteration. This in addition to the worthy in-built speakers makes it to produce powerful sound quality.

The 40 Station Preprogrammed feature makes it to be listed among the most multipurpose in this range. This usefulness makes selection of the preferred station to be easy and also convenient.

Even more, it comes with a well-lit LED screen for choosing the functions and give an awareness about its current operations. The lightning illuminated the cooking area very well. It is moreover easy to operate and clean later on. This radio boasts of a simple 4.1 Bluetooth interface. The feature provides easy connectivity to other gadgets and a hands-free use ability. Radio lovers choose this model as they remain in touch even when cooking.

  • Powerful sound quality

  • Occupies small space

  • Mounting is simple

  • Extended service

  • Screen light sometimes need adjustment

FAQ Section

Which under cabinet radio with an excellent reception do you recommend?

Although the above models are the most recommended by us because of good reception, we make this point clear. One main reason that made most of the radio stations to switch to FM during the 1970s was to enable the listeners not to feel the frustrating static. There are radio shows and niche stations that still use AM. This means they are prone to being static if used around power lines. So ensure the select model is not mounted somewhere close to any AC source.

Can you recommend any under cabinet radio having an external antenna?

For practicality and safety purposes, we cannot recommend a particular model having an external antenna. Keeping in mind that extended radio antennas are a safety threat within the kitchen, it is not worth considering. Never forget the truth that some models having internal antennas have issues. But they can in turn be the best fit even in places having poor reception.

How do I install and mount this device?

From the name, under cabinet radio with external antenna, usually they are installed under a cupboard or a cabinet. The best and common place is the kitchen to help save the available counter space. During purchase it comes with its mounting hardware like the fasteners and brackets. Ensure you check the installation guidelines to you put everything in place. Always the removal is more of the reverse of its installation. The aim of buying such radios over the traditional ones is to have convenience. So enjoy this by buying what you can set up without the need for calling for technical assistance.

Final Verdict

Finally, this review is intended to show the best under cabinet radios. Getting an ideal pick has never been a walk into the park. While purchasing, focusing on aspects including audio quality, ease of operating, materials of design, reliability, among others is vital. The features will make your work in the kitchen space more fun and not unexciting.

Generally, the designs of these nits fit well even in little space inside the counter cabinets. You can listen to favorite shows or even play favorite music conveniently. With the above recommendations, you get to enjoy working here.  The listed options above mean you have no need to keep searching anymore. Pick any one model and you will find it is evidently worth buying.

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