What Should Photographers Wear At Weddings?

As a photographer you are not bound to any outfit. However, it is important to note that you are representing a personal brand. Dress like a professional as you are the sole advertiser of a reputable business. Keep in mind that the ceremony gives you the platform to showcase your skills. The guests might interact with you at a certain moment. This translates to referrals.

Out there you can get a lot of opinions on what to wear at a wedding ceremony. The best advice you can get is Don't Stand Out. This is the groom's and bride's day. They are the only people allowed to attract attention.

What Should Photographers Wear At Weddings?
What Should Photographers Wear At Weddings?

For Men

Male photographers have it easy when it comes to selecting what to wear. informal weddings, just dress pants, a button-up shirt, jacket, and tie. Baggy clothing is a put off as they will make you uncomfortable. Well-fitting clothes make you look like a professional.

Wedding Photographer Attire Male
Wedding Photographer Attire Male

For Ladies

Female photographers love to feel creative with clothing. It is okay to show off your fashion. Though this is work and it should be respected. A knee-length cocktail dress with some shorts of spandex looks professional and presentable. With this kind of dressing, you can do any shot at any given angle with ease. There are other classic options but simple and comfy is the way to go.

Female Photographer
Female Photographer

What Should a Photographer Wear to a Wedding

Here are some guidelines that you should be aware of while shooting a wedding.

Wedding Photographer Clothes
Wedding Photographer Clothes

1. Comfortable Shoes

At the wedding, you will be on your feet most of the time in the entire day. So have good and comfortable shoes. You never know what you will need to do to have that better shot. You might need to climb on a ledge, step on a puddle or crawl through the fields. Sandles, sneakers and flip flops are a no-no.

2. Look Elegant

Remember you are a brand. The look on you plays a big role in self-advertisement. If it means to wear all black, do it. Simple tailored clothing is a great choice too. It makes you look sharp with a professional vibe. Avoid anything too casual like denim and shorts. Your clothing should be practical for easy movements.

3. Consult When in Doubt

Some couples may be too religious or cultural. To be sure of the right attire, ask the client about the theme dress code. In some cultures, white symbolizes death and black is for mourning. Dress accordingly not to offend your client if you show up in the wrong garments.

4. Portray Modesty

The only flash that should come from you, is the camera flash. This is not the place for you to shine out. Low-cut tops, short skirts or extremely fitting clothes may grab guests' attention. It is not a good impression. Cover your body well such that you can stoop, bend or squat without giving anyone an eye view. Have an extra outfit in your bag in case the weather changes.

5. Carry Sunblocks

Your safety as a photographer comes first. Who would love to work with a careless person anyway? sunblocks are important ingredients as they protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Maintaining good looks implies an energetic person who can carry on with their work.

6. Dress to Blend

You are not a guest on this occasion and so avoid dressing like one. Do not decorate yourself with regalia or anything that attracts your attention. Your dress code should blend with the background. Have plain decent clothes. "screaming" colors and prints will only let people talk about you and not talk to you.

7. Dress According to the Venue

The place where the wedding would take place gives a lot of cues on what to wear. If the venue is outside in a garden square, the dressing is different from if the wedding was to be held in a church or mosque.

8. Be Careful with Accessories

Just get a few pieces of jewelry that match your outfit. You are supposed to keep it simple. Avoid jewelry that symbolizes your faith or religion different from clients. Also, don't do colorful accessories as it distracts people from ceremony proceedings.

Most established photographers get to the extent of assigning a uniform for that particular day. Others ask their assistants to wear in a specific manner to act as reflectors. This helps them to continue getting hired or recommended for similar positions. It does not matter whether you are the primary or lead photographer. The most important things to consider when selecting what to wear as the photographer is:

  • To look presentable and professional
  • To represent your brand and
  • To feel comfortable when taking shots

With these three in mind, you are sure that you will show up at that wedding prepared.

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