Best Light Timers Home Security

As we all know, the night is dark and full of terrors. It is safe to assume that you will find yourself plagued by thoughts of unwanted intrusion at your home, especially when you are out on vacation or taking a time-out from the immense workload.

Therefore, when it comes to home technology, you would most likely choose to invest in making your home security better. As the dust settles, do not make it easy for the burglars to be evil! Get yourself the best light timers to assure optimum safety for your home when you are out and about.

Ergo, if you plan even briefly to leave your home unattended, consider keeping your lights on a timer and make sure to lock up.

#List of Top Light Timers – Our Editors Picks:

Buying Tip To Choose Best Light Timers For Home Security

Chances are you might find yourself overwhelmed with the range of options available in the market. So, it is best to get the overall gist of the features and attributes before you make the purchase.

  • User-Friendly

No one wants a device that is complicated to handle. When it comes to light timers, it is preferred to find one which is easy to use. Some devices tend to have complicated settings, which result in a complicated installation. Hence, it is recommended to find a light timer that possesses a simple activation process.

  • Category

There are several types of outlet timers, but basically, there is a digital model and a mechanical model. The digital timers are easier to use and offer more programming options, though mechanical timers are affordable and ensure higher reliability compared to digital timers.

  • Weatherproof/Waterproof

For both indoors and outdoors, your light timer must be impenetrable. With the constant change in weather conditions, a weatherproof device is a necessity. Let it be the snow or rain; your product will work marvelously. Since water can cause harm to electrical appliances, the waterproof attribute is a must.

Top 10 Light Timer Reviews

Since everyone is keen on keeping their house safe, the demand for light timers has significantly increased. And with higher demand comes greater supply. There are many manufacturers of light timers providing a range of features and options to choose from.

However, the searching process ends up being quite tedious. In this regard, to save your time and cater to you with the best options available in the market, we have narrowed down the list to 10 best light timers for home security.

1. BN-LINK 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer

When it comes to keeping your house safe from any burglary, it is the smart decision to get yourself a light timer that will confuse and put an impression of the place being occupied.

To turn it into reality, BN-LINK introduces cutting edge technology in their timers. It is programmed with a “random” mode. When activated, it possesses the power to make the house seem like someone’s living in it, resulting in the burglar’s bafflement. Talk about the ideal way to deceive the burglars.

Accordingly, the seven-day programmable timer gives you the leverage to choose the days when you want your lights to turn on and off. The hour and minute button must be pressed simultaneously for activation and deactivation of the daylight saving function.

When it comes to the durable aspect of a device, being extra careful bodes well. This product by BN-LINK features a long-running backup power source through their battery. God forbid it, if there is any blackout, your device has it under control.

Also, this timer is configured to 8 different on/off programs that make matters much more interesting. Light timer plugs in an electrical outlet and consists of a switched outlet on the corner of the unit. These outlets can be managed at the same time without any trouble.

Furthermore, you can dial down the settings to as brief as one minute. The device is UL listed, meaning it has gone through several tests and research. In conclusion, it meets all the requirements to enlist it as recognized standards for safety. Its rating is 115V, 60 Hz, 15A/1725W.

  • Random” mode

  • Daylight saving time function

  • Eight different on/off programs

  • Failure within days

  • Difficulty while programing

2. APC 4-Outlet Wall Surge Protector

An innovative and efficient invention by APC that helps you save a great deal of time and energy. This device is loaded with attributes that help you convert your home to become automatic. When it comes to surge protection energy rating, it has a whopping 1080 Joules.

Let’s get one thing straight; this number is enormous. This rating, given in joules, suggests how much energy the surge protector can hold before fizzling out.

If you are worried about the power surges or the voltage spikes, rest assured because your device has enough protection to fight against such disasters. It is unethical to spend money replacing your stuff due to problems arising with the electrical issue.

Although this sort of problem is out of your hand, perhaps there is something that can work as your defense. With that being said, wall mounted surge protector are here for the rescue.

At the same time, it consists of 6 wall outlet surge protector to ensure ultimate protection from both electrical mishaps and sneaky thieves. Nobody likes illegal breaking except for the ones who are involved in it!

Moreover, APC features their device with 24 hours 4 timer adjustable outlet, which allows you to jointly set your outlets to turn off and on at any time of the day. This results in the maximum energy-saving, letting you have the privilege to go eco-friendly.

To add to the device’s charisma, it offers a lifetime guarantee. Who does not like to hear that? On top of that, it presents you with a $50,000 connected-equipment protection policy. Any of the juice coming out of your electrical sockets marches on to terminate your firewall and succeeds. So, place confidence in APC; you will have your compensation.

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Power surge protector wall mount

  • Four timer-controlled outlet

  • Outlets cannot be programmed separately

  • Can be hazardous

3. Fosmon C-10707US Outdoor Light Timer

Who is tired here over the tedious work of turning the light on and off? Wouldn’t it be great if the lights automatically get turned itself on? The future is here. With this particular light timer manufactured by Fosmon, you can do that exactly without any effort whatsoever.

It works like magic considering it has the capacity of ¾ HP, which ensures severe power consuming devices to function correctly.

However, whatever device you want to plug this light timer into, it pretty much has it all covered. So, why purchase equipment that does not cater to your needs? What’s the point? Since most of you tend to be in control more than anything, this light timer presents you with the supreme customizable 24-hour authority.

It will oblige all your requirements without you having to worry about the time constraint. To make it much easier for you, the dark part of the dial signifies dusk while the light part of the dial signifies dawn.

Setting it up is a walk in the park since everything is adequately indicated for a better understanding of the device. It is a must when opting for a light timer device that works at your command. Unlike other tools, it basically can be turned off just when you want it to go off. It would not delay the process anyhow.

Besides, it also includes 30-minute segments for easy setup and accurate timing. Since this device is mostly meant to be used outdoors, it will encounter varying weather conditions. Also, it is weatherproof, so whatever weather condition you throw at your water resistance rugged lid and casing, it has it all under control.

  • Customizable 24-hour control

  • 30-minute segment

  • Weather-resistant

  • Hard to use

  • Low-quality plastic

4. Nearpow Plug-in Digital Timer

When buying a device, it is ideal to ensure the safety tag at its prime. If the method is electrically influenced, it is more of a necessity.

However, this device is made with insulation material that inhibits the transmission of electricity, which will make sure you concede no harm. To protect the little kids from snooping around, it has a child lock function as well.

Additionally, it consists of power-off protection along with a warning tone. Both of these features guarantee the utmost safety. It also connects to a grounded receptacle of 120V.

Money and energy both are assets of ours that are top in the priority list. Nearpow manages to create a light timer that allows you to save both money and energy. This light timer has a 24-hour clock with the capability to be set to turn the power on and off three times throughout the day.

Furthermore, it can work in a continuous loop as the intermittent switch greatly works on time. It contains a minimum interval of 1 second. As most of you are inclined to the user-friendly category of the devices, this is one of the most crucial aspects that make a light timer more appealing to the users.

This device maintains this particular facet exceptionally well. For instance, its large LCD makes it easy to read. The entire process of setting is simple and straightforward. It is also capable of being used in a lot of home appliances.

As for the heavy-duty uses, do not exceed 800 watts. It is relatively simple in its functionality and also highly reliable for indoor appliances. Plus, it increases the overall productivity of your home.

  • Insulation material

  • Super large LCD

  • Interval circulation

  • The plastic melts

  • Difficult to program

5. DEWENWILS Outdoor Power Strip Stake Timer

If you have already watched the movie Home Alone, you already know how you can trick the intruder into believing someone’s at home. Kids, take notes. How about we bring you just that, with the added benefits that feed on the future of technology?

This DEWENWILS offers several timer choices. As soon as nightfall settles in, your lights will automatically turn off and vice versa.

You can customize the hour of the on and off schedule pretty quickly. And it is scheduled to repeat daily. What makes this light timer more fascinating is its remote control. By pressing a button, you can control your lighting at home or outdoors for a matter of fact.

You do not have to worry about the distance since the remote is wireless. Who likes to go outside every time to turn off the lights, right?

To stress more on the ability of the remote, it consists of 100ft RF signals, which means the walls and doors would not affect its signals. As long as you are under the radar of 100ft, you are good to go. Thus, the future is here. Nobody wants their device to fail as soon as a storm hits. The weather can be quite unpredictable.

Therefore, Dewenwils makes sure their product’s outlets are made with waterproof casing with the added benefits of protection from dust and damage. It also assures the utmost protection during overload and fire due to its SJTW cord and PPE material.

You can run six devices on its six outlets simultaneously without any hassle. Likewise, it comes with a 6ft cord that provides a broader range.

  • Multi timer

  • Remote control

  • Weatherproof

  • Small outlets

  • Remote stops working after a few months

6. Woods Countdown Timer

Being eco-friendly is one of the added benefits of using this light timer. Woods has revolutionized energy saving. How about we offer you a timer that releases you from the bounds of turning it on and off? It can be scheduled to turn on and off automatically. No need to keep yourself reminding of an extra hassle all the time.

If you decide to hop on a plane for a vacation, your home remains safe, thanks to its scheduled ability.

Plus, it can connect to various devices, including your coffee maker. Its versatility proves to flummox everyone. Easy-to-use devices are a top priority before purchasing anything. For most of you, wasting time on learning how to use something can get very dull. Well, for all of us sometimes.

However, this product offers you a variety of timer options that can be accessed simply by a single touch. This feature eradicates a lot of hassle. User-friendliness is guaranteed.

Similarly, there are many five timer settings to choose from. This device is suited for a wide range of devices, incandescent lights, and bulbs. So, couple this device with your lights, and you can experience the leisure of not worrying about it turning off. Furthermore, it can withstand 1000 watt of power along with 125V.

At a frequency of 60hz coupled with 15A general electrical current and 15A resistive, it can go a long way. With all things considered, it automatically switches off styling equipment,  bidding goodbye to any hazardous situation that can arise from heat-producing devices.

As a result, you are safe and sound at your home with a light timer, which helps live your life a little better.

  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly

  • Easy to use

  • Automatically turns off energy-consuming devices

  • Heats up easily

  • Design flaw

7. Intermatic TN311 15 Amp Timer

What makes this time so unique is its groundbreaking ability to work with high functioning devices that drain a lot of energy without failure.

Moreover, its user-friendliness is remarkable. You can easily program the light timer according to your choice. The most astonishing factor of this device is its ability to run without electricity. It takes energy saving to the next level, no doubt.

If you are someone who is looking for a timer to work for more than one appliance, this is it. It can work as good in an air conditioner as it is with the lights. And when it comes to managing and controlling this device, Intermatic offers triple settings for turning on and off. You can select your timer setting according to your preference.

Likewise, this one gives you a classic vibe with an astounding feature of 24-hour programming, along with the benefit of being able to plugin with a wide range of devices. The timer is ideal to be used indoors since it can directly be plugged into the wall.

Furthermore, it offers a 3-wire grounded plug and receptacle. The grounding path serves as a primary safety precaution. For those who are on a budget, this device is a solid choice. It consists of various features that add to its value, plus at an affordable price.

With its endless benefits, it ensures productivity and efficiency at your home. You can get yourself a super handy light timer that works excellent with heavy-duty devices without any hassle. What more can you want?

  • Easy to operate

  • 3-wire grounded plug

  • Uses no electricity

  • Noisy

  • Short life span

8. BN-LINK 24 Hour Plug-in Mechanical Timer Grounded

Another product of BN-LINK pops us in this review. Since it is a renowned brand for manufacturing the best light timers, it is bound to happen. Most mechanical timer tends to carry a bunch of loose parts to program it.

However, this time got rid of all those stuff and featured a user-friendly design. You can set your timer according to your choice through its built-in pin dial. Also, to turn it on and off, move the toggle pin.

When it comes to power, this device is perfect for being a small appliance at your home. Feel free to enjoy the benefits of your automatic appliance.

You might find your product arriving in a brand named Century, but they are just rebranding their name to BN-LINK. The quality remains top-notch at all times, no need to stress over its grade.

On the other hand, this convenient device helps you save a lot of time and energy. The product is UL listed to eliminate all of your concerns. For those who are worried about the safety issues, you can take a chill pill. Quality and safety will be exceptional at all costs.

Setting up this device is quite simple; just put the current time and then set the time you want it to turn off automatically.

There is a total of 48 on and off programs that help make your experience much more productive. Some of you intend to set complex timing, and perhaps you are wondering if it is possible. Unlike other products, you can use segment tabs with a 15-minute interval. The timer can be used as an interval timer, as well.

  • Ease of maneuverability

  • 48 on/off programs

  • Built-in pin dial

  • Do not keep time

  • Not a silent device

9. Urban Farmer Programmable Digital Timer

If you are someone who wants to grow your plants properly, this product by Urban Farmer is made for you. It consists of a hydroponic system kit that allows you to make the best out of your garden. You can manage a better outcome from your greens by adjusting a wide range of light fixtures.

As it is a digital device, it is user-friendly as well as the setup procedure is pretty simple. The LED screen helps to select your choice much easy.

This seven-day programmable timer feature helps you choose any day of the week to maintain the amount of light on your plants. For instance, if you want to turn the lights on Sunday and turn it off on Monday, you can effortlessly do it. They provide you with eight alternatives.

You can schedule timing to veer off any burglar from your premises by tricking them into believing someone’s at home.

Accordingly, Urban Farmer provides a backup battery to maintain itself during electrical failure or blackout. It has a small, compact design with a grounded triple-prong plug. For those who are looking for indoor light timers, this is it. Furthermore, it accents two side outlets, which can use two grow lights simultaneously.

Talk about versatility; this product has a wide range of features that makes it much more effective and productive. If you are worried about the environment, this eco-friendly device helps you cut down on energy consumption significantly. Also, for those who are concerned about the setup, it is a simple procedure that requires no effort.

  • Eight timer options

  • 7 day programmable timer

  • Energy saving

  • Battery issues

  • Instructions not good enough

10. BN-LINK 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Timer

When it comes to being multitalented, this product by BN-LINK surpasses all. This two-pack light timer gives you the privilege to configure eight on and off programs as per timer consists of two grounded outlets.

Along with its solid programming features, it has the highest accord when it comes to user-friendliness and simplicity during set up.

On top of that, what makes this product the best is its scheduling abilities, you can schedule your timing, and it will simply abide by your commands. You have the advantage of choosing any day.

Moreover, with just a single press, you can switch to daylight saving mode. In a situation when the electrical services failed, this product will work fine since it has a backup battery.

It contains a built-in feature that allows you to safely leave your home at the light timer’s hands when you are out on vacation. The ‘random’ mode ensures an impression of someone being at home if targeted by sneaky thieves. For the activation of this mode, the ‘hour’ and the ‘week’ button needs to be pressed simultaneously.

When a product is UL listed, you are automatically inclined to purchase it more since the worries for safety measures are exterminated. Subsequently, it is always easier to handle a digital device than a manual one.

It also consists of a small red LED indicator that lights up only when the outlets are at use. Technology has come a long way, and it has been providing us with quality performance and reliable execution since then.

  • UL listed

  • Random mode

  • Eight on and off programs

  • Sometimes does not turn on and off at scheduled

  • Fire hazard

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a look at the most frequently asked questions related to light timers:

Q. What is a light timer?

It is a device that consists of a 24-hour clock, which has the power to turn lights on and off several times throughout the day. You can select the timing.

Q. Can light timers cause a fire?

A timer is likely to cause a fire, just like any faulty electrical device that suffers from overload or damaged cords. Before making the purchase, all things must be checked and tested for defective equipment.

Q. Do light timers save electricity?

Yes, as it possesses the ability to turn appliances on and off by your desired setting. It saves energy through the process. Plus, it also saves your money.

Q. Is it safe to leave the light on all night?

If you want to scare away the burglars and protect your home from unwanted intruders, of course, it is safe to leave the light on.

Q. Do mechanical timers use electricity?

No only digital timers use electricity.

Final Verdict

Finally, we are in the endgame now. If you have come up to this point, not only you got to know about the importance of owning a light timer but also know how helpful it can be in case of home security.

You are now familiar with all the options and aspects concerning your products; it is time to choose the best light timers home security.

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