How To Hide TV Wires Without Cutting Wall

The main reason as to why one would want to hide TV cords in living is for safety measures. TV wires, when left out, pose a potential danger for young ones if accessible. Another reason is to make the living room look neat. There are various ingenious hacks to hide the stray and messy cables without cutting the wall. Especially to those renting where screwing holes on walls is forbidden. Do not worry here are creative methods that can help.

Hide Tv Wires In Wall Kit
Hide Tv Wires In Wall Kit

How To Hide TV Cables in a Solid Wall

With technology becoming more and more a part of our lives, televisions are becoming an increasingly common household item. However, with this increased popularity often comes unsightly cords and cables running across rooms and through doorways. Here's how to hide TV cables in a solid wall.

1. Buy Cover Cables and Cut Them Accordingly

Buy Cover Cables and Cut Them Accordingly
Buy Cover Cables and Cut Them Accordingly

Cable covers are flat plastic stripes that are used to attach the wall using double-sided adhesive. First, remove the material protecting the cord cover. Measure out lengths required. Mark a symbol at the needed length and carefully cut using a pair of scissors or a handheld saw. Make sure you have enough cords to avoid unsightly gaps.

2. Hide Cables

Place the cables carefully over the base that you have just mounted. Snap the cable cover to conceal. Other kinds just slide to cover or snap at the top or bottom. Read the manufacturer's instructions to know what kind you have. Have a paint that matches your house decor and paint using a pointer tap.

How To Hide Tv Wires On Brick Wall
How To Hide Tv Wires On Brick Wall

3. Place a Piece of Furniture Strategically

Have an item like a desk or bookshelf in the right place and conceal the cables. A large leafy indoor potted plant also works magic. Then use self-sticking clips to attach cords underneath or at the sides of those items.

Sometimes you can live the wires in plain sight and still make them look great. Be creative and have an image of either a city, object, or name of your loved one with the wires. For you to achieve this, the first outlines the wall with a pencil that can easily be erased. Measure the length of the cords with a string and do the art-craft fitly. The wires can be mounted using mounting tape.

5. Feed wires through a TV stand

Put the electrical tangled wires behind a mounted TV. Put the wires in a nicely tied notch. Hide at the back of the TV using recessed cable plates and ensure they are cannot be seen. Guests might think you have wireless and new system media.

6. Make a wood frame and cover in in fabric

Get a fabric that fits in the wall color and furniture in the room. Get four studs and attach them in a rectangular shape with screws or strong glue. Staple the wood frame with the fabric. Make a hole that can be used to mount the TV. Use adhesive strips to put up the frame against the wall. Get all the wire behind the frame. This is TV cable management at its best.

7. Use raceways to hide messy cables

A raceway is a flow-through system that provides a safe route for electric cables. Get one that goes with your house theme. Insert wires through it. Mount it slightly above the baseboard. Such that it looks like it was part of the baseboard molding.

8. Use a rug

If your rug hugs the wall it can be used to hide the TV cables. Tuck the wires nicely under the edge of your rug where it cannot be stepped on. Stepping on wires repeatedly under a piece of cloth can cause wires to fray. Ensure the place you tuck the wires is not easily accessed.

9. Color your cables

Untangle your cables and make them straight. Get different color accents and wrap the wires. Each wire should have a different color scheme. The TV room will be neatly organized. Even if a wire strays into sight, it won't be a bother. The sudden flash of a colorful object delights eyes.

The above choices do not need a technician to perform them. It can be done by any adult without taking up much of your time. Choose one that suits you the best. You do not need to use the extra money. Hide the cords behind other objects or be creative and turn your cords into a piece of art. Whichever method you choose, plan fast. Get those cords in order and have a gorgeous entertainment room.

Conclusion on Ways to Hide TV Cables in a Solid Wall

  1. Decide where you want to place your TV
  2. Measure the space and purchase a cable cover kit
  3. Cut a hole in the wall using a drywall saw
  4. Feed the cables through the hole and attach the cover plate
  5. Screw the cover plate into place and enjoy your new, cable-free TV!
Achieving a clean look in your living room or office is now possible with the help of TV cables. If you are tired of seeing all those cords, there are easy ways to hide them out of sight. By following these few steps, you will be able to affordably update any space so it looks updated and modern without having to spend too much time on installation. You can follow our blog for more information about how we've hidden wires before!

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