How To Mount A TV On The Wall Without Studs

The safest way to protect your flat-screen TV from damage is by mounting it on the wall. This is not only safe but also creates an entertainment center room like. The mounting creates space and has a presentable neat look. The TV is mounted where there are studs on the wall. Stud is a framing material that is partitioned on the wall which laths and plasterboard are nailed on.

how to mount tv on wall without studs

What if the wall has no studs? This is the question that comes into mind to those that want to mount their televisions but they live in those old houses. These are the houses that were built long ago when mounting had not been invented. The building might not even permit burying of tv cords into the wall. Worry not, this article will guide you step by step.

how to install tv wall mount without studs

Step By Step Guides On How To Mount A TV Without Studs

  1. Know the weight of the TV to be mounted. Use a weighing scale or get from the manual leaflet that comes with the TV. If both ways are inaccessible, Google the TV manufacturers’ website. Open the site and search the specific TV model at hand. Here is you get useful information including on weight. Different walls bear different weights.
  2. Select a hollow wall or the side of the wall that you would like to mount the TV. If you happen to be unsure of the wall, call the agent or landlord for clarity. Especially when it comes to making changes. Just know that the place mounted should at eye level.
  3. Hold the TV mount bracket and mark with a pencil your decided location. Two wall mounts are articulating mount and tilting mount. Measure the location carefully to ensure they are at a consistent height. Just have a few anchors to avoid wall destruction.
  4. Drill a hole where the anchor will go. The pilot hole is to ensure that the anchor starts its path smoothly and hits the location you want to mount. Drill more anchors to secure a thick piece of plywood.
  5. Get a piece of plywood. Cut it wide enough with a drywall saw to hold up the TV. Use toggle bolts to hold the plywood into place. Once you are done with plywood, take the toggles and replace them with screws. Take the TV bracket that attaches the TV’s back and screw it well on the plywood.
  6. With a screwdriver, tighten the screws both on plywood and bracket. Have that maximum holding power. Ensure it is perfectly lined up with the drilled holes. Mostly use the screws that are compatible with the TV mount.
  7. The brackets are designed in such a way that it can hook on the TV. The hooks are to attach the TV in its place. Lift the TV vigilantly or have someone help you to lift and position the hooks in the right channels and clip it. Once you have hooked the TV with the right channels, clip it. Recheck if all screws are tightened. Tighten them accordingly if need be.
  8. Step back from the TV and verify its viewing level. If it does not suit well, hold it by its sides and rotate it slowly but sure and make your desired adjustments. The TV might not revolve so you need to loosen the screws and reposition.
  9. Get all the hanging cords down the wall and hide them behind the mounted TV. They can also be kept in a rubber gasket. To keep the area surrounding the TV neat and presentable.
  10. Finally, you have made it. You have successfully mounted your TV without studs.

Final Thought

Remember not all TVs come with their compatible hardware to attach. In this case, you need to choose a safety-tested mount that can endure the TV for a long period. It is also worth to know that there are also walls that cannot support a TV mount.  Moreover, the mounts have the capacity to only cater for the small televisions. Just be careful when choosing an approach. Ensure you got the right tools, time and patience. Ask for assistance if necessary to avoid the TV crumbling down after installation.

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