Which Alarm Clock Display Colors Helps You Sleep Without Disturbance?

Sleep is the most important part of our life because it is the only thing that gives us a chance for full refreshment. Without it, life seems meaningless.

So, how will you feel if you just woke up without a complete sleep because of the disturbances that you might have faced during the time your eyes were completely shut off? An awful feeling, right!

As technologies are upgrading, people are shifting towards smartphones even more. You will surely feel empty if you don’t have your beloved device by your side. If you have to wake up on time and you prefer to use it as an alarm clock, you won’t have a good sleep, unfortunately.

Your loving device emits typically blue light, and if you prefer to check your texts or emails before sleeping, your eyes will be wide awake. The reason is that the blue light plays a very good role in confusing your mind to think that it is daytime. Thus, if your brain believes that, you will have a hard time sleeping.

In that sense, the best idea will be that you should go for an alarm clock and make your room a Smartphone free environment. The most critical aspect will be that your clock should have a soothing display color that will help you sleep without disturbance.

The following article is written to solve this kind of problem. With the help of this article, you will be able to find out which color will help you sleep like a newborn baby so that you can start your day fresh. Read on to find out more.

The Best Alarm Clock Display Color

The Best Alarm Clock Display Color
The Best Alarm Clock Display Color

Usually, you will think of blue and white colors as you have been seeing or hearing about it for a very long time. But this information is wrong as these colors won’t provide you any soothing sensation to make your sleep a comfortable one. Instead, it will ruin your mood and might make you depressed out of the blue.

However, have no fear, because the research says that you should go for the display color red when you are planning to buy the alarm clock.

Why Red Color?

It might sound surprising, but the red color is perfect for reducing the depressive symptoms of your mind. The color will change the connection between your brain and the link of depression. Due to that, you will have a positive mindset if you use this display-colored alarm clock.

Likewise, if you are exposed to this color during the nighttime, you will be an optimistic person with time. This is due to the constant repetition of the exposure of red color and the change in the neural pathway of your brain.

The red color has a lower color temperature, and it is very much lower than that of sunlight. The lower temperature will reduce your headache during your sleeping time, and if you have any sleeping disorder, it will get restored.

There is a natural hormone in your body known as melatonin, which takes part in the regulation of your sleeping and waking up. If you are exposed to the red light before you start falling asleep, the melatonin hormone gets released into your body. This released hormone will prevent you from staying awake in your sleeping schedule.

Drawbacks of Blue Color

In the retina of your eyes, there are photosensitive cells known as ‘Intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs)’. These cells are very powerful in detecting any kind of light.

When it detects, it immediately sends messages to a specific part of your brain that helps operate the body’s circadian clock. This clock is the body’s master or leader clock that helps in controlling the sleeping and awakening state of people. These cells are highly sensitive to blue lights and least sensitive to red lights.

If you get exposed to blue light during your sleeping time, the cells will signal your brain in a way that will disrupt your normal waking and sleeping pattern. Unfortunately, if this goes on for a long period, you will have a very bad mood at the beginning of your day.

Along with the blue light, white lights also play the same role when it comes to sensitivity. Although the darkness is the best choice to go for, when it comes to the alarm clock, always pick the red display color.    

Disadvantages Due to Lack of Sleep

Change in sleep patterns negatively triggers our mood and will make you less focused on everything. This generates less productivity onto you, and due to that, you will make a sudden wrong decision without analyzing it carefully. Many health problems arise due to a lack of sleep. Some of them are:

1. Gain in Weight

If you feel tired the moment you wake up, you are already losing. You won’t be motivated to go for a workout and will be lazy throughout the whole day. As a result, you will get fat. Not only that, small sleep cycles might cause you to have Type II diabetes.

2. Inflammation

You will have inflammation in your stomach during the time you eat if you are sleeping for very small or overly large hours.

3. Bad Cognitive Function

Some of the mental traits we already mentioned above. Apart from that, lack of sleep will make you unaware of the world around you and will make you a lousy performer if you are an athlete.

Features for Your Alarm Clock

Before you head out to the mall to buy your desired alarm clock, here are some features that you should consider first.

1. Design

Like smartphones, people prefer to buy devices that give stylish outlooks. In the case of the alarm clock, you should buy the one that has useful functions and most importantly that provides the red display color.

Also, you should check which clock has the easy features that you can use without any hesitation. That’s because when you wake up with the alarm sound, there is a gap between your conscious and unconscious state. Therefore, we highly recommend that you should go for the one that has a flexible turn-off switch.

2. Brightness

The different clock comes with a diverse brightness range. As already mentioned, avoid buying the blue or white display-colored one. You wouldn’t prefer your sleep to be a restless one. After all, sleep should be relaxing in all cases.

Pick the red one and consult with the supplier regarding this. They will give you some additional advice that might be beneficial for you in the long run.

3. Sounds

Some clocks come with a soothing sound, while some are built to provide sounds with higher frequency. So, go for the one that fits your requirements. The latest technology alarm clock comes with different customized sounds. You can add your favorite song, or even you can add some beautiful natural sounds to start your day with positivity.

Not only that, you can even adjust the sound level to start from being lower and gradually increase its way up to be louder.

4. Additional Features

If you are positive about all the mentioned features and you still need some extra, it won’t be a problem after all. You will find various alarm clocks with vibrations and might help you out to wake you up from a deep sleep. If sounds don’t work, vibrations will get the job done.

Furthermore, you can even look for the one that will double its brightness with time. During the time you wake up, it turns on with a dim light and will gradually get brighter when you get up from your bed.

If you have a partner and both of you prefer to wake up at different times, go for the one that comes with a dual alarm time system. In this way, no one will get tensed for their awakening time.

Some Tips

  • If you have a family, buy more than one alarm clock so that all of them can reap the benefits out of it. Not only will you stay disciplined, but you will also be a healthier person along with that.
  • Search for the different clock on the website before you go to the shopping mall. That’s how you can adjust your budget along with the price of the clock.
  • Inform others about the benefit of having red display colors in the alarm clock. You can also teach the kids about this so that they can take precautions beforehand as they grow up.
  • Consult with your family and friends before you buy it. Make sure you talk with the suppliers for additional advice as well.
  • If you still have sleeping disorders despite using the red display alarm clock, consult with a doctor as soon as possible.


Try out the red color and feel the change in your health and happiness. Be an optimistic person, and your life will change without a shadow of a doubt.

Always sleep without any kind of disturbance or distraction.

Take care of yourself!

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