The 10 Best Sewer Camera Reviews

The mission of checking out what is happening on the drainage systems is hard to handle using bare eyes. In these situations, it is undoubted that you will need sewer cameras. Choosing to invest in one seems costly, but in the end it truly pays off with a plethora of benefits.

Instead of shopping by guessing, it would be worth looking for information first. While some reviews potentially lead to the right products, others could end up breaking the system and cause losses. Of course, looking for the best sewer camera is quite overwhelming because the market provides many options.

Using this guide, you will not only inspect the unit effortlessly. But also you will tell the extent and of any trouble. Read on and decide on what suits your needs.

# List of the Best Sewer Inspection Camera – Our Top Pics

Buying Guide To The Best Sewer Camera

Many different sewer cameras are available for use. So it worth checking out the top considerations to pick the right one. Some include:

i. Model

Controlling cameras is extremely challenging. And so it is good to know the type well and how its features work. The best one should capture the views of the system at 360 degrees on the front view and sides. Apart from that, directing the device to go through a pipe with a sharp bend can be difficult.

Tackle this challenge by choosing a high-end model. Some manufacturers often incorporate robots into the cameras. Others have a thrust pan-tilt design that runs through heavy traffic on the pipes. Most notably, it should be water-resistant. And it is an important factor worth considering. The camera should work without any problem in wet places.

ii. Screen type

When viewing the condition of the sewer, it is important to capture everything inside. The images and videos, therefore, should be clear and so a key thing to be keen on. Besides, its screen should be large enough to enable users to see what is captured easily. Some camera models have features that display how the cable has stretched on the screen.

Some models also provide typewriters having a fully functioning keyboard. The purpose is to help you write to write notes of all observations and problems in damaged sewers and pipes.

iii. Size

The length of the cable has a huge role in supporting sewer inspection. Some systems have long pipes, while others have short ones. The standard size is approximately 20 meters; however, if you need to use it confidently, then purchase the 30-meter one. A longer cable is an extra feature that will work well for you.

Size also determines its usefulness and versatility. Technically, a unit that allows more portability is convenient enough. Always ensure you understand your needs then choose the right size for you.

iv. Recording Time

Different sewer cameras provide varied recording limits. It is worth ensuring that the chosen inspection unit records the footage for the longest time as desired. An ideal option should provide close to 8 hours.

v. Cost

As it is with other products, you will always get whatever is worth your pay. Regarding sewer cameras, expect the expensive ones to provide a comprehensive array of features. Typically, such models come at high costs but will be worth the price tag. However, the good thing is that many budget options are available to suit everyone.

Top 10 Best Sewer Inspection Camera Reviews

1. IHBUDS Sewer Camera

The IHBUDS Sewer Camera is one inspection unit not only recommended for its reasonable price but also a plethora of advantages. Before hiring a professional service provider, with this you will decide to work on it personally. And so you get to perfectly solve issues within sewer lines, wells, drains, machinery, tanks, HVAC ductwork, general house inspection and more

This camera should not be underestimated. It is fully water-resistant so meeting the IP67 criterion. This one determining the buying factor since it will be used around water areas. Besides, its cord is long enough 20 m and equally satisfactory to support inspections. Most essentially, it is rigid to allow you push it into the channel without bending.

IHBUDS is super convenient. It works well to allow you to enjoy high-resolution capturing. Also, its 6pieces high lights are adjustable for easy viewing of live video and recording. The 4500 mAh battery has an incredible ability to support inspection tasks up to 7-9 hours when fully charged. With this high capacity, it’s useful for outside applications without worries about power supply.

  • High-resolution with different modes.

  • Battery-powered and portable.

  • Durable construction

  • No radio transmitter.

  • No multi-monitor ability.

  • Overpriced

2. HBUDS Sewer Camera with 20M Cable

This HBUDS sewer cam model is a high-performing and professional-grade kit. It comes with an inbuilt 7-inch LCD screen that allows viewing. Also featured is a memory card slot that is contained within the case. Moreover, it’s a multipurpose unit that beats most standard sewer inspection needs. Its images and videos are clear enough to detect any potential issues.

The length of the cable in a way provides comfort while working. Indeed, you will not need to strain the knees b bending over many times. With a standard length of 20-meter, it still remains rigid and bendable.

Importantly, this camera attains the IP68 standards thus ideal for jobs around water. It remains waterproof and the parts will not rust or corrode. The housing is designed from stainless steel with a flexible spring that can easily enter the pipes.

Another key thing is its battery that supports tasks that run for about 9 hours without interruptions. Absolutely, investing in this means no worry about external power source. The adjustable LED lights allow the brightening of the working area, especially inside the pipeline.

  • Fit for multiple needs

  • Works excellently

  • High resolution on recordings

  • Needs a special way to handle

  • Weak spring

  • Longer cables required

3. Anysun Sewer Camera

This Anysun Sewer Camera model is appreciated for its professional-grade inspection. Its construction and design of features make it fit for checking many parts. The camera works well under floors, inside walls, in gutters, attics, and roof eves. It also gives an excellent inspection of water and mold damages.

Likewise, its monitor features an SD card slot that holds the freely provided 8GB memory card. that way, once the high-resolution images and videos are recorded the are all safely stored. Even better, the kit is held in a sturdy and durable protected briefcase. This means it is secure from unauthorized users and damages.

It comes with a rechargeable battery with a capacity that runs for nine hours. This reduced the worries about having a power source during an inspection. The good thing is that once drained it can be recharged externally.

Even so, this model has a camera-tipped probe that has a design that fits easily into the case. Obtaining its spare parts is easy, and the manufacturer offers a reasonable rate. Of course, it is compact, therefore, easy-to-transport to working place.

  • High-resolution image and video-recording.

  • Battery-powered.

  • Durable construction.

  • Cable cracks

  • Stops working abruptly

4. Aukfa Sewer Pipe

Aukfa Sewer Pipes is a must-have inspection unit.  One reason is that it multipurpose and offers professional results thanks to advanced features added to it. Its construction and design allow it to be housed in a durable strengthened briefcase. This means all its parts are secured and can also be locked from unauthorized people.

So, for high-resolution images and videos, the camera has adjustable LED lights. Also, the unit is powered using a rechargeable battery contained in the case. The battery capacity is high enough and will run for a long time without draining fast amid some tasks.

Its cable length supports inspection in places up to 30 meters. The monitors help you trace the depth that the cable extends. All the information is clearly shown on it. once done the recording is saved on the SD card. You have the opportunity to enjoy 8 Gb free storage but this storage is expandable.

Counting the length of the cable is quite essential to locate where the camera found the issue. This tool remains the number one choice since it is programmable with immediate distance reading on its screen.

  • Equipped with reliable features

  • Long enough cable

  • Convenient

  • Not fit for all pipe fittings

  • Expensive

5. Viztrac Sewer Camera

At times as a plumber or homeowner, you need to use a sewer camera remotely. That is the point the Viztrac camera can help as everything about it is quite reliable as all works as expected. Its 20-volt battery embedded powers it for about 10 hours without interruptions. This feature eliminates any reliance on other power supply.

The feature that really amazes is the large 7-inch screen on its control unit. Otherwise, it provides a clear video recording and image capturing. In addition, it is sapphire lenses and LCD monitor makes viewing space wider and enhanced. This unit can record everything thanks to the SD card that enables. Once done it gets saved and allows you to transfer the data to another computer for free analysis.

It features a camera head that is rated as waterproof. With a diameter of 1.375-inches and stainless steel body, it will work around water environment. That means you will not have concerns about rust or corrosion. With this camera, everything can be done from small plumbing tasks to large ones. So it is worth considering if you have multiple needs.

  • Simple to use

  • Very portable

  • Clear images and videos

  • Short cable

  • No location tracking.

  • Limited probe length

6. HBUDS Sewer Camera

This HBUDS Sewer Camera model is highly recommended since it surpasses every standard sewer line inspection needs. From the clarity of the captured images and videos to working hours, the camera provides comfort while being used.

It comes with a cable that is 20-meters in length. Not only is this size standard but also it is quite rigid and bendable enough. Besides, its 7-inch display is large enough to allow viewing the pipe’s condition. Together with the included shade, you can use it clearly even outdoors.

Also, the camera is flexible to allow the mission to run effectively. Most notably, the units meet IP68 standards to function well in water. The ball that is read is soft to touch to keep it free from scratch. It fits well a pipe of 1.5-inches in diameter after installing the protection.

Another key part is its battery. The unit support tasks that run up to 9 hours, entirely no concern of power supply. As the system gets powered its adjustable 12 LED lights are pretty enough to provide brightens in the pipe.

  • Convenient and fits multiple needs

  • Very economical

  • High-quality images

  • Longer cable required

  • Limited bending angle

7. Anysun Sewer Camera

Instead of renting equipment or hiring a plumber, the Anysun Sewer Camera proves to be the most economical device to invest in to know the condition of sewer channels. The unit suits use inside walls, gutters, attics, and chimneys and under floors. It also helps in inspecting damages from mold and water on pipelines.

As a professional camera, it has a 7-inch monitor for easy inspection outdoors. The probe is camera-tipped easy viewing of live-videos and allows users to save clips and images. This is applicable especially in places that are regarded as hard-to-reach. The stainless steel housing is waterproof and also has spring that makes it flexible to go into the pipes.

It has a battery that supports up to 12 hours of nonstop use and if it runs out is rechargeable. This feature makes it convenient to use outdoor without worries about power throughout the day.

The unit has a heavy-duty aluminum case that is padded to secure it. also this makes it convenient to carry on the go thanks to the fixed locks. The extra keys protect it from use by unauthorized people.

  • Compact in size

  • Waterproof

  • Durable

  • Expensive

  • Illegible instructions

  • Not rustproof

8. IHBUDS Sewer Camera

The design of the IHBUDS Sewer Camera includes a probe that is camera-tipped for easy outdoor viewing. It enables users to check the condition of hard-to-reach areas without straining. With its waterproof and reliable cable, this unit works in any concealed narrow setting to give clear images and videos. Thanks to its 6pieces adjustable light chips that guarantee great quality.

It comes with an in-built high capacity battery that is rechargeable. It supports long working periods between 7to9 hours continuously. With this, it is quite convenient for outside use without the worries of power source.

IHBUDS has a high quality aluminum case that is padded to secure the whole unit. This feature also adds to the convenience to transport it. It has locks and two extra keys that ensure the unit from access by unwanted people. The monitor lens of this camera also is protected using a durable cover that reduces fuzziness from shaking.

This camera solves the efforts of inspecting drains, sewer lines, machinery, tanks, wells, HVAC ductwork, general house inspection, and more. And the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty thus complete satisfaction guarantee

  • Portable

  • Waterproof

  • Warranty included

  • Connection to camera is ineffective

  • No radio transmission.

  • No multi-monitor ability

9. ANYSUN Sewer Camera

If seeking a high-performing and multipurpose unit with customizable features then the Anysun Sewer Camera is all you need. The device suits use in waters systems, sewer lines, well, drains, tanks, HVAC ductwork, general inspections among others.

This camera features an LCD monitor of 7inches. So you will easily view live photos, videos and even save the clips, particularly of the hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to its versatility it works well below floors, within walls, gutters, attics, and roof eaves. It is also ideal for viewing damages from mold and water.

The design of the camera head makes it waterproof. Of course, it comes enclosed within a stainless steel case. This camera has a size of 0.9-inches so it fits well into the housing. It works well in pipes that measure between 25 to 200mm. Because it is super flexible with a spring at the length allows it to easily go into bend pipes.

The camera generates high-quality pictures thanks to its viewing angle of 75 degrees. Its lens is protected from scratches and comes coupled with 12 LED lights that are adjustable. It is portable and battery-powered. This supports up to 7 hours of uninterrupted use and thus recharged.

  • Waterproof

  • Highly versatile

  • High-resolution images

  • Rusts overtime

  • Instructions are not in English

  • Overpriced

10. TIANG Sewer Camera

When looking for the best sewer camera option, then this one from TIANG is an amazing choice. Given its many features, the process of inspection is quite easy. The tool fits use everywhere including pipelines, sewer, drains, ducts, machinery, chimneys, and areas in building areas beyond the reach of the human eye.

This camera comes with a monitor device designed with 12 in-built lightning. It is high white LEDs thanks to 1000 TVL pixels. The cable wheel has a diameter of 320mm and height of 110mm. However, it has different cable lengths to allow users to adjust the device as needed.

The unit features an on-screen counter that provides accurate information about the distance moved. The rugged design ensures it copes with the conditions of the area. It is highly efficient thanks to its heavy security against water that lies around there.

Yes, this camera runs with the help of battery power. If completely charged it works between 8-9 hours without interruptions. The model is a real deal-breaker as it is quite easy to use it. During use there is no pain from bending or crawling.

  • Durable construction

  • Battery-powered

  • Warranty included

  • Illegible user guide

  • Falls apart

  • No radio transmitter

FAQ Section

Which is the most recommended sewer cameras?

Many sewer cameras work well for drain inspection. Generally, the devices will do good in any system if it has qualities like sufficient length, flexibility, and durability. That means it will handle even the most extensive and complicated systems. Such characteristics make the camera flexible enough to maneuver easily any pipe. The size of its head needs to be not too large to avoid sticking inside or otherwise unable to pass through small points. What is more, the units must be reliable and well-matched for the work. All told, there is no standard model considered as the best. Always choose the one that offers all the features you need.

How will you know that your sewer line has issues?

There are many signs that the drainage system at home has issues. Some of the obvious indications include slow water flow, a smell of sewer, a wet lawn, mold, and rodent infestation. Whenever you detect that the line is leaking or broken, you need to contact an expert. The service provider will immediately perform a check on the lines and perhaps make the needed repairs. For the finest results after the inspection using a camera, you can combine hot water and vinegar or baking soda to break all clogs. At all costs, do not use chemical cleaning products on your drain. It eats the pipes away and may end up being costly.

How fast should sewer cleaning service be done?

The aptness of the sewer cleaning check depends on many factors. However, reputable service providers should provide a precise response time. If there are delays, the issue may advance and become severe. For the home to be safe this should be done provided between 1 to 2 hours.


Some tasks are better handled using the right types of tools. Regarding the inspection of sewer lines, it is vital to use the best sewer camera. However, the market is full of options from different manufacturers. Well, this makes the shopping experience to be confusing and overwhelming. So, before making the next purchase, be sure to read through reviews. The reason is that you should not pick any product, but it is good to be sure the select from the hit brand.

From this top 10 best sewer cameras review, the bet is that you are likely to find the features and quality you need for your budget. Choose one that interests your needs.

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