Top 5 Best Cable Raceway in 2021

With more advanced technology, there is an increase in cables for connections. And with so many cords and cables connecting different devices, it will not take long before you find yourself in a mess of wires on your desk littering. While most of the wires connected with electricity in some way, which poses the greatest intimidation of being electrified.

However, to alleviate that risk, cable raceways are there, which will help you manage your wires, especially if you have children and a crawling baby in the house. Organizing and hiding cables in the office or at home bring a huge difference in how the home or office looks.

baseboard cable raceway

Whether you are organizing your industrial facility, office, or home, you will find a better solution with the many cable raceways available in the market. You are now able to get rid of those clutter and ugly cables with these best cable raceway kits.

#List of Top Cable Raceway In The Market – Editor’s Pick

Best Cable Raceway Reviews

1. White D-line Cable On-Wall Cord Cover Raceway

This D-line cable on-wall cord cover raceway is white painted with a unique half-round patented profile. The wall cable cover blends well with baseboards; hence you can hide your cables, wires, and cords effectively in your office or at home. The D-Line raceway is made with high-grade PVC, so you can easily cut it to the desired length.

Installation is simple and swift, as you only have to peel the D-Line cable raceway and then stick it on a clean and smooth surface or wall. It is also paintable to get a perfect finish. These D-line organizers will hide all the cables of wall mounted TVs and will bring an elegant appearance. The D-Line cord cover has a self-adhesive feature that enables it to hold the cables firmly in place on molding, trim, and walls, as well as behind or under furniture and desks.

Moreover, it features a latching of one-piece design, which makes it easy to remove or add cords anytime needed. Comes with a convenient length of 3.3”, while the height and width are 0.50” and 1.18” respectively.

  • Stick firmly on a clean and smooth surface

  • Features a perfect finish

  • Length can be adjusted

  • The cord can be added and removed anytime

  • Durability not up to the mark

  • Removing and adding it to the wall frequently may reduce its lifespan

2. EVEO Wall Cord Cover Concealer Raceway

You will no longer have to deal with messy cables in your house as the EVEO wall cord concealer raceway will help you in keeping your home neat and organized. This management kit provides all the necessary tools needed to make the installation smooth. It comes with two regular AUX/USB cables and two HDMI cables. Sensibly designed to fit up to 150” in length, a width of 1” and a height limit of 0.6”.

The EVEO premium concealer installation takes only 15 minutes, and you can bring a brand new look to your living room with just a smooth and small change. Installable with screws and drywall anchors, even only with tape.

Besides, the raceway fits all types of connectors, including outside Elbow, inside Elbow, corner, T, and straight connectors. Sleek and slim in design, which will fit right into your home decor and size needs. The cord cover can also be painted according to your interior and the size can also be adjusted to fit the desired length.

  • Adjustable cord cover length

  • Offer money-back guarantee with three years satisfaction warranty

  • Can be painted to match your wall

  • Viability is questionable

  • You may not be able to remove or add the concealer every time

3. Paintable Delamu Cord 157” Cover Race Kit

This Delamu Cord 157” Cover Race Kit is designed to help you in dressing up your office and home. Allows you to organize the littered cords. Consequently, provides more space for activities efficiently. The cable organizer features ten management channels for the cables. It comes with 20pcs of anchor, 20pcs of screws, and 19pcs of different connectors.

The self-adhesive property enables it to attach firmly on a clean and smooth surface withholding the cables in place. The cord concealers feature an easy and straightforward installation process with the package containing anchors and screws.

This cable raceway helps you in preventing your pets and kids from danger since hazardous current flowing cables are in captivity. The cable concealers also come in different sizes.

Moreover, you can use anchors and screws to install the cable raceway in place. Also, self-adhesive tape is ideal for settling it firmly without causing any damages to the wall.

  • It comes in different sizes

  • Features comfortable and straightforward installation

  • Attaches firmly on the surface

  • Has 10 management channels

  • The tape can be used on a smooth surface only

  • Difficult to remove the tape

4. White On-wall Yecaye CMC-06 Ethernet Cable Raceway Kit

This is a mini-sized cable concealer for a single cord, and it measures 0.5 inches by 0.35 inches. The white Yecaye on-wall cable raceway is perfect for small cords like camera wire, Cat-6 or Cat-5 Ethernet cable, speaker wire, and phone cable. It features a length of 125 inches in total with its cable channels measuring 8 inches by 15.8 inches. In addition, flexible to accommodate most of the office and home projects.

Comes with an adhesive tape that is strong enough for easy installation. The double-sided mounting tape works on different surfaces or walls, including baseboards and walls; hence you can easily attach it anywhere you want. The cable hider features a round arc angle with a slender-looking profile and will blend well with your neatly varnished wall.

You can also paint the cord concealer to match the decor style of your room neatly. This great cable organizer will correctly manage and organize your small wires and cables in the office or at home.

  • Comes with double-sided tape for mounting

  • Features flexible accommodation

  • Easy to install on different surfaces

  • Adjustable length

  • Can be painted to match your walls

  • Manages and organizes your cables neatly

  • May have to warm the tape when removing the tape as it isn’t easy to remove it

5. Long On-wall Echogear Cable Raceway Kit

The Echogear cable raceway is purely made in America and looks great on the wall. It is perfect for organizing the TV cord when mounting your TV. This cord hider is a great natural alternative to many other brands out there. It is easily installed for at most 15 minutes using the Phillips screwdriver.

Moreover, you can quickly and easily remove or add the cord cover anytime to increase or reduce the cables. You can also paint this Echogear cable raceway to fit into your wall decor. The cord cover is also long enough to accommodate an ideal wall TV mount featuring a height of 42 to 48 inches.

Although it measures, 48 inches you can as well cut it to size for the perfect setup. With this great hider, you can keep your cables away from child play and increase their lifespan. You can install it using screws and remove it anytime without messing with the wall.

  • It quick and easy to install

  • Accommodates long cables

  • Can be installed and removed anytime

  • It can be painted to match the wall

  • Has only one method of installation

  • May not be easy to install for those who don’t know how to use Phillips screwdriver

FAQ Section

Q: What is a cable raceway?

Answer: Cable raceway is a channel used to organize and fix cables on the wall to prevent them from littering around your office or living room. These cable hiders are made of PVC and can be painted to match the decor of your office walls. They are perfect for concealing and protecting cables running through the room from one corner to the other.

Leaving wires on the floor can also be dangerous as they will be child play and could cause a vital accident. In the office, no one would enjoy working on a messy table, right? With a cable raceway, you will be able to organize and manage the cables neatly.

Q: Why do I need a cable raceway?

Answer: Having a cable raceway is essential because it will keep your cables in place, and you can use it anytime needed without messing up your living room. Without a cable concealer, you might have to spend 30 minutes of your precious time looking for a cable that has been misplaced by your child.

Again, how do you hold a meeting with your office table full of littered cables? Your cable organizer will stick the wires on the wall and help you leave your desk looking neat all the time.


With every new device coming with its cable, buying the best cable raceway has become a basic need. A cable raceway will help you to easily manage and organize the many wires in your living room. It fits perfectly on your wall and can also be painted so that it matches the wall’s color.

Again, having a cable crossing in the room can cause you or your children to fall and get severe injuries. Some of the cable hiders will help you in managing the small cables like phone and camera cables, which can be easily misplaced. However, you should consider your requirements when buying the best cable raceway to ensure it serves you right.

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