10 Best Triple Monitor Stand in 2021

The triple monitor stand is a highly regarded tool amongst gamers and real IT freaks. It makes your work easier when editing footage or playing video games. With a triple monitor, stand boosts your creativity and productivity if you value real screen estate. The best triple monitor stand assumes different positions, has an easy setup and it’s very comfortable. This type of monitor pushes comfort and flexibility to the next level as it allows you to fit in a larger screen that remains firm and secure. Monitor stands with inconvenient positions can cause eye strains, shoulder and neck pain.

Top 5 Triple Monitor Stand In The Market – Comparison Table:

A Buyer’s Guide To The Best Triple Monitor Stand

There are several factors you should consider when buying the best triple monitor stand so that you can get a top product.

Type of monitor mounting

There are three different ways of mounting a triple monitor stand; you can allow it to remain standing on the floor, install it on the wall, or clamp it on your desk. The type of mounting you want is what determines the triple monitor stand you will buy. Some of the desks are not capable of supporting these monitors so may have to go for wall mounting.

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Desk’s weight limit

Considering the maximum weight limit of your table is vital while choosing a triple stand monitor. The weight of all the three monitors and stand should not exceed the weight limit of the desk; otherwise, everything might come down crashing right after installation, and you get plunged into financial turmoil.


You need a monitor stand that will offer different viewing angles for you by rotating, tilting and swivelling. The best triple monitor stand should be able to stay in place when it’s adjusted.

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VESA compliance

When choosing a monitor stand, you should ensure it complies with the Video Electronics Standards Association on mounting flat panels, TVs, and monitors. The VESA compatible monitor stands have 50 to 100 millimetre squares. To install the monitors to the arm, you will require plates, holes, and screws; this all about the VESA standards. However, you will still find some triple monitor stands that don’t comply with VESA, but some adapters help you to connect them. 

Weight of the monitors

Computer monitors have different sizes that range from 13 to 40 inches plus. The weight of your monitor should be within the stand’s arm carrying capacity, failure to that the monitors can come crashing after mounting it.

Top 10 Triple Monitor Stand Reviews

1. Mount-It! Desk Triple Monitor Mount Stand

This is a universal triple monitor mount that fits three displays with maximum weight support of 15.4 pounds each. They use a 100 by 100mm or 75 by 75mm VESA bolt square hole pattern that is found on the back of these monitors. If you are unsure of the size, you should measure the distance between the bolt holes in millimetres.

The triple monitor stand features a counter-balanced spring gas arms to provide effortless adjustments. It comes with one audio port, a 3.0 USB port and matching cables for an extension on each stand. Also, it features integrated cable management that allows you to keep the cords well organized and out of sight. This Mount-It! triple monitor stand is constructed with aluminum alloy and heavy-duty steel.

It has interchangeable grommet base and C-clamp mounts for your desktops with up to four inches wide. Its outer arms are designed to tilt down and up at 90 degrees, swivel lower and raise, right and left at 360 degrees while the monitors are rotated and placed in landscape or portrait orientation.

The hex bolt on the top of the monitor’s outer arms can be turned to adjust your gas spring tension that holds the screens in place. Also, the centre monitor is calibrated using a tool-free turn of the mounting bracket arm. This triple monitor stand comes with installation instructions with all the required tools and hardware.


  • It is fully adjustable
  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Comes with five years warranty
  • Features cable management for the cords


  • It’s very bulky

2. WALI Adjustable Triple Monitor LCD Mount Stand

The WALI triple monitor mount stand is compatible with most flat-panel monitors with up to 27 inches and supports a maximum weight capacity of 22lbs on each arm. Its mount plates are detachable, and the adjustable height is compatible with the VESA mounting holes with 100 by 100mm and 77 by 77mm. It features two-stage locking systems which include 4″ D grommet-base and C-Clamp, and these systems work with 4 inches thick desk. The high-grade arms can retract and extend, swivel at 900 and tilt up to 150 to adjust the reading angles.

This triple monitor stand can rotate from landscape mode to portrait at 3600. Besides, the monitor arm can be adjusted easily on a 31.5 inches height pole. It offers productivity and double efficiency as it opens up desk space allowing you to work in a more comfortable and ergonomically correct position to minimize eye and neck strain.

The package includes ten years of protection, one user manual, mounting hardware kit, and a WALI triple monitor mount.


  • Has a wide compatibility
  • Features two-stage locking system
  • Has multiple adjustments
  • Offers double productivity and efficiency
  • Comes with ten years warranty


  • It is bulky

3. EasyMountLCD Triple Monitor Mount Stand

An EasyMountLCD triple monitor mount stand can hold most of the widescreen monitors as well as curved widescreens of up to 28 inches and are compatible with 100 by 100 mm or 75 by 75 mm VESA compatible. The mount stand also comes with quick release brackets for mounting to allow easy installation. The diameter of each pole is 1⅞ inches.

At the same time, the curved arms allow the outside mounting heads to easily slide in and out to facilitate various screen sizes and to be angled easily towards you to have a curved cockpit design for comfortable viewing. The mounting heads can rotate at 360 degrees to accommodate both portrait and landscape modes.

Again, the outside mounting heads can tilt up to 180 degrees and swivel to 180 degrees while the centre mount head tilts at 30 degrees and swivels at 30 degrees. It is constructed with a heavy-weighted metal base and can as well be bolted through your desktop. Also, your monitor’s viewing height can be adjusted easily to match your eye levels.


  • It is easy to install
  • Has a wide compatibility
  • Can be adjusted on different measurement
  • Can accommodate both portrait and landscape modes


  • Lacks a backup warranty

4. ECHOGEAR Desk Triple Monitor Mount Stand

This ECHOGEAR triple monitor stand enhances the setup of your PC and helps you to create enough space on the desk by mounting the three monitors on your desk. It features top-notch quality construction with a clamp construction for a pro appearance. You can tune the monitor to your preferred viewing position as featured a butter-smooth rotation of 360 degrees. Its construction designs also allow you to change from vertical to horizontal orientation within seconds. There are also tool-free knobs that allows you to set custom tension for your monitors and eliminate any dreaded droop.

You can also lock your monitor at the ideal height for the wobble-free set up. This triple monitor stand is designed to hold the three monitors aligned perfectly for an immersive experience, whether in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Also, this stand supports monitors with up to 27 inches each. It comes with an instruction manual and all the hardware required for installation, so its installation is a breeze. Additionally, the package comes with in-built cable management that allows you to keep the cords off the desk and keep it clean.


  • Adjustable monitors for a perfect position
  • Comes with tool-free knobs
  • Has a durable construction
  • Easy installation


  • Lacks a backup warranty

5. AVLT-Power Motorized 32″ Triple Monitor Electric Stand

This AVLT-powered triple monitor stand features an ultimate ergonomic design that transforms your current desk into an electric-powered standing desk. It is easy to customize the suitable distance between typing and viewing position which isn’t offered in other workstations. The triple monitor stand has a powerful motor that helps you to do the heavy lifting smoothly in a moment from 3.9 to 23.6 inches. This smart lifting system comes with a memory function that stores up to three suitable programmable heights.

There is also a Timer included that is designed to alert you when it’s time to stand up. It creates an extra-large workspace and an additional 28.3 by 8.7 inches for keyboard and mouse, tablet, roomy for the laptop, and keyboard tray along with other office essentials.

The triple stand comes with a cable management construction to keep all the cords well organized. The position works with your 32 inch VESA compatible monitors in the air that increases the height adjustment range. Additionally, the AVLT monitor triple stand features a high-density base and small footprint with counter-balanced construction.


  • Provides ultimate ergonomic workstation
  • Features an elegant electric lifting system
  • Has a stable and sturdy design
  • Comes with a five-year limited warranty
  • Has a cable management design


  • The setup might not be easy

6. Stand Steady 3 Monitor Mount Desk Stand

The Stand Steady monitor mount is designed to support three screens at the same time. It fits screens with weights of 17.6 lbs each and sizes ranging from 13″ to 32″. It has a durable metal base that ensures the monitors are secure in place. The stand offers full-motion articulation with VESA compatible monitor mounts as it can tilt at 45 degrees, swivel at 180 degrees, and spin at 360 degrees as you adjust your ideal ergonomic height.

Also, you can easily modify the setup with your monitor arms that can expand almost three feet apart and bend to ensure the screen fits perfectly every time. This Stand Steady triple stand is constructed with a sleek and sturdy metal frame in which the clamp-on monitor stand holds the screens stable as it adds high-end glance at any workspace.

This heavy-duty C-clamp attaches to the desk securely to keep the monitors from tilting or shaking as you work. The monitor mount is designed to fit most of the standard desks we have in offices as well as standing desk converters.


  • It works with most monitors
  • It’s fully adjustable
  • Made of high quality and durable material
  • Offers convenient cord management


  • Lacks a backup warranty

7. VIVO Heavy-duty LCD LED Triple Monitor Stand

The VIVO triple monitor stand is designed for three screens measuring 13 to 30 inches with 22 pounds each. It is compatible with VESA 100 by 100mm or 75 by 75mm mounting holes. It also comes with detachable cable clips that are on the centre pole and the arms to keep your cords organized and clean. This also creates enough space on your desk for other essential items. The arms are adjustable and can tilt to 15 degrees, swivel and rotate at 360 degrees while its height is adjustable at the centre pole to provide optimal viewing angles.

The monitors can also be placed in landscape or portrait shape. Additionally, it also comes with a heavy-duty base measuring 15.75 by 11 inches that provides reliable stability, and the monitors are securely held at its centre of gravity. The bottom base is also padded to protect the desk from scratches. The mount has a simple process of installation and assembling as the VESA bracket plates are detachable.


  • Comes with cable clips for cord management
  • Has height adjustment and articulation
  • Feature a heavy-duty base
  • It’s easy to install and assemble
  • Comes with three years manufacturer warranty
  • Made of aluminum and sturdy steel design


  • It’s bulky and requires more space

8. TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand Mount – SmartSWIVEL

This TechOrbits mount stand is scientifically engineered with articulating spring gas arms that support the monitor’s weight fully and makes it easy to turn your desk into a freestanding work station. You can easily attach the monitor and turn it right, left, down, or up flexibly. The screen can also be tilted for enhanced visibility and reduced glares. The gas springs allow you to move the monitor to adjust it to your day conveniently.

This premium monitor has been designed carefully for all sizes within 13 to 30 inches and all shapes. Each of the arms can hold a maximum weight of 15.4 pounds. It supports VESA 100 by 100mm and 75 by 75mm mounting holes. These arms are self-balancing to allow you to turn and twist your monitors to enhance the group meetings and also your working experience.

The floating arms are made of premium gas-springs with a heavy-duty aluminum construction that provides a stylish and strong mount for your desktop.


  • Fully supportive gas spring arms
  • Features a floating screen display
  • Has a universal compatibility
  • Allows full range motion
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Has a sleek and robust design


  • It’s quite expensive

9. SIIG Premium Aluminum Triple Monitor Stand

The SIIG triple stand features a premium aluminum arm that provides hassle-free adjustments for the monitors while the side hinges are there to support the curved-in angle of view for the right or left monitors. It comes with unique mounting brackets that feature detachable VESA plates that can fine-tune the adjustments of heights up to 20mm so that the monitors remain aligned. These SIIG monitor mounts are strong and sturdy to support monitors with 13 to 27 inches in size and a weight capacity load of up to 17.6 lbs each. Its heavy counter-balanced base offers stability and easy positioning on the desktops.

Also, the support monitor tilts at 150, rotates at 3600 for landscape or portrait monitor orientations. It allows height adjustments of up to 15 inches to accommodate the optimal view angles. The monitor stand also comes with clips to help in keeping the wires and cables well organized and neat. This an easy to use triple monitor stand that assists in organizing your working space to provide ergonomic comfort and increase productivity.


  • Provides effortless adjustments
  • Quick tuning ad installation
  • Made of durable and sturdy materials
  • It’s fully customizable
  • Comes with cable management clips
  • Offers 3 years limited warranty


  • Its installation may be complicated

10. Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Stand

This triple monitor arm can accommodate three monitors securely with 15 to 27 inches in size and 17.7 pounds each. The VESA compliant 100 by 100mm and 75 by 75mm plate patterns are also used with these curved monitors. This desktop triple monitor mount features a space-saving design that lightens your working area to provide room for gaming or working. Its construction gives you a full range of motion as it can rotate, swivel and tilt easily. Its turning angle is 360 degrees which allows you to set the monitors at your comfortable angle. You can also switch it from landscape to portrait in a few fluid motions.

The JESTIK triple monitor stand has a quick release feature that enables you to upgrade to another monitor easily or swap monitors. This allows you to easily slide a monitor out and in without disassembling the whole unit.

Also, the triple monitor features a heavy-duty base that sits flatly and firmly on the desk. The monitors come with an anti-theft kit that ensures that everything is safe. The unit also comes with integrated cable management to help you keep everything organized and uncluttered.


  • Offers full motion range
  • Features a space-saving construction
  • Has a heavy-duty industrial base
  • Features an anti-theft kit
  • Comes with an integrated cord management system


  • Lacks a warranty
  • It’s quite heavy

Types and Benefits of Triple Monitor Mount

There are different types of monitor mounts where Some mounts will allow you to adjust and elevate the monitors to different levels while others will enable you to adjust the monitors from position of portraits to landscape position. There are two common types of triple stand mounts for your monitors which include;

Freestanding mount-this type of stand works well with thin surfaces that lack anything to clamp the mount. However, freestanding mounts take up much space.

C-clamp mount- the stand’s design enables it to be attached at the back of the table or desk. This is the most inexpensive and straightforward solution that has worked in most cases but not with thin surfaces like glass.

Benefits of the triple monitor mounts

There are several benefits of installing a triple monitor mount in your home, and these are;

  • It keeps things well organized- items will appear much tidier and organized than when you are just placing everything on the table. The triple monitor stand comes with cable management that assists in organizing the cords and cables.
  • Supports good health- when your monitor is adjusted to a convenient height, it reduces discomfort, enhances performance, increases circulation and improves posture. This makes you more productive.

FAQ Section

Q: How to set up a triple monitor

Answer: First, you should check whether the computer is capable of handling graphics prowess. How many video ports does the laptop have; VGA, HDMI, Display port and DVI? On the PC’s panel, you can check if it uses a discrete graphics card; if it uses then it has at least three ports, but if not, then it can only have two ports. Once you have checked all the ports, you can connect the monitors to the PC. Finally, you should configure the settings of your display and update the drivers for your triple monitors.

Q. How to adjust the height on a monitor stand

Answer: A triple monitor stand can swivel, tilt as well as heights adjusted. This is a versatile monitor that can be used in different environments. However, there are several steps in fixing the stand’s height. The first thing to ensure the monitor is standing upright.

Secondly, look for a lock switch on the stand base at the back of your monitor. You can now slide the lock switch to the right to enable height adjustments. Be careful not to detach your monitor from its stand while adjusting it. When you are done, then slide back the lock switch to the left.

Q: Is it flexible to adjust eye level?

Answer: Yes, it is flexible to adjust the top ⅓ portion of the monitor to be at your eye level while adjusting the arm of your monitor. When it’s at your eye level, you can look straight to reduce neck and eye strain. It wi-9ll also ensure your eyes are downcast slightly while reading on the monitor screen.


With a triple monitor stand, you can easily manage your monitors at your eye level. The position holds everything firmly in place and creates enough space for you, whether you are gaming or working. It also comes with a cable management system that helps you to keep your cords well organized for other essential items.

However, while selecting the best triple stand mount, you should decide on the mount style that you want. The mount stands can rotate and tilt to give the user the best viewing experience. With so many triple monitor stands available in the market, you should ensure you choose carefully as some of these brands don’t give a backup warranty for their product.

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