Top 10 Best TV Antenna Amplifier Reviews

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Currently utilities like digital converter boxes and TV antennas are becoming common household utilities.  Of course, many people are opting to ditch cable TVs and entirely go to on-air TV airing. Unfortunately, signal reception tends to be poor forcing people to buy another device, an antenna amplifier. The market however offers a big number of similar devices making getting the best TV antenna amplifier challenging.

It is always hard to notice the complete difference in performance when the specifications lookalike at the first sight. Nevertheless, you can manage this by incorporating a little research and more of advice. That is the reason this guide got created to help you in finding the best match.

# List Of The Best TV Antenna Amplifier – Our Top Picks

Best TV Antenna Amplifier Buying Guide

Do you plan to install a television antenna amplifier for your home? Then the first place to begin from to build a strong system lies in the choice of your device. Without high quality and properly sized one you cannot pickup local or international stations. Finding the best type is however a tricky task despite the many options. Here are some of the things to focus on to make selection easier:

a. Noise Levels

The amount of noise produced forms one very important aspect while choosing TV antenna amplifiers. Devices with lower values have better sensitivity and thus provides better signals. The best numbers should be about 2dB or below because anything between 4 to 6dB is extremely high.

b. Gain

Gain should be basically the same as or more than the signal loss. That means in case you experience around 10dB signal loss then your gain must be about 10dB or higher. Even though there are standard gain value ranges between 12 to 30dB, these amplifiers do not make the best options. The reason is that the types can amplify too much of the signal and end up creating a lot of harm and not good. For that reason, do not automatically opt for greater values, but always balance things.

c. Supported Frequencies

Considering frequency support is straightforward. TV antennas that support both VHF and UHF broadcasts should amplify both. But in case you decide you want just one frequency range, then opt for an amplifier supporting that. Sometimes antennas that support both UHF and VHF can allow you to only use the UHF reception. Its VHF broadcast may end up blocked and inoperative.

d. Warranty

Another aspect many people fail to be attentive on is warranty. The truth is that with this you get to really save a lot of money. Selecting a device with a five-year or more warranty means safety and soundness during that period. Yes, you will not need to have extra investment although the initial investment must be big. Warranty is worth this money.

Reviews of the best TV Antenna Amplifier  

1. Mohu Leaf 30 TV Antenna Amplifier  

For the buyers looking to buy an innovative antenna, Mohu Leaf is handy. Unlike other types made from metallic material, it is almost paper thin and tiny. It is created following US military antennas technology with a 11 by 9 inches. The design offers better access to extra free HDTV channels especially in places that receive signals from different directions.

Mohu Leaf beats other amplified antennas because of its 10 feet long cable. The accompanying feature makes it easy for you to connect the antenna in any direction. Like all other flat antennas, this brand is paintable and reversible. That means it can match every decor in the house or whenever you intend to install it.

Regarding performance, Mohu receives several channels without problems.  Even the long-distance ones, 40mile range, show and maintains a strong connection. Yes, the over the air channels needs no cable connection or satellite subscription. You can watch in HD for free in for a long time without any stumbles. The construction of Mohu is nearly green. All its parts are certified to be 100 percent renewable.


  • Superb reception
  • Simple and excellent design
  • Competitively priced
  • Eco-friendly manufacture


  • Not amplified

2. Digital Amplifier Internet Modem Signal Booster Internet AMP PCT-MA2-4PN

Undoubtedly families living in a crowded home, with many members find it hard to cope with one TV. And to satisfy everyone’s tastes and needs at the same time the best option could be having multiple TVs. But this is tricky, especially if you live in a place where signal reception is not good. Fortunately, there is the best solution. Considering a device like PCT-MA2-4PN comes handy for you. This utility allows for multiple TV connections and in this case up to four on its 4 ports and each port gets a +7 Db surge.

This amplifier works well both for on-air and cable TV broadcasts. More notably, it does an excellent work of strengthening signals and efficiently lessen pixilation and increase the reception. Generally, if you look to improve TV signal reception on many devices, then this antenna amplifier is worth investing in.

PCT-MA2-4PN has a 6000-volt surge protection against lightning. It also has high-quality design including beryllium copper manufacture and housing that is excellently corrosion protected. The device is accompanied with some remarkable five-year warranty. The regular contract has an excellent grade performance offering 8 dB gain on every port and 2.7 dB lower noise levels.


  • Extended warranty
  • Fairly priced
  • Compact design.


  • Slightly high noise levels

3. 1byone Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna

If other reliable amplifier options are out of stock or unavailable, then be sure to find 1byone Digital Antenna to be a trustable alternative. The brand performs very well and is strong enough to endure falls and it has a signal amplifier. This is a perfect way to bid farewell to cable TVs and huge bills. It receives 4K and HD that saves you thousands of dollars and annual cable fees.

The 1byone antenna utilizes an innovative leading expertise, the smart boost Technology. This enables it to grip even signals weakened by obstructions to the local transmission towers. The featured 4G LTE Filtration results in clearer signal and picture, reduced noise and increased access to extra free to air TV signals.

The ability to pull more channels with the main ones shows it has enhanced range, Gain, and even frequency performance. The 1byone can survive even if it is dropped from high places. It has a 10-foot cable fixed to it to offer the best watching experience. This brings uncompressed and uneasiness free picture quality.


  • Compact
  • Easy to install
  • Good performance


  • Not finished well.
  • Sticky tabs are not reusable.

4. 1byone Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna

Without digging deep on the 1byone Digital Amplified Antenna , it is easy to doubt if the product is among the best. First, the upgrades on this amplifier makes it to have good quality. The device features a CleanPeak Filter technology that cleans both cellular and FM signals to give clearer pictures, reduced noise and allows you to access extra free to air TV stations. Its enhanced range, coil and frequency performance ensures the signals

This antenna comes with both 90-day money-return guarantee and a 24-month warranty. This priority ensures customers get to purchase without any worry while also enjoying the best experience. Moreover, everything created by this manufacturer is lasting and the people not only benefit from technology but also find life better, and more satisfying.

1byone is super thin and designed to receive digital over-the-air TV programs from local stations. That way, you have no need to pay for expensive cables or satellite fees. All the channels are crystal clear and free.


  • Excellent reception of channels.
  • Match other home décor when painted.
  • Super design
  • Fast to setup


  • Works perfectly on high floors 

5. Channel Master CM-3410 1-Port Ultra Mini Distribution Amplifier

Channel Master CM-3410 falls among the most technically advanced amplifiers. The device is simple and compact it is constructed with the prime goal of improving TV reception. The design is something that the manufacturer did flawlessly for a smooth operation. Alongside its decent price, you can easily install it and enjoy its nicely fixed features including the important 6000-volt power surge protection.

This allows it to perform properly the amplifying work. The amplifier has a 15dB Gain forward and generates 2dB noise levels. Due to the excellent ability to withstand surge it is not listed among the best in this class but very much acceptable. The device is power-supplied using the included AC/DC power supply. Above all else, its body has a strong design and with a power coated weatherproof housing. This sealing offers an innovative corrosion protection making it perfect for outside use during the harsh weather environments.

The product meets both US and international standards. The manufacturer also provides a one-year warranty that continues its reliability. This device also works with off-air, HDTV, analog and digital RF broadcasts. All thanks to the high-grade performance, this proves that the antenna is among the top HDTV amplifier devices available.


  • Compact design
  • Easily mounted
  • Great performance


  • Not very reliable

6. Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V TV Antenna

Finding professional high-quality amplifier units has never been easy. Fortunately, the best performing Antennas Direct remains an excellent proof representing that. This device rates among the 60miles category to allow a maximum of four TVs to connect. The design of this device had the safety of its users in mind and therefore proved to be fit to be installed both inside and outside. Besides, it is strong and weatherproof thus potentially meant for outside use.

ClearStream produces less noise levels a quality that makes it work well for both home and professional purposes. Generally, this unit provides great performance, with 10.2dB amplification that fulfils also the needs of many demanding users. Moreover, the manufacturer includes a lifetime warranty which enhances its complete positive impression. Of course, this forms one of the most convincing reason for its most appreciated quality.

That means, if you need the best TV antenna amplifier with the ability to support many devices, this is the brand to look for. You will surely not find disappointment in its performance and elements. Now you have an opportunity to experience HDTV with the high-quality pictures and sounds. 


  • Decently priced
  • Weatherproof design
  • Good quality


  • No surge protection
  • It gets very hot

7. TV Antenna – 1byone Amplified 50 Mile HDTV Digital Antenna

If you are looking to get simple HDTV antennas that can receive local channels then this upgraded 1byone amplified is all you need. The device works best even for those who do not watch much of TV. The reason is you get access to the main channels including CBS, ABC, or Fox and other shows. The good side is that every program pulled is free throughout. You do no need to worry about paying for expensive cables or satellite fees.

The manufacturer not only provided an antenna with an excellent performance, but it is also designed great. The soft, slim, lightweight and paper-thin design enables you to plug it using the coaxial cable. The best place to mount it is behind the TV, on the table, or stick high on the wall or window. The length of the cable is enough, 20 feet, to enable you to install the antenna where you want it. The pictures are crystal clear and HD quality.

This 1byone model has a maximum range of up to 50 miles. The reception is possible because of the in-built amplifier. The booster enhances any signal that can be blocked to your TV reception spot. Without a lot of obstructions on the way, it delivers to a range of 80 miles. The device has an excellent reception for FM, VHF and UHF channels.


  • Looks well designed
  • Good performance
  • Affordable


  • Not very reliable

8. Loutsbe Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

For many years Loutsbe has been renowned for creating high-quality electrical devices and signal reception products. So this amplifier has several features to ensure TV signals reception in the home. This also delivers a better balance for many performance ranges.

It will keep you updated with local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programs absolutely for FREE, like NBC Live, ABC, PBC, CBS, CW, FOX, CNN USA News.

Loutsbe HD Digital TV Antenna support all 720p, 1080pi, 1080p/ATSC formats. It’s working frequency VHF 174-240MHz, UHF 470-862MHz is ideal for high definition pictures. This ensures you receive high quality signal and pictures in all the channels.

The model is amplified, and so it comes with a different power source that must be plugged to the wall. The incorporated coaxial cable measures 16. 5 feet in length to provide enough sagging as you find the best reception spot in your home.

Loutsbe comes covered with a one-year warranty. The period is known to be the standard service contract length for many digital HDTV antennas. Whenever you have any concerns regarding the antenna, then you can communicate with the manufacturer.


  • Great quality
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent signal reception.


  • Not very reliable in some places

9. Setek Indoor HDTV Digital Antenna Amplifier 4K HD Signal Booster

The Setek Indoor HDTV Digital Antenna scans up to 150 mile radius for local TV signals. The device is round shaped, soft and lightweight with sticky mounts to help you adhere it to the wall, window or also behind the TV. That means, no building faces obstructions of TV signals and channels. Moreover it offers 4K HD freeview life local channels applicable to all type television models. Round shaped sleek design with elegant paper best fit with any interior. Definitely it will bring complements for this high-tech looking TV antenna.

The received networks like ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, pbs, the Cw, Univision & more come with crystal clear HDTV 4K 1080p picture with nice sound. The reception however fully depends on your location. For instance, it works better in places having few or no trees and tall buildings around.

Since Setek comes amplified, it has a separate power source to be plugged to the wall. You don’t need to be a tech savvy for figuring out the easy installation guideline with this product. Even you can set up this toy alone without help from others. The good thing is that you can paint this device to match any decor in the home.

Additionally, Setek HDTV antennas offer 24/7 support for any technical issue. This standard offer provides convenience for use of digital devices as they are prone to getting defective. But as a customer you can buy with a lot of confidence.


  • Affordable
  • Low noise levels
  • Easy to install


  • The number of stations received is disappointing
  • Poor quality reception

10. HDTV Antenna – Vansky Digital Amplified HD TV Antenna

Every market usually welcomes great devices that are priced. Vansky HDTV amplifier is the best instance of such products. Reliable, with free HD TV channels you get to enjoy the superb signal amplification on all channels received. What is more all the local networks can be watched without the need to pay fees. This antenna can pull ultra-clear stations within the 65-90 mile range without compromising the voice quality.

The amplifier is equipped with an extra-long coaxial cable of 16.5 feet. The additional cabling enables you to place your antenna where the signal reception is strong enough and easy at its best. Vansky has a removable amplifier signal booster. This added advantage makes it easy for you to enjoy maximum channel reception. That means even if you stay away from the transmission towers you get to watch as many stations as possible.

Moreover, as an expert in the antenna industry, Vansky is fully responsible for all the items it sends to its customers. The amplifier comes along with a lifetime-year warranty. Generally, the product shows an ideal solution to the users who desire to enjoy reliability and affordability.


  • Fairly priced
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent performance


  • Poor quality control

How to Choose Best TV Antenna Amplifier

Buying a TV antenna is among the best steps to take to break the reliability of TV and save you hundreds of monies yearly. As a bonus, having the best product makes your big-screen TV to shine. So, here is how to go about choosing a reliable antenna for you.

  • Accessible Channels

Before purchasing the best needed TV antenna, find out an idea of the channels received in the area. This number received usually depends on how far your house is from the airing tower, residence or the height it is installed on. Go for what picks up more channels to enable you watch your favorite programs.

  • Installation Point

When investing in a TV antenna, there are options between the available models. For instance, an attic and rooftop types. The roof is in a way considered to be the best position to install your antenna, attic also works fine. Ensure that the signals however can enter any roof materials.

Sometimes considering the direction in which you can put up the antenna matters. As a fact there is a single or multidirectional type. This will improve signals in one direction as the antenna receive signals.

  • Interference

This refers to any obstruction that makes it hard for TV to receive signals from the surrounding areas. Because of tall buildings interference is recorded to be a huge issue. That however, does not mean as you buy you disregard electronic interference. Fortunately, you can improve an antennas reception by fixing it higher than the ground.

  • Antenna Height

Generally, the range of an antenna is openly impacted by its height. This either lessens adjacent interference or boosts the quality of signal reception. Consider installing your antenna in a mast or an elevated place for better signals reception. The position you choose remember can lead to signal disruption or strengthening.


Predicting the best antenna that works with confidence is almost difficult. Even though some sites provide information about what works, there are some aspects that do not work. Sometimes signals can bounce off huge obstacles or get interfered with reducing what reaches your house. So, do not affect the reception but put up the best external antenna.

Always experiment until you find a fulfilling and the best TV antenna amplifier. If possible, ensure you always buy the largest type for you to get high-quality and original signal. When you purchase the best model, there is no need to worry about other expenses.