How to Turn on Sony Soundbar Without Remote

In this blog post you will learn how to turn on your Sony soundbar without the remote control.

Steps to Turn on Sony Soundbar Without Remote

Steps to Turn on Sony Soundbar Without Remote
Steps to Turn on Sony Soundbar Without Remote

You can use a universal remote, or depending on the make of your soundbar, you can also use one of these two methods: 1) Program a universal remote by following instructions from the manufacturer's website. 2) Use an IR extender kit that plugs into power and then connects to both devices with cables.

To get the most out of your Sony soundbar, go to and learn how to turn it on without using a remote.

How do I manually turn on my Sony sound bar?

For Sony sound bar owners that have lost the remote, there is a way to manually turn on their device. All you need to do is press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. This should trigger the sound bar's LED light which will let you know it has been activated.

To turn on your sound bar, simply press the power button to the right of the volume buttons. Afterward, you can use this device to enhance your TV watching experience by connecting it to both your TV and wireless speakers!

Where is the power button on the Sony Soundbar?

I can't believe I'm still looking for the power button on my Sony sound bar. It's been months, and I've come to accept that when it comes to electronics I am an idiot. But this is about more than just me not knowing how to work a sound bar - there are so many other people in the same boat! Why do companies insist on making their products so difficult? It's amusing but also frustrating!

If you're trying to figure out how to turn your Sony soundbar on, it might be under the power button. If that doesn't work, try pressing the input selector buttons.

How do I turn on my Sony Soundbar on my TV?

Sony soundbars offer a sleek and modern design that can fit in nicely with any home. They come standard equipped with multiple inputs, including HDMI ARC, analog RCA audio, digital optical audio and even Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. The Sony HT-CT100 is one such soundbar that's designed to be compatible with your TV as well as other devices like your BluRay player or game console. Let's take a look at how you might turn on the Sony HT-CT100 Sound Bar if it doesn't do so automatically when you switch on the TV. It should also work for many other models of Sony sound bars too!

For a Sony Soundbar to turn on, the television must first be turned on. After that, there are several ways to operate it. First you can use the remote control that came with the sound bar or press the button at its top.

How do I control my Sony Soundbar with my TV remote?

One of the most popular new items for people's living rooms is a soundbar. Soundbars are designed to provide an upgrade in sound quality from built-in TV speakers. However, many people have been frustrated when trying to control their Sony soundbars with their remote controls because they don't work together. In this blog post I will show you how to set up your Sony soundbar so that it can be controlled by your TV remote and keep you from having any frustrations!

1. Find the soundbar's remote control
2. Press and hold the power button on your TV remote until it beeps
3. The sound bar should now respond to your TV remote
4. If you find that this does not work, press and hold the mute button on your TV remote for 2 seconds then release it
5. Wait 1-2 minutes before trying again
6. You can also use a universal IR (infrared) blaster if you have one around! It will allow you to change channels and adjust volume without having to get up from your couch or chair!

It's easy to control your Sony Soundbar with the TV remote. First, press the "TV" button on your remote and then use the volume up/down buttons to adjust sound.

Can I control my soundbar with my TV remote?

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It's easy to control your Sony Soundbar with the TV remote. First, press the "TV" button on your remote and then use the volume up/down buttons to adjust sound.


The Sony HT-CT260 soundbar is a great device for home theater and music listening. However, some customers may not be aware that the remote control is an optional accessory to this product. If you don't have the remote with you or if your battery has died, learn how to turn on your Sony soundbar without using a remote! To do so, simply press any of the buttons on the front panel until it turns off. This will allow you access to change settings such as volume and source inputs from there by pressing one button at a time in order to get back up and running quickly!.

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