Top 5 Best Motorcycle Dash Cam Reviews

Nowadays near slips are very frequent on the roads. Every day there is trending funny or touching videos uploaded over the internet.  They are not new, particularly regarding law implementation. So, installing dashcam systems that automatically record is such an advantage. Of course, considering that it is a very smart move on your motorbike for strong evidence. Besides this boosts your safety and protection as you check out on your riding skills.

Are you searching for the best motorcycle dash cam? Remember that finding the right one that captures the raging road incidents is not quite easy.  This post gives detailed information about this aspect.

# List Of The Best Motorcycle Dash Cam – Our Top Picks

Best Motorcycle Dash Camera Buying Guide

With the many options available in the marketplace, choosing the fitting dash cam is a daunting task. This guide helps you to eliminate your confusion and lifelong search.

So easily make up your mind by keeping an eye on:


Dash cams are often intended for recording an event to deliver an accurate proof. Although it is designed by default it is a must-have feature that makes the unit more valuable. The high-end types available are either 1440 pixels or 1080 pixels. Better resolutions mean clearer recording. The function that can sense an accident should be automatically working to protect your files.


Most cameras often start once you ignite. Ensure the dashboard cam is run by an internal battery. It is quite different since you will not need additional batteries. But the one it comes with should be long-lasting.

Special features

Every vehicle has a separate dashcam. The reason behind that is that cars are designed distinctly from motorcycles. The units are either installed inside or inside. But you do not need to worry about it getting stolen except if someone breaks in and steals it. The one for motorcycles must be hardwired and small to avoid drawing anyone’s attention. Portable options are often subject to theft. If it is mounted someone can try cutting it which leads to damages.


Most motorcycles are used in harsh weather and road conditions. The dash camera must, therefore, be constructed from solid and dependable materials. For instance, aluminum covering is way better than the plastic types. It is worth noting that many are not fully weatherproof although it can be waterproof. This will mean it can take you throughout the day and endure riding in any type of hostile conditions.

Easy Controls

Unlike car cameras, you cannot easily see what has been recorded during the ride. The reason is that it is located in a versatile and hidden place to avoid theft. But, the current types have many improvements. Riders can now certainly control and even track the footage. There is a panel hardwired to a remote to provide fast and easy access.

Channel Systems

The sad truth is that many motorcycle accidents come from rear-ending. That is the reason a camera should be placed at the front and back. This provides all the needed evidence to file your case against another careless driver.

Top 5 Best Dash Cam for Motorcycle Reviews

1.  Motorcycle Recording Camera System HaloCam M1

Many riders are often found on the roads in the night and daytime. The design of HaloCam M1 makes it an ideal choice that aids also night vision. The F1.8 aperture featured delivers enough light which is key for imaging in low lights. It captures an extra 30 percent of light to provide super images and footages to bikers.

This excellent dual camera has a 1080p security system. Its professionally built features are all that is expected from a camera. The Sony Lens and Full HD recorder included gives an incredible video quality. Further to that, it supports both front and rear recording. Both lenses can cover many lanes due to their useful and wide 155-degree angle. The lenses are dustproof and waterproof.

It has inbuilt Wi-Fi and a dedicated control app. You can easily connect the camera to your phone without the need for phone data. This system is powered with a 5V to12V cord so do not have to deal with batteries anymore. The lithium battery serves well for emergency purposes.

What is more, you can track your riding route using the provided GPS antenna. It allows you to take panoramic pictures using a simple to use the button.

  • Allows superior navigation

  • Perfect recording

  • Complete safety sleeve

  • Quite expensive

2. VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam

If you are looking for an economical camera choice this VSYSTO unit is worth it. Its design delivers superb image and video quality. Following its MSTAR processor, it has a front full HD SONY lens with 1080p, rear HD OmniVision of 720p, CMOS sensor, and 6-layer glass lenses. The features add up to its strong ability to add to night vision. The unit still can bring super sharp images and also crystal clear videos at low light. The lens has 140 and 120 degrees wide viewing angle to capture the road behind and ahead. This recording is supported simultaneously.

Regarding connectivity, the unit allows for WI-FI, iOS, and Android. With this, you can easily connect the camera to check or download the previously recorded footage wirelessly on the phone. This also comes with a backup memory of 128 GB to allow you to have a lengthy recording. The capacitor design both records and saves every file if an accident occurs. It has an extended battery life that has no risks of being exploded. Its power comes from the battery that needs no charging. It starts and stops recording immediately the ignition turns on and off.

  • Budget-friendly

  • Large screen for viewing

  • Mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity enabled

  • Installing the wires takes time

3. Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Cam

The Blueskysea DV688 is among the best-selling dash cams in the market. The solid winner model has a V3 chip added to it to ensure it has perfect road performance. It is rated to be waterproof so it can be used for recording on raining days.

This video recorder is completely packed. Not only is it waterproof but also it delivers excellent image quality. It comes with two Sony 323+6 light sensors and a waterproof lens case.

The product offers a better night vision. It has a dual-channel that records both the front and rear road views. You do not have to worry about memory. The camera has a storage capacity of 64 GB which is enough for one trip. The 2.7-inch LCD Screen equipped on it has 960 by 480 dots and a 130-degree angle of viewing. This is brighter so you can see whatever came up clearly.

The F2.2 Aperture and the H.264 video technology makes it splendid for night vision. Of course, a crystal clear shot is all you need even in low lights. WDR Processing enables it to capture extra light so you never miss out the key details. If there is a crash the G-sensor protects the files.

  • Equipped with lengthy wires

  • Built-in battery for emergency

  • Harsh weather resistant

  • Night vision not enhanced

4. VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam WiFi Accident Video

This VSYSTO model deserves to be among the best moto cams in all possible ways. It has unique features that riders have requested for long. The special design allows it to record both the rear and front pictures during a ride simultaneously. It works in a more stable and worth spending more money on it.

It has a dual separation on the full HD cam with the SONY IMX323 image sensor equipped on it. The lens is all glass and 7-layered comes with a 170 degree viewing angle. This is huge enough to capture many lanes and details unlike before. The result of this size is a fantastic clear image and crystal video quality.

The system is IP67 rated. That means, it is entirely waterproof except its screen. The design allows the use of the camera in any weather. It has two easy to use and install ways of monitoring the things happening. You can enjoy the convenience from the included 3-inch LCD screen and through the inbuilt Wi-Fi dedicated app.

Even more, the capacitor included gives an extended battery use without an explosion.  That means you install it on the bike and forget about charging overtime. It also features the smart on/off functionality. The camera starts to record the moment the bike is ignited and automatically stops after three minutes when the engine goes off.

  • Extended battery life

  • Easy to install

  • Fully weather-resistant

  • GPS tracker not included

5. INNOVV K2 Dual Channel Motorcyle Motocam

Riders who wish to spend extra bucks in buying an extremely advanced camera find INNOVV K2 the right choice. It has a fantastic set of features that verifies why its price is higher. The design makes it water-resistant to ensure it stays in perfect condition even in severe weather. As a result, it is IP68 certified.

The system is praised for being so unnoticeable and unintrusive. It is compact, simple and highly effective in realizing its purpose. The camera parts are refined from a compact aluminum. This makes it durable and contributes to its efficiency handling the harsh components.

Generally, the system offers a complete HD resolution. Both its lenses have a viewing angle of 120-degrees. The unit has extendable storage of up to 128 GB. This is so ideal for use during touring. You get to capture many moments, record everything and also ride worry-free.

The other included features include G-sensor, loop recording, and external or internal mic. This means it is multipurpose and made for use in many ways. It also has in-built Wi-Fi connectivity that does not need you to connect to your phone’s data. The dedicated app ensures you can quickly and easily control it while riding.

  • Delivers HD recordings

  • Enough storage space

  • Compatible with iOS and Android apps

  • Sometimes overheats

How to choose the best motorcycle dashcam 

Before choosing a dashcam have the following in mind:


Keeping in mind that motorcycles are smaller than cars. It is necessary to select a small dashcam. This way you can install it without drawing people’s attention. Trust me, it is a bad feeling to park your motorbike at a store and come back to find that the valuable camera is gone. What is more, the units are fixed and fastened using screws. This is a hidden installation that adds to your security levels.

Weather protection

Unlike car dash cameras that are installed inside, motorcycle designed ones are not manufactured that way. The devices are placed in the open and so exposed to harsh weather. So, choose what can resist rain, cold, heat, among others entirely.


As it is for other products the worth of an investment depends on the quality of the manufacturing material used. Dashcams must be designed from top-grade ones to guarantee a long time of service. The reason is that durability remains the key thing to be considered while shopping for it.


The market often offers a range of dash cams. So it is natural to expect different price ranges. Some manufacturers start from as low as 100 bucks and others go to above 500 bucks. However, smart buyers go for what matches their needs regardless of the price. Do not burden your bank while purchasing a dashcam. Compare the available price ranges and act wise enough.

Final Thoughts

The road poses lots of dangers to any vehicle and bikes. Motorcyclists, therefore, prefer installing cameras on the bikes. This can be intended to record the experiences or to ensure safety from careless drivers. With the many available options in the market, it is tough to get the best motorcycle dashcam. Of course, you need to mount the preferred, and the perfect type for your trips.

The above-mentioned products feature advanced technology. As you pick to go for a model that will produce high video quality. Look out for Full-HD cameras, compact construction, wifi, an app, large screen, and fish-eye viewing lens. Considering all such features pick the one that will offer the best money value. Opt for the discreet model and have an enjoyable safe journey.

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