Quick edits in Lightroom

4 Quick Edits in Lightroom by Kim Olson

Photo editing can be long and arduous or it can be quick and easy. For most images, the latter is preferable.
improve antenna reception

How to Improve VHF Antenna Reception

Recently, the number of people switching to Over-the-air TV has increased because of how expensive cable TV has become. However suitable the antennas can...
wedding photographer dress code

What Should Photographers Wear At Weddings?

As a photographer you are not bound to any outfit. However, it is important to note that you are representing a personal brand. Dress...
Ffacebook photography page category

The Do’s and Dont’s on Facebook as a Photographer

Facebook is a wonderful way for photographers to connect with the public, whether its customers who are already enthusiastic fans, or whether...
wedding videography techniques

10 Things A Photographer Should NEVER Do At A Wedding

One of the most precious thing that take place during the lifespan of mankind is WEEDING. Endeavor to make it timeless is...
sell used camera gear

Best Place To Sell Used Camera Equipment

Photography professionals have to be updated with the new comers in camera equipment’s sector. With the new released generation of gear photographers...
Direct light photography tips

Taking Beautiful Photos in Difficult Mid-Day Light from Noah Hawthorne

As a professional portrait or wedding photographer, it is imperative to be able to produce beautiful images at any time of day....
Largest photography forum

Photographer of the Month: AMANDA JULCA Photography

AMANDA JULCA is the perfect wedding photographer for the modern bride and groom seeking beautiful images to tell their lasting love story. Bouncing...
wedding photographer questions

In Wedding Photography, Communication is Key by Brandon + Katrina

Brandon and Katrina Wong are an award-winning husband and wife photography team who approach each wedding with an infectious joy that shines through...
How to set focus to infinity

Shooting The Moon, Painting The Night with Timothy S. Little

When people learn that I am a night photographer and light painter they get that look on their face that says “I don’t know what...

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How Does A Pulse Oximeter Measure Heart Rate

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Best 128GB Micro SD Card

The 128 GB ScanDisk is X-ray proof, shockproof, temperature proof, and waterproof The best 128 GB micro ScanDisc is super fast with...
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Are Security Cameras An Invasion of Privacy

There has always been a debate surrounding technology and how it affects privacy. A lot of people are always worried about being watched or listened...