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Are Security Cameras An Invasion of Privacy

There has always been a debate surrounding technology and how it affects privacy. A lot of people are always worried about being watched or listened...
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In Wedding Photography, Communication is Key by Brandon + Katrina

Brandon and Katrina Wong are an award-winning husband and wife photography team who approach each wedding with an infectious joy that shines through...
light box photography tips

How To Make A Lightbox For Photography

Photography related projects are often intended to be sold online. It is even more interesting when you do this to practice your...
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Types of Lighting in Photography

Apart from subject, angle and technical aspects there is another momentous consideration for eye catchy photographs which is lighting. A splendid click...
Wedding poses for bride and groom

Grooms Can Plan Too by Nathan Nowack Photography

“Grooms Can Plan Too” As a male wedding photographer surrounded by Badgley Mischkas, Alfred Angelos, and pretty pastel...
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How To Check Shutter Count Of Your Camera

Like any other machinery, the system of operation of cameras has limits. All its moving parts quit performing excellently after some time. Undoubtedly, the...
Wedding photography gallery

Professional Photographer Jay Kelly

Jay Kelly is a natural-style Wedding & Portrait Photographer located in the San Francisco Bay Area & has been working with Digilabs...
how does camera stabilizers work

How Does A Camera Stabilizer Work

Digital cameras are now faster to detect jolts and movements. But expert advice recommends that for your camera to activate its stabilization system, you...
Quick edits in Lightroom

4 Quick Edits in Lightroom by Kim Olson

Photo editing can be long and arduous or it can be quick and easy. For most images, the latter is preferable.
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How to Choose a Video Camera

There are many types of cameras available, and the best one depends on your needs. Here are a few important things to...

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