Quick edits in Lightroom

4 Quick Edits in Lightroom by Kim Olson

Photo editing can be long and arduous or it can be quick and easy. For most images, the latter is preferable.
What to wear for a photoshoot outdoors

What Should Photographers Wear At Weddings?

Weddings are all very different. Some are more casual, with the bride and groom wearing less formal clothing, or even a nice...
Ffacebook photography page category

The Do’s and Dont’s on Facebook as a Photographer

Facebook is a wonderful way for photographers to connect with the public, whether its customers who are already enthusiastic fans, or whether...
Wedding pictures

Wedding Photography Isn’t Just About Capturing Moments by Cole Kor

Cole Kor is a renowned wedding photographer based in Singapore. His works, under 2 of Us Photography, has received international recognition. To...
things only photographers understand

10 Things A Photographer Should NEVER Do At A Wedding

As a wedding photographer, you play one of the most important roles in this couple’s special day. You are documenting this important...
Largest photography forum

Photographer of the Month: AMANDA JULCA Photography

AMANDA JULCA is the perfect wedding photographer for the modern bride and groom seeking beautiful images to tell their lasting love story. Bouncing...
Direct light photography tips

Taking Beautiful Photos in Difficult Mid-Day Light from Noah Hawthorne

As a professional portrait or wedding photographer, it is imperative to be able to produce beautiful images at any time of day....
Image correction software

Perfectly Clear Automatic Image Correction

Hundreds of millions of wedding pictures will be captured this year in wedding all across the USA and elsewhere, how many of...
How to set focus to infinity

Shooting The Moon, Painting The Night with Timothy S. Little

When people learn that I am a night photographer and light painter they get that look on their face that says “I don’t know what...
Pretty little things photography

Boudoir Posing: How Little Things Create HUGE Impact! by Kellie Mae

Kellie Mae specializes in luxury boudoir photography, making each and every one of her clients feel comfortable and sensual in their photo...

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