Free And Paid Webcam Software For PC And Laptop

You have just bought a webcam that is bound to deliver superb image and video quality. While you’re excited to set it up for live streaming, virtual meetings, or video chat with friends, have you ever thought about which webcam software you will be using?

Obviously, you would want to get the most out of your webcam, so it is essential to choose the right webcam software. You will find a wide range of free and paid webcam software for PC and laptops out there, but it’s difficult to plump for the right one. Don’t worry about that, because that’s what we’re here for!

So, let’s get started!

Free Virtual Webcam Software

Free Virtual Webcam Software
Free Virtual Webcam Software

1. Logitech Capture

Logitech is widely-known for its variety of computer peripherals, especially webcams. The brand also develops software and that includes the versatile Logitech Capture.

This software comes packed with all the features you need to spice up your channel – recording 1080p video from two sources, applying live transitions and text overlays, customizing the settings of each camera, and streaming to your favorite platform.

Not only that, but you can also use the Chroma Key feature to remove your actual background and replace it with a virtual one. It will make you appear as if you’re in the middle of a movie scene!

If you are looking for the best webcam software for Windows 10, you can add this to your ‘Downloads’ folder.


  • Supports video capture in both portrait and landscape modes
  • Allows switching between six different scenes
  • Can be used for recording from two video sources
  • Can be used to activate Chroma Keys
  • Offers light and dark modes

2. Webcamoid

This is the best webcam software for Linux. Webcamoid offers a range of features that you will love to use for recording or streaming videos. When you connect your webcam and click on the screen, you will be able to adjust the resolution, brightness, and other settings.

Other than just simple adjustments, Webcamoid offers more than 60 special effects, including cartoons and distortions that you can use in your recordings to put a smile on your audience’s face.

One notable feature of this software is that it lets you save your video files in a wide range of formats, making them accessible through any media player.


  • Supports a wide range of video file formats
  • Comes with more than 60 special effects
  • Can be used to manage multiple webcams
  • It has a virtual webcam feature
  • Allows computer screen recording

3. SplitCam

Generally, when you connect your webcam to the computer and stream your video using an application, you can’t run another application for streaming the video at the same time.

As its name suggests, SplitCam lets you split your video screen from a single video source and distributes it among as many applications as you want. With this software, you will be able to link a single video source with more than 60 client applications, including YouTube and Skype.

Apart from that, you can live stream with a video resolution of up to 2048x1536, which ensures your audience will be able to view every little detail with clarity. With its long list of exciting webcam effects, like backgrounds and 3D masks, there’s no doubt you’ll have fun during video chats!


  • Distributes video screen to multiple client applications
  • Supports more than 60 applications
  • Features realistic 3D masks
  • Offers a wide range of video resolution
  • Also supports IP camera as a video source

4. Debut Video Capture Software

Not interested in all those fancy webcam effects? Then you can consider using Debut Video Capture Software. This software gives you the ease of recording and streaming videos without having to deal with unnecessary webcam effects.

Speaking of effects, it does come with the ones you might want to have in your videos, like black and white, sepia, and negative filters. Also, you can use this software to add a watermark to your videos, change the font, enable a green screen, and a lot more!

One thing to note, this software comes in two versions- Home and Professional. The Home version is free to use for non-commercial purposes, while the Professional version comes with additional features that you can’t get in the Home version, such as adding a watermark.

You can try out either version as a trial for 14 days, after which you will need to purchase the software (for the Professional version) or use the Lite version ( for the Home version).


  • Supports a wide range of video file formats
  • Features mouse highlighting while screen recording
  • Can be used to record time lapse videos
  • Can be used to change the background
  • Comes with effects and color settings for videos

CyberLink YouCam 9 is a versatile software that allows you to take pictures and record videos with your webcam. Unlike most free multi-camera live streaming software, YouCam 9 is fully-packed with fun effects that you can use to make video-chatting even more enjoyable!


If you have a virtual meeting, you don’t need to grab your makeup kit. Instead, you can apply real-time makeup using YouCam 9’s AR technology! There are ready-made makeup palettes you can choose from to beautify your image, and also, you have the option of customizing a palette of your own.

Not only that but also the software ensures your skin looks smooth when you are live streaming or video chatting. It also uses TrueTheater technology to adjust the lighting and sharpness if you are recording in a poorly-lit environment.

One notable feature worth appreciating is its Face Login feature. While passwords provide access to anyone who makes a successful attempt, Face Login only provides access to you. No one will ever be able to login to Windows unless it’s you facing the webcam.


  • Offers a wide range of animations and effects
  • Supports multiple file formats for saving images
  • Features Face Login
  • Integrates with different platforms, including YouTube
  • Automatically adjusts the lighting during recording or video chatting

2. Camtasia

If you are looking for the best webcam software for Mac, look no further than Camtasia! This powerful software lets you create professional-looking videos for your YouTube channel or other online platforms.

You will get to enjoy tons of features in this software. It has pre-built assets that you can use in your videos, pre-built video templates for minimizing editing time, and even an option for adding quizzes. You can also integrate Microsoft PowerPoint and import slides into Camtasia for ease of editing.

Camtasia comes with two separate components for recording and editing. The Camtasia Recorder lets you capture audio and video, while the Camtasia Editor lets you edit the recorded content.  


  • It has pre-built video templates
  • Integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Can be used to add quizzes for interactivity
  • Allows background noise reduction
  • Comes with a library of royalty-free music and sound effects

3. ManyCam

Having ManyCam on your computer means you have the convenience of streaming or recording videos flawlessly. This software’s user-friendly interface makes it ideal for online teaching and virtual meetings.

With this software, you can manage multiple cameras and stream your videos on Facebook, Twitch, and other platforms. You can also add a background, text, and special effects to your live videos to capture your audience’s attention.

Apart from that, you can use this software as your virtual webcam. This allows you to share your screen, images, and videos during a video call. 

Whether you are live streaming or video chatting, you can set the video resolution up to 4K. Due to its inbuilt hardware acceleration tool, you can set high resolutions without worrying about your computer lagging.  


  • Can be used to connect and manage multiple webcams
  • Offers video resolution of up to 4K
  • Can be used to change the background
  • Features virtual webcam
  • It has an inbuilt hardware acceleration tool

4. BandiCam

BandiCam is a popular screen-recording software that you can use on your computer, smartphone, Xbox, and other devices. With this software, you can record your favorite games in 4K UHD and upload them to your gaming channel.

Like most screen-recording software, this one also allows you to edit your recorded videos. You can add a green screen, webcam overlay, and mouse effects if you are making tutorial videos. BandiCam also allows you to draw in your videos in real-time, which can be handy if you are explaining something.


  • Offers real-time drawing on videos
  • Records from different devices
  • It has a high compression ratio
  • Can be used to record videos in 4K UHD
  • Can be used to schedule videos

Final Word

It doesn’t matter if you are using free or paid webcam software as long as you are getting exactly what you need. If you are just using it to have a conversation with friends and family, there’s no reason to spend on premium features.

Likewise, if you are planning to use your webcam for professional purposes, you might want to get some of those advanced features, such as more options for customizing live scenes and auto-enhancement.

Hopefully, we were able to give you an insight into free and paid webcam software for PC and laptop. If you have found one, we hope you enjoy using it!

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