Photographer of the Month: AMANDA JULCA Photography

AMANDA JULCA is the perfect wedding photographer for the modern bride and groom seeking beautiful images to tell their lasting love story. Bouncing between Miami and Columbus (and abroad) Amanda creates expressive, poetic imagery with the sense that everyone, everything, and every moment is relevant and worthy to be documented in the form meaningful images.

Last year, when we started the DigiLabs blog we also created a twitter account, cause, you know,…everybody is doing it. Once the account was set up we needed to find some people to follow. I was given the pleasure of finding our customers on Twitter. It was a barrel of monkeys that lasted just long enough for me to find Amanda. Her tweets in particular really caught my attention because she was regularly posting a ‘Polaroid of the day’. I thought it was a clever way to keep her followers engaged and feature her passion for photography. I started waiting and anticipating Amanda’s next Polariod to see what event, adventure or travel she was on next. 

Check out AMANDA JULCA’s website and blog and feel free to become a fan on facebook & follow her ‘Polaroid of the day’on twitter. Interested in how she uses the DigiLabs Pro services? Well, take a peek at one of her galleries here.  Check out what she has to say as DigiLabs’ photographer of the month in October (her birthday month):

Describe your personal style.

If I were a store, I would be West Elm. If I were a magazine, I would be Dwell. My style is a blend of earthy and approachable with a modern, clean consistency.

What inspires you when shooting your sessions?

What inspires you when shooting your sessions?
What inspires you when shooting your sessions?

Honestly, my clients inspire me most. Be it a wedding client, a family or a singer-songwriter, I like to get to know my subjects for who they are. I think it helps me approach documenting them with a more aware eye. I am also highly inspired by film, magazines, traveling and other artists.

What photographers inspire you?

There are so many to name but to name just a few: Ronald Bello, Denise Bovee, One Love, Philip Toledano, Hugh Forte, Amelia Lyon, Sarah Rhodes, Todd Richardson.

What gear or gadgets can you not live without?

Aside from camera gear, my iPhone. Perfect for traveling- I can keep all my contacts, emails, calendar, etc with me at all times. I also use my iPhone to create what my Twitter and Facebook followers know as “The Polaroid of the Day”. Each day, I post an image I`ve captured during my day. I am actually currently planning the release of the Polaroid of the Day book for purchase.

{editor’s note: I know, I have already said how into this idea I am. I want to remind all of you out there that we have to give our potential and/or current followers a REASON to come back for more. Obviously these tools are used for self promotion but your content can be more than that & should be.  Amanda’s marketing plan here is incredibly simple and allows her to feature what she loves to do, even when traveling. This is something DigiLabs Pro keeps on it’s radar at all times and your studio should think about!}

Name a person, place or thing you can not live without?

Family, friends and especially the comfort of my husband and our home. I believe in the value of a comfortable, peaceful living space to help maintain a steady balance in life. Between traveling every other week and working long hours, our home is a sanctuary of peace and inspiration for us, without that balance, I honestly don`t think we could keep the schedules or productivity that we do in our work.

How does your studio set itself apart from the multitude of NEW photographers out there?

I often hear that my work feels “genuine” or “honest”- I think elements such as these are expressed in my imagery because the love and attention I offer to my subjects helps me discover their reality.

How are you changing your business to incorporate things like selling high resolution images?

I think in order to stay relevant and fresh, I have to be aware of what the client is asking for. The modern client expects access to the image files. I think it’s important for all of us in the community to educate our clients on the value of those images if we are going to offer them.

For example, as a part of my Initial Investment for weddings, I include a disc of images with a nice, clean basic color edit- which is also the edit that is represented on the images in each web gallery. In order to show my clients that there is a value in owning image files as art, I also offer an upgrade to the basic edit, which I call the “Stylized Edit”- these images receive a lot of love through skin smoothing, eye brightening and a stylization that has become known as my signature “look”- this is the edit that is represented on my blog. Clients get really excited to see their images come alive with this edit.

How are you changing your business to incorporate social networking?

Actually, my business was launched and is sustained thanks to social networking. With a very small advertising budget, I have used services, such as Twitter and Facebook to share my work. Over the course of a few months, I gained a decent following and am constantly updating both with information, inspirations and, of course, imagery. These services offer viral networking like nothing else can! For example, when I feature a session or wedding on my blog, I post it to both Twitter and Facebook. I tag clients and fellow vendors and they often repost the feature which also means all of their followers can now experience my work.

How does Digilabs Pro help your business?

 I post a web gallery for every client I work with, where they can view all of the images I have captured and edited. I often tell my clients that the web gallery, provided by Digilabs, is a chance to conveniently and efficiently retell their story as represented in the imagery. My wedding clients get excited to share the gallery with family, friends, coworkers so they, too, can relive the events of the day.

Tell me one of your biggest disasters from an event you shot.

Knock on wood, aside from having a camera fail on me during a wedding or the occasional threat of being rained out, I have thankfully managed to stay disaster free!

Best advice to give other photographers?

Stay fresh and relevant, be inspired and strive to inspire. I think we all learned a lot here!  And we have Amanda to thank.  Check out AMANDA JULCA and don’t forget subscribe to her blog, become a fan on facebook and follow on twitter to keep up with her “Polaroid of the day”.

Have a question you’d like us to ask?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.  Until next time!

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