Top 5 Barn Door TV Stands Reviews in 2021

Technological advances have changed the whole experience of watching TV. Up to date inventions have brought a bunch of mind blowing ideas that make TV programs more vivid. As a consequence, the price has soured up and made it a relatively extravagant item which forces us to give a second thought regarding its safety. The answer bestowed on barn door TV stands which are reasonably priced, smart in appearance and viable. Will be a perfect fit for your interior and simultaneously offers some covered shelf space in order to save your precious apartment from being promiscuous.

Finding the best out of what available in the market could be a quandary notwithstanding this well researched article will direct you toward your best possible fit.

Editors' Picks: Top Barn Door Tv Stands
Editors' Picks: Top Barn Door Tv Stands

Things To Consider Before Choosing Best TV Stands

Know Your Need

Before start surfing on internet or visiting furniture marts you need to definitive enough about exactly what you want. In accordance with the existing furnishings as well as the size and shape of the TV which one is compatible. Buying a good looking fancy product will be a lost cause without bearing this issues on mind. In addition, wouldn't be used in future.

Brown Barn Door Tv Stand
Brown Barn Door Tv Stand

Space Availability

Increasing expenditure associated with affording a spacious house forcing us to think twice prior of acquiring a furniture. TV stand doesn't any exception as it will be installed at a pivotal place in the living room. Meticulous calculation as well as rational adjustment required so that TV stand won't ended up where it doesn't fit. Also maintain the enchanting appearance of the place.

What It Made Of

Wooden powder spread out all over the floor and kids fluttering on it isn't the ideal scenario that you dream about your drawing room. Additionally, will be the most perplexing thing in front of inadvertently appeared guest. So that the materials used for the piece you buying demand some extra attention. Whether, it made of wood or metal or even glass. Durability of the product also relies solely on its ingredient.


Interior design is one of many things that change frequently. Sometimes people just get impassible by seeing the same thing over and over. Consequently try to bring some novelty without any additional expense by moving the existing items. On that note, the stand that you are considering need to be easily movable. Furthermore, on occasion any of other furniture being ineffective might force a switch in set up while mobility will be a concern.


Prime reason a TV stand required for. Televisions is being more and more sophisticated day by day owing to the latest features. Thus some extra cautiousness necessary to safeguard it. Make sure that safety doesn't get overlooked by other insignificant features.

Top 5 Sliding Barn Door TV Stand Reviews

1. Pamari Wrangler Sliding TV Stand

Key features

  • Material Used: Wood
  • Width: 15.5"(maximum)
  • Height: 32" (minimum)
  • Length: 54"
  • Weight Capacity: 75lb (up to)
Twin Star Home Sliding Barn Door TV Stand, Ashland Pine
Twin Star Home Sliding Barn Door TV Stand, Ashland Pine

The first and foremost thing that results head scratching for every shopper prior of buying a TV stand, is it coherent with the interior? Pamari Wrangler Sliding Barn Door TV Stand is the remedy with a considerable storage receptivity consist of nine alcove which are adjustable. Anything that doesn't need to be showcased will be perfectly placed behind the sliding doors hanged on well-built metal rail. It makes center shelves as well as side shelves easily accessible.

32 inch of height with 54 inch of width made it capable to accommodate any flat TV of 60". 110lb body weight makes sure that it indubitably able to hold a weight of up to 75lb. Apart from holding your TV, it also offers available space for gaming kits, sound system and video appliances in the shelves. A well- managed cable management system will save the room from being messy and hide haggish electric wire. Set-up is simple and easy. Tipping restraint hardware used to enhance stability as well as safety. Fine tuning on the exterior with wooden top ensures a glam look. Appropriately designed to fulfill today's requirement trends.

  • Facile Installation

  • Designer look

  • One of the best bargain

  • Adjustable shelves

  • Bit weighty

  • Farmhouse decor might not work everywhere

2. WE Furniture Barn Door Wood Stand

Key features

  • Made of high-grade MDF
  • Measurement: 16″ W x25″ H x 59″ L
  • Weight Capacity: 250lb
  • TV size: 64 inch
Walker Edison Georgetown Modern Farmhouse Double Barn Door TV Stand for TVs up to 65 Inches, 58 Inch, White Oak
Walker Edison Georgetown Modern Farmhouse Double Barn Door TV Stand for TVs up to 65 Inches, 58 Inch, White Oak

A piece of complement for any living room with stability and durability. Designed to accommodate TV up to 64 inch. Cozy outlook offers flexibility in placement whether in living room or any other place of the house. Adjustable shelves available in both covered and open state. Shelves concealed by barn door in both side of the unconfined shelves can be used for keep things that need some protection and you don't want to expose. While other electronics that associated with the TV will be perfectly placed in the middle with attainable ventilation.

Comes in with 59" of length with a height of 25". Unsightly electrical cable will not be concern as a well decorated cable management system installed in the back. Its 250lb weight holding capacity offers much needed relax in safety issues. Use of high-grade certified MDF ensure enhanced longevity with modern farmhouse style and cast a splendid outlook. It's a complete entertainment center intended for pleasant country feel.

  • Free-standing installation

  • Metal hinged door

  • Extra smooth integument

  • Fixed door for side shelves

  • Water sensitivity of MDF

3. Bizzoelife Barn Door TV Stand

Key Features

  • Unconventional appearance
  • TV size: 60 inch
  • Measurement: H24"x L60"x W16"
  • Ingredient used: Particle board
Bizzoelife 60 Inch Barn Door TV Stand Entertainment Center - New Farmhouse Style Sliding TV Cabinet, Living Room Wood Storage Media Console Table with 2 Center Compartments and 2 Cabinets (Rustic)
Bizzoelife 60 Inch Barn Door TV Stand Entertainment Center - New Farmhouse Style Sliding TV Cabinet, Living Room Wood Storage Media Console Table with 2 Center Compartments and 2 Cabinets (Rustic)

For the people who want a stylish but anomalistic countenance which fulfill their requirement of exhaustive recreation center. Comes with three adjustable alcoves on both right and left front side covered with easily pulled handle attached barn doors. Two separate open spacious compartments in the middle which have enough room for digital players, remote controller and other related electronics. In addition, can be used as showcase for souvenir or as book shelf. Spacious top which edges rounded for safety ensures ample space for comfort stay of a 60 inch TV.

240lb load carrying ability and use of P2 particle board have improved its stability significantly. No environmental damage will take place as the boards are eco-friendly. Floor will remain scars free owing to the pads attached beneath the legs. Putting it together is as simple as can be done by a person. Cable hole available on back side. To get a stylish look for your set up, you can consider this up to date trend farmhouse design with unconventional color combination.

  • Sliding door

  • Rustic outlook

  • No sharp edge

  • No non-slip pad

  • Particle board might make some noise

4. WE Furniture White Oak TV stand

Key features

  • Measurement: H24" x L58" x W16"
  • Covered adjustable shelves
  • TV size: 64 Inch
  • Built in cable management system
Walker Edison Buren Classic Grooved Door TV Stand for TVs up to 65 Inches, 58 Inch, White Oak
Walker Edison Buren Classic Grooved Door TV Stand for TVs up to 65 Inches, 58 Inch, White Oak

Likewise the previous one this ordinary looked but stylish stand from Walker Edison built with some extra ordinary effort. Doors made of amalgamated slat give a classic countenance. And connected with the main frame with only two hinge in order to save your furniture from over use of metal. Uncovered alcoves in middle offer some much needed space to keep the additional electronics. While can also be used to Keep books organized or for a showy showpiece.

58 inch of length is more than enough to accommodate a TV of 64". In addition, left some extra space to add more beautification by placing something compatible with the set up. A height of 24 inch maintains the perfect level for watching TV. MDF used to attain a frilly outfit for somewhere it will placed. Capability of stand with 250lb ensures stability. Casualties caused by electricity is a huge concern especially for the families with children. A built in cord management system attached on the back to help prevent those types of accident.

  • Less use of metal to prevent being rusty

  • Enhanced durability and stability

  • Multiple use

  • 250lb weight might be a concern

5. Tangkula Home Living Room TV Stand

Key Features

  • TV size: 58 inch
  • Dimension: 58″ x 16″ x 25″
  • Style: Barn Door
  • Two Open Shelves
Tangkula Farmhouse Barn Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 65 Inches, Universal TV Storage Cabinet with Doors and Shelves, Ideal for Home Living Room, Natural Design
Tangkula Farmhouse Barn Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 65 Inches, Universal TV Storage Cabinet with Doors and Shelves, Ideal for Home Living Room, Natural Design

An adorable and sturdy piece of furniture manufactured to accommodate up to 60 inch flat or Plasma TV. Your need can be met by this multitasking TV stand with both covered and uncovered storage capacity. Equipped with two sliding barn doors which offer flexibility. 16 inch wide table top assures comfort stay of any 58 inch plasma or flat TV. Besides, use of clear wood grain brings enhanced elegance which made it applicable in any room set up.

Sensibly engineered structure distributes the weight equally so that the side frame doesn't need to carry all the loads, consequently the viability is unquestionable. Cleaning will not be an issue as it's dust resistant at the same time easy to keep up. Assemble also very simple and easy. Non slip pad attached underneath the table legs for extra chariness and it's perfect to place your TV.

  • Complete entertainment center

  • Significant weight hold capacity of top board

  • Strong side boards

  • Little bit expensive

Sliding Barn Door TV Stand FAQ Section

Why should I pick Barn Door TV Stand?

Bringing exception in set up with something that is functional according to the need is difficult to find. The rustic look of barn doors along with its remarkable effectiveness overcome that hardship. Consequently, poised as the trend of modern furnishing and breaking the stereotype.

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

The greatest convenience that barn door stand offers is the cozy ambiance for the place it belongs. In addition, multipurpose use is the key behind its market dominance. Sometimes its weight and price might pester notwithstanding always remain among the best bargains.

How will its retro appearance pair up with existing traditional furniture?

When it's about novelty, congruence can be sacrificed. Barn door stands used to fetch rustic country countenance, which is what not necessarily need to be customary. On the other hand, contemporary design of those items in association with the existing furniture create something out of box.

In conclusion for Sliding Barn Door TV Stand Buyers

The shape, size, and design of Television have changed wholly over the last decade so that the stand used to hold it. From WGY television to today's smart TV, transformation ongoing and will continue. Accepting and understanding this transformation is important in order to continue with the modern age. Our appliances are being larger day by day while growing expenditure compels us to live in small apartments. Using a stand only to accommodate a TV is no longer a rational idea. Instead, barn door TV stands with various storage capabilities will be the smartest choice as your entertainment center.

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