Creative Ideas For TV Stand

creative tv stand ideas

In modern interior decorations, TV stands contribute to a quiet and pleasant atmosphere, much like an ideal photo frame. Would a TV stand make your life easier? After all, you can use a small table, a shelf, or the top of a small closet to turn on your TV, but you may find that a dedicated TV stand is a better option.

Why? Well, on the one hand, they usually include a cable management function to keep the antenna, connection, and power cables out of the way. They also have shelves that make it easy to find a place to store your TNT box, your video, and DVD player. Some TV stands also come with drawers or cabinets that provide a place to store DVDs, videos and keep the remote control, as well as instruction manuals that are always useful to have on hand.

tv stand ideas for living room

It’s known that apartments have tiny living spaces, and it can be challenging to find a TV stand that suits a small living space. You can find some creative solutions for a small TV stand if you look in the right places and know their limits. It is a great idea to start the project by measuring your space, find out how much space you have, and determine what type of TV stand will work best in your area. Here are some ideas for creative TV stands that adapt to a small space:

Unique Ideas For TV Stand

1. Corner Entertainment Center

While most TV stands designed to line up against a wall, which means that you must leave half or more of a wall in the living room, some intended for corner use. This means you are losing a much smaller part of the room at the bottom of the TV, and these entertainment centers in the corners are also very economical and quite easy to assemble, depending on where you buy and the brand you choose. They usually have a flat surface for a TV, generally up to 29 “, and have shelves or doors to store cabinets underneath.

tv stand ideas for living room

2. Parson’s Table

Most modern TVs are much thinner than a decade ago, and you can use a much smaller table or stand than before in a small space without compromising the security of the TV. A pastor’s desk is a narrower table with a high table and long legs, making it perfect for a small TV stand. You can use the area under the table for storage by merely adding a tablecloth to hide unsightly boxes or using more elegant storage options below.

how to make a modern tv stand

3. Chest or Steamer Trunk

Versatile and multifunctional items are very creative solutions for a small TV stand, and the more you benefit from a piece of furniture, the more value it offers in a small space. If your Chest or Steamer is excellent, you can place a small TV upstairs in a corner, without losing the storage space inside. Keep blankets or clothes out of season inside the trunk, so you don’t have to open them frequently and don’t run the risk of dropping the TV.

tv stand ideas for bedroom

4. Solid Wood Art Easel

Another excellent creative idea, using a sturdy art easel to hang a flat screen TV mounted on the wall. Make sure the stand is strong enough to hold the TV, and when installing the stand, pay attention to the details with each screw and bolt to ensure safety and stability. Mount the TV on the easel as you would on the wall and place the easel somewhere that works for your living room. Ideas like this make it easier to move the TV if you want to rearrange the furniture, and you find it easier to lift the TV on an easel, all without worrying about reassembling the TV on a different wall.

diy tv stand plans

5. Handcrafted Wooden Stands

In antique style, it offers a luxurious appearance and comes in a variety of spots and forests such as oaks, cherry trees, and birches. The green movement that has gained full recognition has also influenced furniture styles. Therefore, it is possible to obtain ecological entertainment furniture in floating wood, which offers cost-effective and fantastic design schemes.

6. Custom TV Furniture

More practical and striking, and can be designed to be simplistic or sophisticated, with gaming media, DVD players, and other desired storage cabinets. When considering purchasing a TV stand, it is a good idea to note the dimensions of the TV and make sure that the quality of the stand is reliable enough to withstand today’s expensive LCDs and Plasmas for a long time.

Television stands can form entertainment centers that occupy an entire wall, with adjoining cabinets, around the television viewing area. In addition to displaying the TV, it is essential to ensure that the height of a TV cabinet is optimal for a proper viewing angle. People who care about the style of interiors will be happy to find a wide range of designed stands, taking into account the size, color, and style of interiors.