Best Automatic Feed Photo Scanner with Feeder Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs 2022

Are you in search of a better and fast way to scan your documents other than doing them manually? Let me introduce you to automatic feed photo scanners. Most of us whose job description includes converting and scanning documents from physical to digital will understand the true importance of these photo scanners.

Ultimately, photo scanners are found in almost every school, office, and hospital. This is because of its use in converting documents for usage on digital platforms.

Also, family archivists and photo enthusiasts always reply on photo scanners to digitize their films and prints. Some of the essential features of these scanners include their ability to scan transparencies as well as their high-resolution end product. Most scanners also come within built software that allows users to remove scratches and retouch their scans. Thus, below are some of the essential characteristics you need to note about feed photo scanners.

Essential Characteristics for photo scanners with automatic feeders

Essential Characteristics for photo scanners with automatic feeders
Essential Characteristics for photo scanners with automatic feeders

Scanning Time

This is a very vital factor as slow photo scanners hinder productivity. Imagine spending close to 24hours scanning documents. There will be little or no time to do other essential duties.


This is practically the size of a digital image in a digital format. The better the resolution, the more features will be accessible in the scanned image.


This is dependent on the quality of the photo scanner as well as the brand assurance. Thus, it is advised that users check for the product's warranty period; this will give them a hint on its reliability.

There are few fantastic brands like Fujitsu and Canon, which are taking over the market. However, most people's requirements and budgets do not align with these brands. While most people search for a higher-rate photo scanner, others are just looking for a regular photo scanner to scan photos. Whatever the case, this article will be exposing you to a list and review of the best feed photo scanners.

Top 4 Best Automatic Feed Photo Scanners with Feeder Reviews

Below is the list of the best photo scanners alongside their best features, pros, and cons.

1. Plustek Photo Scanner - Link

Plustek Photo Scanner - ephoto Z300, Scan 4x6 Photo in 2sec, Auto Crop and Deskew with CCD Sensor. Support Mac and PC
Plustek Photo Scanner - ephoto Z300, Scan 4x6 Photo in 2sec, Auto Crop and Deskew with CCD Sensor. Support Mac and PC

Although there are so many other exceptional choices to make for photo scanners, not all are sufficient for casual use. This is where the Plustek photo scanner comes in.

If you are in for a budget-based option, I believe the Plustek PS186 document scanner is for you.

Yes, users are likely to experience sluggish performance, but I believe it's worth the price. With the Plustek photo scanner, users can access more than two hundred and fifty-five (255) customized preset. These preset options make it very easy for users to scan any file with a single touch. The Plustek photo scanner is developed for laptops and Windows devices. Thus, it runs on Windows operating system (OS) 7, 8, and 10. Also, since the scanning is done using the PDF format, users can search for the scanned documents whenever needed.

The Plustek photo scanner also has a barcode component, which allows users to coordinate and scan a considerable number of documents in no time. The scanner is able to organize documents using the 1D barcode or the 2D barcode automatically.

There are also inbuilt systems, which allow for color and image adjustments, giving you the possible best end product. The scanner automatically crops, rotate, and removes any black page from the scanned document. Users of this scanner also get a 1-year warranty.

Features of the Plustek Photo Scanner

1. The photo scanner is very affordable.

2. It features the Barcode function for easy categorization.

3. Do not scan the document's blank areas.

4. It allows for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) configuration.

5. Self-adjustments can be made on images.

6. It has a 50-page capacity.


1. Over 255 presets to choose from for scanning.

2. Detailed results after scanning.

3. Easy to use control panel


1. There is no stipulated scanning resolution.

2. ClearClick Photo Scanner - Link

ClearClick Photo & Document Scanner with 1.45
ClearClick Photo & Document Scanner with 1.45

This scanner is the best option for camera owners. This is because of the so many accessories it comes with.

The ClearClick photo and document scanner is one of the most, if not the most portable scanner available in the market. The scanner can easily fit into a bag. Even with its compact nature, the ClearClick portable scanner features about 1200 dots per inch (DPI) resolution. This makes it possible to obtain a well-detailed document or photo after scanning. Its outputs can be obtained in both JPG and PDF formats.

Also, once scanning any photo or document, users are allowed to preview the scan on a 1.45 inches screen. This will enable users to check for errors and make corrections before the final output. The ClearClick document and photo scanner also come with an automatic feeder, making things very easy for its users (who don't have to insert the images manually).

The scanner can also scan any image with 8.5 inches and 47 inches in width and length, respectively. Users of the ClearClick scanner can instantly save their end products with the help of the micro SD slot available on the scanner. There is also a battery-powered component that supports a USB connection too.

Features of the ClearClick Photo Scanner

1. Presence of a micro SD slot

2. There is an automatic feeder.

3. Presence of a battery-powered component.

4. Features 1200 dots per inch (DPI) resolution

5. The scanner weighs about 0.75 Ibs.

6. Highly versatile and compact document and photo scanner


1. Users get a 1-year warranty.

2. The ClearClick scanner does not require a computer to be able to scan documents and photos.

3. It features inbuilt storage, up to 32 GB.


1. Micro SD cards and Batteries are not included in the package.

3. Brother Wireless Photo Scanner - Link

Brother DS-720D Mobile Color Page Scanner, White (DS720D)
Brother DS-720D Mobile Color Page Scanner, White (DS720D)

To most people, the "Brother" could be a new name. However, truth be told, "Brother" makes one of the best and high-quality photos and document scanners. They also have thousands of users worldwide.

Typically, portable gadgets are developed with low-powered units to increase their portability and reduce their weight. However, the Brother wireless photo scanner is still a feasible choice for a high-performance portable device.

Users can scan about twenty-five (25) documents per minute with the Brother's wireless photo scanner. Also, every scan works with a resolution of 600 dots per inch (DPI). The scanner is also capable of scanning a 34 inches long document at a time. The automatic feeder can hold about twenty (20) images at a time without any error as long as they are of the same size.

The wireless scanner features a small touchscreen interface for users to navigate the scanning process effectively, making things easier for users. With the interface, users can change some important parameters as they wish and key in scanning commands. Also, there is an automatic scanning option, which allows the scanner to take over the scanning process.

The Brother wireless photo scanner gives its users the ability to choose how and where to save their scanned documents. Users can choose to save to their memory drive, mobile phones, Emails, or preferably their cloud storage. Just like most scanners, the "Brother" brand offers its users a one-year warranty.

Features of the Brother Wireless Photo Scanner

1. Portable and compatible.

2. It allows for wireless connection with personal computers.

3. Users can access multiply storage options. Available options include; memory drive, mobile phones, Emails, and cloud storage.

4. Presences of an automatic color detector, which helps improve color accuracy.

5. Presence of an automatic feeder, which is capable of holding 20 documents at once.

6. The scanner can work on 25 pages in a minute.


1. Six hundred (600) dots per inch (DPI) resolution

2. Great scanning quality.

3. Easy to use.

4. Multiple storage options.


1. The automatic feeder can only carry 20 documents.

4. Doxie Go SE Photo Scanner - Link

Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi - The Smarter Wi-Fi Scanner with Rechargeable Battery & Amazing Software
Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi - The Smarter Wi-Fi Scanner with Rechargeable Battery & Amazing Software

The Doxie Go SE is a fantastic ultraportable photo scanner. It doesn't require or need a personal computer to work. The Doxie Go SE is perfect for people who still possess photos, old paperwork, and artwork they intend to convert into a digital form. It's also perfect for camera lovers. The Doxie Go SE scanner is straightforward to use, doesn't take up space and time. It is also very portable and can be traveled with any day and time when the need arises.

Less work is required from people to know how to use a scanner with no bed professionally. In this case, all one needs is to get used to feeding the documents into the scanning machine.

When scanning any document or photo, users are advised to use both hands while feeding in the document to maintain a relative level. The documents and images are feed in from the left side of the scanner, which in turn estimates the scanner to begin auto-feed.

The Doxie Go SE scanner is an updated version of the initial Doxie Go. It is regarded as a "bedless," ultra-portable scanner. According to the producers, the Doxie Go SE scanner is the best solution for emergency scanning. It could also be stored in places where previous scanners couldn't be kept. Places such as shelves, desk drawers, and cubbies.

The Doxie Go SE scanner scans documents at three hundred (300) DPI resolution at default, which to most people is enough. However, the resolution of the Doxie scanner can be increased to 600 DPI by clicking on the power button for the second time. The light changes to Orange to confirm the increase in resolution. This, in turn, gives users a much higher resolution, well-detailed scan.

With the Doxie scanner, scanning documents at 300 dots per inch (DPI) resolution takes around seven seconds for a page 8.5 inches in width and 11 inches in height. While scanning at 600 dots per inch will take about 11 seconds for a page with the same width and height. Also, when scanned, images and documents are strengthened up and cropped automatically.

Features of the Doxie Go Se Scanner

1. It has an automatic color detector to improve color accuracy.

2. The scanner can remove backgrounds.

3. Double scanning.

4. Features automatic image cropping, rotation, and removal of punch hole.

5. The scanner comes with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) component.

6. Features an automatic document feeder (ADF) tray


1. The scanner's battery can be recharged.

2. It has a fantastic scanning quality.

3. It doesn't require connecting to a personal computer to work.

4. Highly compatible.


1. So many improvements are needed to be made to the scanning software.

It is advised you are extra careful when purchasing a feed photo scanner. This is because you are likely to end up with an overpriced choice that would get your job done the way you want. Thus, an extensive review must be done before the purchase. This helps you compare your requirements with the specifications or features of the photo scanner. On the other hand, this is likely to be a very tedious process since you will be looking into hundreds of options online.

This is why we already made things very easy for you with the already arranged list of the best feed photo scanners. Although all the above-mentioned photo scanners are perfect for everyday use, you are still advised to check out the buying guide to help you get the most based on your specifications and requirements.

Below is a complete buying guide to help you out in purchasing a perfect photo scanner. Under the buying guide section, we will cover different scanner properties like the running time, image quality, and the types of photo scanners. This, we believe for sure, would help in getting you the suitable scanner.

Document Type and Supported Document Size

This is one of the crucial factors to check out for when planning to get a photo scanner. It is essential because a document or photo must be supported or compatible with the scanner. If, for any reason, the to-be scanned document is wider or too large for the photo scanner, it's likely not to go through, or even when it does, you are going to end up with an incorrect digital end product.

So, it is an excellent practice to make sure your documents will be compatible with the scanner. This information can be obtained from the scanner's description page. Also, we made sure to select scanners that support standard documents (which are customarily used everywhere).

Category of Scanner

Before purchasing any document and photo scanner, you must ensure you are going for the right type based on your requirements.

There are various types of scanners out there in the marketplaces. There are flexible scanners, flatbed scanners, photo scanners, among others. Each of these scanners comes with distinct specifications like scanning speed and resolution. There is also a difference in the power type they come with. While some of the scanners are battery-powered, others need an AC input to function. Most are rechargeable too.

All these factors are essential, as they will guide you into making the right decisions on the type of scanner you need.

Scanning Resolution

This is another crucial factor to consider before purchasing a scanner. If you intend to use black and white images or documents on your scanner, you shouldn't worry about this factor. This is because you will need more of a fast scanner than a high-resolution photo scanner.

However, you need a high-resolution photo scanner if you intend to scan or work with colored photos and images. The resolution component of any scanner makes it possible to end with a well-detailed, color-accurate digital copy, more like the original copy.

Scanning Speed

This is an equally essential factor to consider before purchasing a photo scanner. Trust me; you wouldn't want to spend a long time scanning your documents. In other words, if a photo scanner takes two or more minutes to get your work done, then it is of no use.

Although it could be suitable for personal use, it is a disaster in a commercial setting. Thus, for people in search of a professional photo scanner, the scanning duration is significant. If you fall under this category, it's advised you go for a photo scanner that gets at least twenty (20) to thirty (30) work done in 1 minute, so your work doesn't get delayed at the end of the day.

However, you should note, the scanning duration or speed is somehow linked to the scanner's resolution. The higher the resolution of the scanner, the higher the time it takes to scan any document.

Why Do You Need a Document Feeder?

The document feeder is one of the crucial components of most photo scanners. This component is usually found on multifunction or all-in-one photo scanners, fav machines, and photocopiers. It offers the users an effortless copy option, allowing users to place several pages into the panel while it feeds one page into the scanner at a time. In other words, users don't have to worry about feeding in pages manually when scanning their multiple-page documents.

The document feeder plays a vital role in scanning and printing any photo or document. The document feeder can hold up to twenty (20) sheets at a go, depending on the appearance of the scanner. However, the most recent modified ones can hold up to sixty (60) sheets.

Automatic feeders come in two kinds, both with the ability to perform two-sided scanning. The reversing automatic document feeder scans one side at a time, and the duplex automatic document feeder scans both sides simultaneously.

Depending on the number of documents you intend to scan at a go, you must consider getting a document scanner with a feeder.

FAQs for Photo Scanner with Automatic Feeder

What is an ADF (automatic document feeder) in a photo scanner?

The automatic document feeder is an essential component of most photo scanners that makes scanning easy for users. It plays a massive role in the scanning and printing process. It also allows users to stack paper before scanning, saving users the stress of manually inserting the paper.

Why do I need a photo scanner? What is its purpose?

A photo scanner is an input device whose uses cannot be over-emphasized. The photo scanner plays a vital role in scanning pages of contents and photos, from which it creates a digital copy. The digital copy can be accessed and modified using a personal computer.

Which format is better to save scanned documents in, JPEG or PDF?

There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to which format is better to save your scanned documents. First, do you intend to make further modifications to the scanned documents? If yes, then you should avoid saving your scanned documents in PDF format. Apart from finding it hard to fit the documents after scanning, you do not influence how the document will be compressed. Thus, it's preferable to save it in JPEG.

How does an automatic document feeder (ADF) operate?

Automatic document feeders are not only found in scanners. They are also found in fax machines, photocopy machines, and printers, and all have one mode of operation.

First, a bulk of sheets are parked into the panel, and then the automatic process is initiated. This allows your documents to be scanned and printed. Users can copy and scan their documents without feeding in each sheet manually with the automatic document feeder.

What is the difference between taking a photo and scanning your documents?

Scanning gets the job done via a linear sensor while photos use a 360° angle. Also, a scan takes more than one shot while a photo takes one.

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Plustek Photo Scanner - ephoto Z300, Scan 4x6 Photo in 2sec, Auto Crop and Deskew with - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Vupoint ST470 Magic Wand Portable Scanner with Auto-Feed Docking Station, Hard Protective - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi - The Smarter Wi-Fi Scanner with Rechargeable Battery & Amazing Software - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Wireless Mobile Portable Scanner for Mac or PC, Black - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/Converter, Black - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner with Color LCD Display and Auto-Feed Dock - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Conclusion on Automatic Feed Photo Scanner Reviews

A good document and photo scanner is more than enough for home. Although a photo scanner might not be helpful in your home, it's essential in performing special tasks like personal research and school projects.

To find a perfect photo scanner is ultimately dependent on what your requirements are. We have listed the four best feed photo scanners above. All were carefully selected based on the main factors every good scanner should possess.

We hope this review and guide are comprehensive enough to assist you in purchasing a perfect feed photo scanner for yourself.

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