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The 128 GB ScanDisk is X-ray proof, shockproof, temperature proof, and waterproof The best 128 GB micro ScanDisc is super fast with a read speed of up to 48 MB/s.One of the highest capacity microSD cards, the 128 GB is the up to date version of microSD card available in the market, for tablets as well as smartphones.

With a memory card of larger storage capacity, your space will be increased significantly, and you can store more video and images without being frightened of running out of storage space. These 128 GB microSD cards enable you to capture Full HD (High Definition) video smoothly, without having any interruptions.

The 128 GB Scandisk is X-ray proof, shock proof, temperature proof, waterproof and has a super-fast read speed of up to 48 MB/s. In order to alleviate your misery of finding the best SD card and save valuable time we aligned some of the best 128 microSD cards here.  The 128 GB ScanDisk is X-ray proof, shockproof, temperature proof, and waterproof The best 128 GB micro ScanDisc is super fast with a read speed of up to 48 MB/s.

Top 3 Best 128GB Micro SD Cards – Editor’s Pick:

Top 5 Best 128GB Micro SD Card Reviews

1. SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC UHS-I card with Adapter

These two SanDisk ultra micro SD cards are perfect for both Android-based tablets and smartphones. They feature fast transfer speeds of up to 100 MB/s. However, this transfer speed is contingent on by the host device. The SD card’s performance might be decreased depending on the usage conditions, interface, and the hosting machine.

Also, its features which are fast, nonpareil for Full HD video, app performance, and better pictures. These cards are rated A1 and load apps faster to provide a great smartphone experience.

The ScanDisks are available in capacities of up to 400GB, and you will have enough space to shoot Full HD videos, pictures, and capture life at its fullest. These excellent cards are designed to perform in harsh conditions as they are X-ray proof, shockproof, temperature proof, and waterproof.

The UHS microSD card speed is rated to be class 10 for the performance of Full HD video playback and recording. However, the Full HD support may vary based on the file attributes. The SD cards come with a 10-year limited warranty.

  • Resistant to harsh conditions

  • Faster transfer speed of up to 100 MB/s

  • Has a large storage capacity

  • Records Full HD as well as 4K video

  • Compatible with SDXC AND SDHC slots

  • Requires download and installations

2. Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card

This Samsung MicroSD EVO Select is perfect for high-resolution action cameras, laptops, tablets, music, gaming, smartphones, drones, DSLR’s and photos. It features ultra-fast reading and writing speeds, which are 90 MB/s for writing and 100 MB/s for reading. The UHS speed is classified in U3 and speed class 10, but the card’s performance is determined by the usage conditions, interface, and the host device.

The 128GB microSD EVO Select memory card allows you to get the best out of your smartphone, laptop, or camera. Whether you want to increase the device memory or you’re just a power user, this card is quite reliable. It is well constructed and backed with 4-proof protection, which are temperature proof, magnet proof, waterproof, and X-ray proof. It is also enabled to store 4K UHD video.

This amazing SD card allows you to have confidence while transferring, capturing, and storing Full HD videos, music, photos along with other larger files effortlessly. With this excellent SD card, your adventures and memories are now unforgettable and irreplaceable.

In addition, the package also includes a full-size adapter to be used in desktops, laptops, and cameras.

  • Extremely compatible with devices

  • Captures 4K UHD videos

  • Comes with a 10-year limited warranty

  • Ultra-fast reading speed

  • Low writing speed

3. Silicon Power 128GB R/W up to 100/ 80MB/s Superior Pro Micro SDXC UHS-I

You can now capture more videos and images with a fast writing speed of up to 80 MB/s and 100 MB/s reading speed. The Superior Silicon Power Pro microSDXC card has the specifications of UHS-1 that allows faster data transferring to other devices from the SDXC card. It is highly compatible with various types of devices such as Full HD camcorder, DSLR, Action Cameras, Tablet PCs, Android Tablets, Drones, tablets, and smartphones. It doesn’t feature those annoying dropouts and lags when capturing HD videos.

However, you will need to update the system for you to use the microSDXC card with the Nintendo Switch. It is equipped with class 30 video speed hence enabled to turn high-tech devices into Full HD play. You can also use the Superior pro card on some of the portable speakers to enjoy appealing music.

Again, the writing and reading speed may vary on the devices which are incompatible with this UHS-I interface. This device is X-ray proof, temperature proof, shockproof, and waterproof.

  • Has wide compatibility

  • No annoying dropouts and lags

  • Works with the devices incompatible with UHS-I interface

  • Has 5-year limited warranty

  • The writing speed is questionable

4. Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter

Samsung Evo Plus is a class 10 speed Micro SDXC that comes with an adapter to help with faster transfer of data. One of the best micro SDXC cards that will help you in rescuing data when your device stops working and returns those data to you on the external storage media. Sensibly designed with the 4-proof technology; X-ray proof, temperature proof, magnet proof, and waterproof. It features writing and reading speed of 90 MB/s and 100 MB/s, respectively.

And if you love electronics and IT, then you won’t miss the opportunity of stay updated with a Micro SD card of high capacity. You will be able to take videos and pictures without having limited space. Additionally, also capable to take 4K/Full HD video, better images and offers improved app performance.

However, like most micro ScanDisk cards, this Samsung Evo Plus 128GB Micro SDXC transfer speed depends on the usage conditions, interface, and the host device. Additionally, this card is also compatible with the HS interface.

  • Allows you to take Full HD videos and better pictures

  • Features the 4-proof technology

  • It comes with a 128GB adapter

  • The writing and reading speed may slower than stated by the manufacturer

5. SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter

The SanDisk 128GB Ultra UHS-I MicroSDXC Card is designed with class 10 speed for Full HD video playbacks and recordings. It allows you to shoot and save many Full Hd videos and high-quality pictures on your tablet or smartphone. The class 10 speed rated card has a maximum read speed of 80 MB/s for ultra-fast moving of files from the Micro SDXC card to other devices like laptops, smartphones, or cameras. Its Memory Zone app enables you to manage memory and media for high phone performance automatically.

Again, this classy card comes with an SD adapter that can be used in cameras. And compatible with interchangeable-lens cameras, tablets, smartphones, along with other micro SDXC supporting devices.

Moreover, the ScanDisk products are tested rigorously and produced to the best standards, hence guaranteed outstanding reliability, performance, and quality product. Also, the device comes with a ten-year limited warranty.

  • Has high storage capacity

  • Has a wide compatibility

  • Features a Memory Zone app

  • Allows Full HD videos and better pictures

  • The product is tested rigorously

  • Guarantees reliability in performance and quality

  • Doesn’t work well with surveillance camera

FAQ Section

Q: What is this microSDXC card?

Answer: MicroSDXC is the latest version of memory cards, which was released in 2010 and meets the requirements of a Full HD recording in terms of speed and capacity. The SDXC features the same dimensions as SDHC and SD, but it is compatible with the SDXC devices only. Their storage capacity starts at 64GB with a 2TB road. The data transfer speeds of these cards can be up to 300 MB/s. Moreover, this SDXC uses exFAT system file for handling huge volumes of data and over 4GB file sizes.

Q: How do I choose the best 128GB micro SD card?

Answer: There are several things that you must consider when buying the best 128GB micro SD card, and this includes; transfer speed, durability, recovery, and most importantly price.

  • Speed of transfer

Fast transfer speed is vital because you will be able to move files from the microSD to other devices quickly. This is an essential feature, especially when shooting important videos and pictures. You will be able to work faster and take more tasks to work on.

  • Recovery

To avoid loss of critical data, you should look for a microSD card that comes with a data recovery app or software because it will save you from unnecessary file deletion when your device stops working unexpectedly.


Investing in a micro SD card with high storage capacity is worth it because it allows you to enjoy your adventures and hikes, taking better pictures and Full HD videos. These 128 micro SD cards give you the pleasure of transferring data and files at a breakneck speed. If your smartphone or camera stops working abruptly, these great micro SD cards can restore data without any deletion.

Again, some cards come with an adapter for the devices which are not enabled to use micro SD cards. However, with very many brands flooding on the market, it could be a daunting task to get the best 128GB microSD cards, but with this review, you can easily choose.

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