How To Scan Multiple Pages Into One PDF

We use documents every day, be it in our offices, education, or at home. Documents are best when they are in PDF format. It is because PDFs provide document-level security. They allow you to insert passwords to documents. Sharing of information thus becomes safe. You are sure that there will be no unauthorized access.

Moreover, PDF files are compatible with many platforms. PDFs are Independent of the hardware, operating system, and software of the scanner. Scanning to PDF also helps reduce the size of your document.

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Scanning a single page into PDF can be straightforward. The daunting task is to scan many pages into one PDF. Scanning many pages into one PDF file is only a preserve of specific scanner machines. Below, you will get to learn how to scan many pages into PDF using scanner software or scanner apps.

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How To Combine Scanned Documents

1. Scan Using a Computer and Scanner

The following are the steps to follow while using this method:

  • Prepare the document you intend to scan- Every scanner has a tray or a glass covered with a lid. Begin by placing the material to be scanned in either. The tray has a feature of automatically feeding the document pages to the scanner. With the glass, you will have to turn pages manually. Check the scanner’s manual to see how to place the documents in the tray or glass.
  • Scan the document- here; one ought to start the scanning process. You have two options. Either to press the scan button in the scanner or to start the scanning from your computer. Computers connected to scanners have software that can help start the scanning. On completion of the scan, you can view from your computer a sneak peek of the output.
  • If your scanner has an automatic document feeder, this is the end of scanning. If it finishes without any hitches, press the save PDF option. The steps below only apply to those not using automatic document feeders.
  • Please turn to the next page and place it on the scanner glass. After every scan, a preview of the scan will pop up. Upon finishing scanning that page, tap the icon, which looks like a plus sign to proceed to the other page. You can as well press the start button. You may rescan any previous page whose output you are dissatisfied. Repeat that process until you are done scanning all the pages. Save your work. You can click the edit page if you desire to make remedies to any page in the document. Name your PDF and save it in a place where you can easily retrieve it.
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2. Scanning Using a Mobile App

 The following is the procedure of using a mobile app:

  • Begin by downloading the scanning app from the play store or app store. The best apps are those with the most downloads and have high ratings. Some apps are free, while others need one to pay for their services.
  • Open the scanner. If it’s a new app, you will need to permit it to have access to your camera and storage. Take photos of the pages you want to scan. Then select the pictures of the pages you will want to scan. An editing bar will then appear at the bottom of the screen. In that editing bar, you’ll find an option of converting the file into PDF. Click on that option and then save your work.
  • You can then retrieve the PDF document from the documents feature within that app. You click on the ‘share’ button to share the PDF.
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Final Verdict

You will need to find the right scanner to make the process even much easier. Finding the right scanner can be a big challenge because there are many options in the market. Consider certain factors before investing in any scanner.

For instance, consider checking if the scanner has an automatic document feeder. It will be of great help when you need to scan very many pages. It will improve the speed and quality of the entire process. Besides, check the kind of resolution that the scanner has. The resolution of most scanners ranges from between 600 to 1200 DPI {Dots Per Inch}. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the PDF document.

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