Plumbing Inspection Cameras

inspection camera

Inspection cameras are used to view hard-to-reach areas. They’re designed in such a way that you can extend the cable and position the head at any angle you wish. This makes the inspection cameras go around curved plumbing pipes easily. They’re mainly used to check water pipes, drains and sewers, toilets, sinks, and gutters. For …

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How Does A Pulse Oximeter Measure Heart Rate

pulse oximeter heart rate accuracy

A pulse oximeter is a small and light device that looks like a clip. You attach it to a part of your body like the fingers, toes, or earlobes as a non-invasive way of measuring your oxygen saturation level. These devices can quickly detect even the slightest changes of oxygen levels in your blood to …

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Are Security Cameras An Invasion of Privacy

hidden home security cameras

There has always been a debate surrounding technology and how it affects privacy. A lot of people are always worried about being watched or listened to by the government. Usually, security cameras are a primary tool to prevent crime and terrorism both in the private and public sectors. Security cameras are usually installed for the …

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How To Scan Multiple Pages Into One PDF

how to combine scanned jpegs into one document

We use documents every day, be it in our offices, education, or at home. Documents are best when they are in PDF format. It is because PDFs provide document-level security. They allow you to insert passwords to documents. Sharing of information thus becomes safe. You are sure that there will be no unauthorized access. Moreover, …

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How Does A Camera Stabilizer Work

how does camera stabilizers work

Digital cameras are now faster to detect jolts and movements. But expert advice recommends that for your camera to activate its stabilization system, you must first press the shutter button halfway. Blurred images are a common problem that photographers face, whether amateur or experienced. This problem is usually caused by hand movements when capturing images. …

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Same Word In Different Languages

best language translator

Want to Know the Same Word in Different Languages? Here’s the Trick Worldwide, there are many different and unique languages. The number of languages worldwide tallies to more than 7000. It is thus almost impossible to have a good command of all these languages. To understand these diverse languages, using a voice translation device becomes …

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How To Check Blood Pressure Without Cuff

blood pressure experiment

It is said that the beginning of health is to know the disease. But did you know that many people live without knowing that they suffer from low or high blood pressure? High blood pressure, especially, is a killer! It can trigger a stroke or a heart attack. Most people attribute their ignorance to a …

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Creative Ideas For TV Stand

creative tv stand ideas

In modern interior decorations, TV stands contribute to a quiet and pleasant atmosphere, much like an ideal photo frame. Would a TV stand make your life easier? After all, you can use a small table, a shelf, or the top of a small closet to turn on your TV, but you may find that a …

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5 Tips For Genuine Expressions by Kim J. Martin

Tips For Genuine Expressions

Kim J. Martin is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Sacramento, California. She is inspired by couples who allow her to capture them as they really are: ridiculously in love. This inspiration is what drives her to capture authentic moments at each photo shoot. We’re excited to partner with Kim for this week’s guest blog post on how to …

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How High Should A TV Be Mounted

Television Mounting

Wall mounting a TV has more advantages than disadvantages. It gives your living room a lustrous look and the house seems more spacious. It also gives room for decoration around the TV area. But the big question here is how high the TV should be mounted. Determining where to mount TV is hard and it …

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